Why Use An SEO Agency?


Why Use An SEO Agency?

SEO is an essential lever for anyone who wants to do digital marketing. However, it is a reasonably technical discipline which requires support from a competent team. Why use an SEO agency like JVWEB, and how to choose the right ally for your SEO?

Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?

As soon as you start an activity on the Internet, everyone wants to be “on Google”. Well, that’s precisely what SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is for. This involves mobilizing techniques and best practices to encourage Google and other search engines to index you prominently for a specific query. Ideally, in the Top 3, since this is where 40% of clicks take place. Thanks to SEO, you work on your business issues, such as:

  1. Generate traffic to your site.
  2. Gain visibility on the Internet.
  3. Strengthen your notoriety
  4. Save more leads or conversions.
  5. Save money on customer acquisition costs.

On What Criteria Should You Choose An SEO Agency?

When choosing an agency to manage your natural referencing, you will face a wide choice of providers. However, when faced with an issue as decisive as your visibility on search engines, it is better to be supported by a competent team; otherwise, you risk never seeing your online activity take off or, even worse, being blocked by Google. To guide you towards a quality SEO agency, here are some objective selection criteria to examine before committing.

  1. Notoriety and customer references: SEO is a relatively technical skill that must be revised. It is good practice to make an initial selection of SEO agencies by referring to their past experiences. Take the time to consult the agency’s blog, client cases or even the comments made about it on social networks, such as LinkedIn. Word of mouth also remains a good indicator; we do not recommend (except perhaps to our competitors!) a service provider who has yet to prove itself. At JVWEB, more than 400 customers have already trusted us.
  2. The financial health of the company: many act as freelance SEOs without being able to guarantee you a sure sustainability. However, this is essential. SEO is a project lasting several months, even several years. Make sure that your SEO agency will be able to support you in the long term to lock in your progress on the engines.
  3. Transparency: SEO is an inexact science; be wary of SEO agencies that guarantee you first place on Google! Even the best SEOs cannot commit to such a promise. It is better to focus on a strategy built over time, with quantified objectives that can be achieved over the months. Otherwise, you risk coming across a so-called Black Hat service provider, that is to say, one that flirts with practices singled out by Google.
  4. The tools used: today, a successful SEO needs to be equipped to carry out its mission successfully. Specific tools are benchmarks on the market and are almost essential. Ensure your SEO agency has them, including when they require a financial investment.
  5. Listening and availability: it is up to your SEO agency to adapt to your problems rather than vice versa. SEO is based on different pillars, particularly technical. Your SEO agency must be able to communicate easily with the other members of your team to facilitate optimizations and not leave you to your own devices.

What Services Are Offered By An SEO Agency?

In reality, everything depends on your SEO objectives because they are the ones that should guide your agency in the services it offers. So, everything starts by clearly defining your expectations and identifying your needs to establish the corresponding SEO strategy.

Case no. 1: Your Website Is Not Or Barely Visible On Search Engines

Or it was, but following a Google algorithm update, you lost positions. Faced with these hypotheses, the action to be taken as a priority is an SEO audit. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your site, both technically and functionally, your SEO agency will give you recommendations to implement to improve your ranking on Google.

Many factors can be at play when faced with a decommissioning or a stalled site. This could be the content of the pages, the internal or external links, the UX of the site, its technical performance, etc… The SEO audit is an effective way to identify flaws to correct. It generally occurs in 4 phases:

  1. A visibility audit: to identify the top pages and top keywords
  2. A technical audit: to analyze performance and data structuring
  3. A content audit: to assess the quality of content and the organization
  4. A net linking audit: to measure the density of links and your weight compared to the competition

At JVWEB, we have refined our SEO audit methodology over time. Today, more than 70 criteria have been scrutinized and followed by clear, prioritized recommendations.

Case No. 2: You Are Considering Migrating Your Site And Want To Secure SEO

Here, it is more about supporting you during the migration or redesign of your website to maintain traffic, thanks to a well-oiled methodology. Because if migrating a site is a business opportunity, it is not without SEO risk. It is advisable to take the necessary precautions to perpetuate your achievements. 

Change of name, brand, URL or CMS: each option has its share of unknowns to tame to take full advantage of the growth potential associated with this migration. For this, within the JVWEB SEO division, we are carrying out the project around 5 phases:

  1. The kick-off: which allows us to identify your needs and your objectives as well as to set the schedule for future operations
  2. Production and pre-production: which involves writing specifications, retrieving the most efficient content, SEO audit and optimizing the tree structure.
  3. Migration: associated with the redirection plan and its adjustment
  4. The launch of the (new) site: after audit, acceptance and Search Console declaration
  5. Performance monitoring: with an assessment of the migration at D+30 or even D+90

Case No. 3: You Have A Site, But No One Knows About It…

For this situation, it is prescribed to settle on more worldwide help executing a total Search engine optimization methodology zeroed in on your business targets. The mission is overseen after some time and is centered around various activities, for example,

  1. Specialized enhancement of the site: to work with the entry of motors
  2. Picking the most pertinent catchphrases for your movement
  3. Content creation: vital for all Search engine optimization activities
  4. Netlinking efforts: concerning destinations in your area of movement Regardless, pick a Website optimization organization that can assemble inside, both in fact and in Search engine optimization.

How Much Does An SEO Service Cost?

Responding to this inquiry with an exact number is troublesome. As we have seen, everything relies upon the sort of administration your Search engine optimization organization will complete and, consequently, the time and group to prepare. Besides, the correct inquiry isn’t how much a Website optimization administration costs but the amount it acquires?! 

Without a doubt, if entrusting your Website optimization to an office is a venture, it is expected to produce more traffic and, subsequently, transformations, hence turnover. It’s smarter to request yourself the return for capital invested from your Website optimization financial plan.

How Quickly Can I Get Results From An SEO Agency?

Being accurately referred to on web search tools is likewise a question of persistence. Solidly, expecting first outcomes on your star watchwords before 90 days is nonsensical. A half year is the typical opportunity to affirm your situation on Google. 

Nonetheless, once more, it relies upon a few boundaries, beginning with the opposition to watchwords, your beginning positions, the designated catchphrase thickness, the incorporation of long-tail inquiries, and your media inclusion.  What is most significant is to gain consistent headway and keep up with your situation over the long run. For this, there is no mysterious reference; counsel your insights.

 If you have a Search engine optimization task and need to situate yourself on a rundown of catchphrases, share your Website design enhancement with JVWEB. Our interior Web optimization office works in collaboration on various switches and, as of now, has brilliant Web-based business references.

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