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TechnoFeeds is one of the best & offers the opportunity to Write For Us in terms of blogging and article platforms. If people like to be frequent contributors to our site, we’d love to hear from people! Our website has always welcomed contributions from many freelance content creators and bloggers. Please become familiar with our guest-posting policies and the process for submitting an article to us. Experts in business, technology, apps, and digital marketing should consider applying to Technology Write For Us. The primary goal of TechnoFeeds – Technology Write For Us is to encourage excellent writers to write on a wide range of subjects and post them on our website. Please use the email address provided above if people have any content to contribute to our website.

Email address: contact.technofeeds@gmail.com

TechnoFeeds also employs technology bloggers & writers to provide unique and high-quality content for the company. We would love to hear about any innovative concepts that excite our audience and advance the state of the business. We know our website has potential viewers, but we regularly keep it fresh and exciting by adding new content. A lot more options are available on this site, including comments. Entrepreneur bloggers, Professional content writers, enterprises, and startups are part of TechnoFeeds’ unique professional network. Researching technical information gadgets, firm ideas, marketing methods, and technology posts can be done by freelancers and experienced writers alike.

People do not have to be experts in any field to contribute to our site, covering a wide range of subjects. We are pleased to announce that TechnoFeeds is also now accepting guest posts(Technology Write For Us), a Google-approved method for increasing a website’s traffic. All technical ideas can be written down and shared with us if anyone likes. We are open to guest contributions from any industry, including technology, business, digital marketing, and apps & tools.

Kindly Note – Please get in touch with us if people have a business of their own, and we’d certainly like to know from people. Our website’s reviews section features product evaluations that we’ve taken the time to research and write about. We are also happy to evaluate any products or services that people offer.

Requirements For Submitting Content

Relevant titles

If people send us a post or article, please make sure it has enough H1, H2, and H3 tags and is broken up into numerous paragraphs to make it easier for the general audience to comprehend.

There Will Be A Look Into The Plagiarism

Due to the deterioration in the website’s performance, it attracts fewer visitors. For publishing on this website, articles and blogs must be unique, relevant, and one-of-a-kind.

Avoid Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammar errors that detract from the quality of the content should avoid. To prevent making mistakes, make sure people read the full article.


To make the subject matter easier to understand, we provide relevant photographs of excellent quality. Verify that the image is 720*480 pixels in size and that no copyright issues exist before submitting.

Post or Article Format For Technology Write For Us

It would be ideal if the content should be in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

Invites Anyone To Share & Post Anything Here

The writer/responsibility of contributors ensures that the content they post meets the requirements. Articles should be around 800 to 1500 words in length, please. The information on the page should be informative and valuable, and it should provide connections to the best available online resources. We’ll talk about the latest in Trending News, Technology, Business, Reviews, Digital Marketing, Finance, and Gadgets.

  • If the website is trustworthy and safe, we will offer a limit of backlinks as an anchor.
  • If people like, incorporate a few external connections, such as Wikipedia and Forbes.
  • Due to a lack of sufficient resources, we cannot keep up with or answer a single email many times a day. A team member will analyze the information people give and allocate it to the appropriate person.
  • Given their financial position, they can publish any work everywhere it finds a market. Additional links contributed by professional writers and bloggers will be stored in our records for future use.
  • We will presume that everyone has agreed to our terms and that everyone is the only one who has the item.
  • Links to credible sources must accompany any evidence or statistics per an article published.
  • People should provide a one- or two-word meta-description in their posts on the term they are writing about (around 255 characters).
  • Submission of an original photograph should consider for inclusion as the featured image.
  • Using images acquired from a third-party source without proper attribution is against the law.

Acknowledgement Of Article & Post Types & Categories

If people are a blogger and a competent Writer For Us on topics such as Trending News, Technology, Business, Gadgets, Digital Marketing, Finance & Reviews, we value research and enthusiasm.

  • Write For Us Technology
  • Write For Us AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Technology Write For US
  • Write For Us Blockchain
  • Write For Us Cloud Computing
  • Business Write For Us
  • Write For Us Robotics
  • Write For Us IoT
  • Finance Write For Us
  • Write For Us Trending News
  • Write For Us Gadgets
  • Reviews Write For Us
  • Write For Us Digital Marketing
  • Write For Us Marketing
  • Marketing Write For Us
  • Write For Us Finance
  • Write For Us Reviews

Benefits Of Technology Write For Us

Obtain Domain Control

All websites should have an active and visible internet profile. TechnoFeeds accepts fresh and original content from bloggers and writers of all stripes who want to raise the profile of their blog or writing career. The blog’s numbers continue to rise.

Be Ready For A Surge In Traffic

The great majority of the published content on our website has a high-quality rating. It is possible to anticipate constant traffic if there is an intense search volume for high-quality post-quality stuff. The value of a blog can increase by increasing its web traffic.

Initiate New Partnerships

More sales and leads will generate accordingly as more people visit a website.

TechnoFeeds Evaluation

Also, a site’s domain quality plays a vital role in establishing its value. It’s challenging to keep up with the rapid addition of fresh content. Our site is an excellent place to submit guest posts to boost the website’s ranking.

Keyword Rankings Will Improve

Because this is the primary reason people donate to other people’s websites, we’ll get there eventually. It also helps to write quality articles on relevant keywords for additional articles or blogs to raise the blog’s citation rank in search engines’ eyes.

TechnoFeeds Can Write For Every Audience

Instead, if anybody is keen, we can create and publish articles targeted explicitly at the objectives and strategies of certain companies. In-depth research and analysis will perform by a team of marketing professionals on our team. Anybody can suggest topics and keywords for articles. Haphazard efforts are nonexistent, and in-house writers are far more expensive.

Advertising With Us Is A Great Idea At This Time!

Is anybody interested in advertising together? How much additional information do people think individuals would want to have about working with the company? Let us talk about it!

  • People must put advertising at the top of stories on the most successful firms.
  • People should place multiple banner adverts around the website. Advertise on the front page, on every page’s sidebar, and in a few pop-up windows for everyone who visits the site.

Recently Asked Questions

What would we do to make the blog or article more user-friendly?

Send us the blogs and articles through email if people have any unique and will notice by our target audience. There is no problem with us putting the work on our site.

Why does someone do this before sending us a post or an article?

One should do some preparatory work before making contact with a blog to increase their chances of being noticed.

  • Term Research
  • With the help of Infographics
  • Make Sure to Double-Check the Grammar
  • Headings
  • Never include unnecessary information.

What are the prerequisites for any content?

SEO-optimized content should be relevant to a user’s purpose and well-researched, among other things.

What Is the point of contacting us?

If someone else writes for us, it’s just as if they were doing it themselves. Anyone can profit from a wide range of things, such as a rise in popularity, improved brand awareness, and improved communication skills.

What could the website (TechnoFeeds) tell us about Write For Us? 

  • There is much congestion.
  • Updates are ongoing.
  • They both have a good amount of authority and rank.
  • Boosts Google’s search results

What method of submitting content will users use?

People can provide us with the required data and the appropriate title, keyword, and pictures that will feature with the content if people want to write for us and submit that many blogs or articles as folks in a month. It is up to the editorial staff to publish and disseminate the content after authorization.

How do we want our writers to communicate with us?

Nowadays, most people write just for their amusement. Individuals have several benefits, including increased popularity & brand recognition and enhanced communication skills.