<strong>WhatsApp Needs To Be Fixed: What To Do</strong>


WhatsApp Needs To Be Fixed: What To Do

What causes a WhatsApp malfunction when messages are not received or sent, and a small clock icon or a single gray tick appears next to them? The most used instant messaging application in the world remains WhatsApp, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

Despite the frequent “trips” of competition with Pavel Durov, creator and founder of Telegram, who has even compared WhatsApp to a tool for mass surveillance, the app owned by Facebook-Meta remains widely used.  

WhatsApp multi-device support, combined with the availability of the new version of WhatsApp desktop and WhatsApp Web, makes the application a tool used not only in one’s private life but also in the professional context. Think of the possibilities offered by WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Cloud API.

One of the most annoying problems, accustomed as we are to using instant messaging all the time, is when WhatsApp needs to be fixed. Failure to send and receive messages and calls may depend on various factors: some of them are attributable to the state of the smartphone, others to the network connection in use, and others to a generalized problem.

WhatsApp Not Working: What Are The Symptoms?

When WhatsApp doesn’t work, different behaviors can be highlighted. Usually, when you send a message, and a small clock icon appears to the right of the sending time, it means that the message itself has not been sent and that, at the moment, it is not possible to establish a connection with the WhatsApp servers.

This problem can occur when the network connection is not active (the device on which WhatsApp is being used is not covered by a mobile or WiFi network) or when there is a routing problem. Routing problems can be traced back to the temporary lack of routing of data packets to the correct destinations by routers encountered along the way on the Internet.

In these cases, it can be helpful to check if the other installed apps can access the Internet and exchange data. Also, on mobile devices, you can activate airplane mode to force disconnect from the network and then try to establish a new connection by tapping the airplane icon again (usually in the notification area at the top).

You can start your favorite browser from a PC, open an incognito window (with most browsers, press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+N ), then open the URL web.whatsapp.com. If the WhatsApp Web site doesn’t load or the QR code never appears (as shown), the problem is with the WhatsApp servers, and there are routing issues that your hands are tied up with.

More savvy users can try using a VPN by selecting a server located in another country or even in the United States to change the route taken by the data packets and check if the WhatsApp problem can be referred to a specific geographical area. Widely opposed by online streaming platforms, VPN services often help solve reachability problems with specific servers: we talked about it when explaining what to do when DAZN doesn’t work.

Of course, the vast majority of Italian users use different expedients; therefore, the message possibly taken over by WhatsApp will not reach its destination in the event of a problem limited to a specific geographical area. If, when sending a message with WhatsApp, one gray check appears instead of two, it means that the recipient’s smartphone is turned off or unreachable, and the messaging platform cannot deliver the communication to any of the recipient’s devices. 

With the multi-device approach introduced in 2021, the double gray check appears whenever WhatsApp can provide the sender’s message on at least one device the recipient uses. If a single gray check appears for all messages sent on WhatsApp, there is a problem. It indicates that the system accepts the news, but it has yet to be delivered successfully.

If this happens for all WhatsApp messages, the network connection is working, but there is a routing problem involving the messaging app infrastructure or a server-side issue. A good litmus test to be informed about any WhatsApp infrastructural problems is the dedicated page on DownDetector which collects the reports sent by the application users.

If there were no bad things to say from clients, it is excellent to check for new renditions of WhatsApp and continue introducing refreshes. On cell phones, it is feasible to go to the Application segment, look for WhatsApp and erase the store that might have been harmed.

It is likewise crucial to check that information utilization is limitless and that the energy-saving money on Android that forestalls some applications from working accurately needs to be empowered for WhatsApp. It is likewise vital to look at the lingering space on the cell phone: a gadget wherein the region has now arrived at the base terms no longer synchronizes the information and may display unusual behavior. 

Android Records by Google is one of the most appropriate applications to determine which things occupy the most room and erase excess details. The presence of the clock symbol may likewise be because of an issue in the neighborhood organization: for instance, if the association with the switch (utilizing WiFi or Ethernet link) works, however, isn’t associated with the Web, the information bundles can’t be moved to the WhatsApp servers, and you will experience the issue of not sending messages.

A similar way of behaving happens if the gadget being used has been hindered on the switch side or, on the other hand, if the exchange of WhatsApp information bundles has been forestalled. Switches that proposition traffic checking and examination capabilities make it conceivable to intercede by trying not to move information to and from a solitary gadget associated with the neighborhood organization or utilizing explicit applications and administrations.

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