Why Is Backup So Crucial For Your Business Security?

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Why Is Backup So Crucial For Your Business Security?

The availability of your company’s most important files and documents is so important which needs business security. Backup guarantees the security of your business. You have indeed found yourself in a desperate situation for losing, or thinking you have lost, some necessary file on your computer.

If you’ve never experienced this, you’re fortunate (or a beginner), but you certainly know someone who has a story like this to tell. Document loss can happen for several reasons: a computer system crash, permanent damage to the machine, human error, ransomware attack, etc: business security.

What Is Backup – Business Sceurity

Backup is the act of making copies of various files such as documents, photos, videos, and others. It may also include copying operating systems, databases, or any other digital product that you consider essential for the functioning of your company.

These backups are essential to ensure the security and availability of files/programs if the originals are damaged. These copies, called backup copies, are stored in secure locations, free from damage and attacks: business security.

If you have a company, the ideal is that backups are made from time to time to guarantee the total security of your files. The choice of frequency will depend on your demand. The ideal is not to let too many documents accumulate without a backup for an extended period.

How Important Is Backup

We will quickly explain and convince you of the importance of making backup part of your work routine; check it out. Imagine the following situation: André opened his law firm about a year ago. His business prospered quickly, and André has a considerable clientele. For this reason, it handles a large volume of documents daily. They are important documents for your client’s processes: business security.

Many documents are physical, but the volume of digital data is also huge. The business was going very well until the day when heavy rain, with a lot of wind and lightning, hit the city. The damage was enormous: lightning struck the electrical grid, causing a shortage in the power generator in the building where André’s office is located: business security.

The result? Many electronic devices will damage, including two office computers. No computer technician was able to recover the files from the machines. André did not perform backups. Do you have any idea of ​​the damage he suffered from these losses?

In addition to the financial loss with the loss of the devices, André lost the trust of his customers, as the processes will harm. The absolute majority of those documents were unique. Even those clients who still entrust their cases to the lawyer will have to wait a long time to proceed with the processes since André will have to start over a lot: business security.

Now think that all these headaches would avoid if the backup as part of the lawyer’s routine. The damaged documents would be maintaining the security of your business, and indeed the losses would only be from the devices.

Business Security: What’s The Best Way To Make A Backup?

Business Security: Physical Backup (Hardware)

Physical backup is the oldest there is, and you undoubtedly already know. To perform backups, in this case, storage equipment such as external hard drives, CDs, pen drives, and the likes will use.

Unfortunately, the only advantage of physical backup is that you have copies of documents. Hardware backup will perform entirely manually and, for this reason, demands time and availability of employees.

In addition to time, this type of backup also demands the availability of a place to store the devices. The location needs to be secure and spacious enough to accommodate as much equipment as needed. It is worth mentioning that physical storage devices do not have expandable memory, so you will have to invest in new equipment whenever the memory capacity will reach. They are also subject to permanent damage: business security.

The truth is that with current technology, physical backups can be a secondary alternative to cloud backup, which we will show you next. They can serve as palliative and emergency support, but the cloud is undoubtedly the best alternative.

Business Security: Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is the best cost-effective way to perform backups. Your copy files will store securely on remote servers managing by large companies specialized in information technology and security. Therefore, maintaining the security of your business.

When choosing the cloud for backups, you only need to register on the selected server’s website and configure your storage preferences. In addition to choosing the amount of space required according to your reality, you can automate the performance of periodic backups.

The cloud requires no physical space, and memory capacity will expand or reduce at any time. There are free and paid plans. You choose according to your needs.

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