Xiaomi Smartphones: Who Are Looking For A Lot Of Quality At A Reasonable Price

Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco: the Chinese giant’s phone lines are today a fundamental reality for the Italian market. We have created this guide to help you choose the smartphone that is best for you. The best Xiaomi smartphones represent a complete and exhaustive picture of the mobile landscape at the moment. On the other hand, if there is a brand that has stood out in recent years, it is Xiaomi: a Chinese company born practically from nothing that had the aim of offering phones with top-of-the-range features at half their price. 

A courageous challenge the brand faced with a different strategy than usual: attracting the central Chinese startups into its orbit and exploiting (paying) their know-how to produce any product: thus, hundreds of devices were born, ranging from robotics to VR through drones and up to toothbrushes and household appliances. 

However, clearly, it is the phones that keep the whole thing going: from the numerical series, which aims to offer the best there is on the market, especially in terms of photos and videos – thanks also to the collaboration with Leica – to the collaborations with Redmi and Poco, two independent companies but which orbit around Xiaomi and which allow the Chinese brand to win in terms of the relationship between quality and price and terms of performance. In less than 15 years, the Chinese brand has reached the top of the world smartphone sales charts, now causing concern for Samsung and Apple. 

The growth of Xiaomi smartphones has been impetuous: from the initial shots of iPhone clone phones to the first, historic, 18:9 smartphone – the Xiaomi Mi Mix – designed and created by Philippe Starck, up to the latest Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which represents an accurate concentration of technology in the space of a telephone. In between, tens of millions of smartphones passed, whose joint strength was represented by a simply enviable quality/price ratio.

Why Buy A Xiaomi Smartphone? What Are The Best Models?

Simple, because they cost little, are made with well-made materials, and constitute the best alternative from the point of view of cost-effectiveness and the relationship between quality and price. Even more so now that they have officially landed in our country, sweeping away any doubts regarding customs costs, shipments from China, and lack of assistance: by law, Xiaomi smartphones are under warranty for two years, and if you need it, you can take it to be repaired in one of the official assistance centers throughout India.

But if you’re still not convinced, take a look at the Xiaomi smartphone offering to get even more straightforward ideas: the Chinese brand is famous for releasing dozens of phones a year, so this is a line-up full-bodied and varied, where it is tough not to find the right solution for your needs. But since there are many products and there is a risk of getting lost, we decided to create this guide to find the best Xiaomi smartphones to buy immediately.

The Best Xiaomi Smartphones, The Redmi Series

Let’s start with the cheapest offer, where Xiaomi smartphones manage to defend themselves from the point of view of raw power – which has always been the company’s strong point – while cutting costs a little in terms of photography and screen resolution. Suppose you are looking for a powerful device that can accommodate you in terms of RAM and processors without making significant compromises in terms of the photographic sector. In that case, this may be the right solution for you.

Redmi 12

This is the right option for those who want to spend less than 150 euros and have a phone capable of doing everything well. 6.79-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor, and 50+2 MP dual camera: if you want to save money and not make compromises, this is the option to take with your eyes closed. You can buy it on Amazon for €140.

Redmi Note 13

As the price goes up, the features increase. The Redmi Note 13 is the most complete phone under 250 euros. Starting with the elegant and refined design, with ultra-thin bezels for a premium look and feel and a high-quality Full HD AMOLED display for an enhanced user experience and immersive viewing. It has an excellent 108 MP primary camera with 3x lossless zoom to offer incredible images with even more precise details. It boasts a wide selection of film camera filters to allow users to personalize their photos. You can find it on Amazon for €239.

Redmi Note 13 Pro

By picking the Star, you get in return a superior camera, quick charging, all the more impressive processors, and somewhat more consideration regarding the showcase. The super high-goal 200MP camera with Optical Picture Adjustment (OIS) catches shots with exceptional degrees of detail and offers clients a lead-level photography experience.

Furthermore, the 2x/4x lossless zoom conveys itemized close-ups a ways off, permitting you to zero in on individuals in the group or zoom right in on the activity. Likewise superb is the 5100 mAh battery, the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip, and the protection from unplanned drops and scratches thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus security. You can get it on Amazon for €308.

The Best Xiaomi Smartphones, The Poco Series

The goal is to launch smartphones that will convince even the most skeptical in terms of power: here, you will, therefore, only find the best processors available with a decent amount of RAM supplied. So, if you are a gamer and want maximum performance with the proper battery life, this is the series to take into consideration.

Poco M6 Pro

Designed for young people interested in trendy and cool devices, it offers robust video streaming and a gaming interface for an incredibly immersive experience, thanks to a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, ultra-thin edges, and charging. Fast 67W Pro can power your phone all day. If you want to save a little, you can find it on Amazon for €199.99.

Poco X6 Pro

The new addition to the X series was designed specifically for those who are looking for one thing from their smartphone: a good platform for gaming on the move. And streaming, thanks to 5G. The guarantees come in this sense from a 6.67-inch screen with 16.7 million colors, from an advanced processor making its global debut – the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Ultra, and from an enhanced heat dissipation system to always guarantee an experience of optimal play. You can buy it on Amazon for €349.90.

The Best Xiaomi Smartphones, The New 14 Series

This range – previewed at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona – contains only the models that aim high and aim to rewrite the rules of smartphone photography. Thanks to the incorporation of Leica Summilux optics into the devices, but not only.

Xiaomi 14

Minimal aesthetics and highly refined design for the latest top of the range from the Chinese company. Xiaomi 14 comes with a full triple-camera setup to deliver an all-round photography experience and covers a wide focal range from 14mm to 75mm. In terms of display, Xiaomi 14 features a stunning 6.36-inch CrystalRes AMOLED 1.5K (2670 x 1200) screen. The screen’s pixel density has been increased to 460 PPI to offer even more details. 

Thanks to the exceptional 3000 nits brightness, colors are vibrant, and images remain sharp even in direct sunlight. Furthermore, the variable refresh rate, from 1 to 120Hz, ensures a smooth and continuous viewing experience during all activities, including browsing, reading, and gaming. On the official Xiaomi website it starts from €999, with the possibility of activating a €100 discount voucher and therefore reaching €899.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Inspired by the aesthetics of traditional cameras, Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a distinctive circular camera module with a flat and linear design on the back. Designed around the solid Xiaomi Guardian Structure, composed of a high-strength aluminum frame, a layer of nano-tech vegan leather, and the Xiaomi Shield Glass, Xiaomi 14 Ultra redefines the display by obtaining a uniform curvature on all sides and corners, seamlessly blending the visual appeal of a flat screen with the tactile feedback of a curved edge. 

A vivid visual encounter thanks to the 6.73-inch AMOLED C8 WQHD+ show, portrayed by a remarkable WQHD+ goal (3200 x 1440), a pixel thickness of 522 PPI, and a variable revive rate from 1 to 120Hz, all upheld by a surprising pinnacle splendor of 3000 nits. In any case, it is on the camera front that shocks thanks to 4 sensors created by Leica with an eminent scope of central lengths, from 12mm to 120mm. The essential camera, including a ceaseless factor gap of ƒ/1.63-ƒ/4.0, offers persistent iris openness changes. 

The coordination of a LYT-900 1-inch super enormous picture sensor with a unique scope of up to 14EV guarantees excellent quality. The quad camera arrangement is finished by the 75mm zooming focal point with drifting focal points with full-scale capability, the 120mm Leica periscope focal point with full-scale capabilities, and the 12mm Leica super wide camera. You can buy it on the authority Xiaomi store at the cost of €1499 by initiating the €100 voucher on the site as a send off offer; be that as it may, it drops to €1399.

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