Will The Future Facebook Watch Overshadow Apple’s?

The Apple Watch

Will The Future Facebook Watch Overshadow Apple’s?

According to information published by The Information and relayed by 9to5Google, the social network Facebook is currently preparing its first connected Watch. And this future smartWatch is a direct competitor to Apple and Google watches. Is this a real threat to these two web giants? Or just one more competitor? 

Is A Facebook-Connected Watch In Sight?

Facebook wants to take a step further in the market of connected objects and is currently working on a watch project. According to the information on the web, this future gadget could initially integrate the Google operating system dedicated to connected watches, Wear Os. However, it should be noted that the social network has been working for a year on setting up its operating system. Eye Os can certainly be embedded in the Facebook smart Watch and its other connected objects.

Features Focused On Health And Social Interactions

The first Facebook-connected Watch would have various functionalities oriented on health, fitness, and communication (instant messaging).  In other words, you will find health monitoring functions and physical exercises on the one hand. To this would be added options allowing the Watch to be connected to various fitness equipment.

 On the other hand, the Facebook Watch should also focus many of its features on social interactions. You could then chat with others via Facebook platforms and take advantage of coaching options by a coach. In any case, a strong focus on social media is highly expected, given that platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook, which is its core business.

What About The Release Date And Price?

The launch of the first Facebook-connected Watch is expected in 2022. The price could be attractive since the brand has planned to offer a price close to its production costs. Moreover, it was said to not rely on marketing its new creation to generate profits. It would rather rely on the use of services embedded in the Watch.

A Strong Interest In Connected Objects

This is not the first time that Facebook has intervened in the connected objects market. Indeed, the company already offers virtual reality headsets (oculus Quest), connected speakers (portal), and smart glasses are planned. The interest shown by the social networking giant in connected equipment is known to all. 

Verge said Facebook had put about 6,000 people on virtual and augmented reality projects. A workforce far exceeds that of employees working on WhatsApp and Instagram, applications with billions of users worldwide. This proves that the company attaches great importance to virtual reality and connected objects.

Moreover, its acquisition of the company Oculus is one of its actions that are part of this dynamic. This suggests that the Facebook Watch could have a built-in cellular connection. According to The Information report, the first version of this gadget could be launched on the market as early as 2022. Some also wonder if the rumor about this connected Watch is true because of the current lawsuits and investigations that concern Facebook.

A Connection Between The Facebook-Connected Watch And Smart Glasses?

In parallel, Facebook will release its smart glasses very soon, before the launch of its smart Watch. Highly anticipated these will be available by the end of 2021. For precision, the brand collaborated with  Ray-Ban for the design and optical phase. In terms of functionality, these glasses will be equipped with Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS chips, a battery, and a photo-video sensor. 

In addition, Facebook has also started a research and development project called  Aria to optimize the performance of its connected glasses. This project will explore the technological possibilities and limits of these gadgets. Considering the many performances of these glasses and this future Watch, one can wonder if it will be possible to link them. On the other hand, what is certain is that this possibility would allow Facebook to have a considerable head start on Apple.

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