What To Expect From The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare?

What To Expect From The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

What To Expect From The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare?

Keeping an eye on the future of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is essential to keep up to date on the main market trends and adopt them in your company, which helps keep your competitiveness high.

Considered one of the most revolutionary technologies, AI is expected to surprise and leverage the business world even more in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will characterize as the combination of several technologies that make machines capable of simulating human reasoning and automatically executing tasks that were previously only performed by people, such as the famous chatbots that optimize the consumer service.

Where will AI take us soon? In this post, we’ll show you what’s to come. Check out!

Improved Language Modeling

Language modeling is the process that enables machines to understand and communicate with humans using a language that we can understand. It can also capture human expressions and convert them into code to trigger the execution of a program, for example.

In this sense, Open AI recently released GPT-3, a next-generation language model with approximately 150 billion parameters — data points and variables used as resources for machines to process the language.

The company is already working on the launch of GPT-4, which should be even more powerful, with more than 100 trillion parameters. In practice, this means that AI tools will be able to create conversations that can hardly be distinguished from those carried out by a human being.

Increase In The Workforce

When Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will emerge, one of the main concerns of professionals was that it would completely replace human work. However, as organizations adopt an AI-driven culture, intelligent machines contribute to boosting the skills and competencies of their employees.

For example, in the field of marketing, AI can point out which leads should work to convert them into customers. While in the engineering sector, it can be an ally for predictive maintenance, which anticipates possible repairs. For areas of knowledge, technology will facilitate the classification of an even greater volume of data, transforming their actions into increasingly accurate operations.

Migration To Small Data

In recent years, Big Data will consolidate among companies. However, everything indicates that the future belongs to Small Data. That are small and large data but allow robust analysis for organizations.

According to a survey by Gartner, by 2025, approximately 70% of companies will migrate from Big Data to Small Data. That improves the context for analysis and makes AI less dependent on data.

Strengthening Cyber Security

In 2021, the World Economic Forum pointed out that cybercrime can generate more impacts on society than acts of terrorism. That’s because cyber criminals evolve along with the advancement of machines. With each device or complex system connect to the company’s network, a point of vulnerability creates. Hackers can exploit that.

Given this, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will use to increase companies’ cyber security. Given that it can monitor network traffic and identify suspicious actions, triggering mechanisms that automatically stop any malicious agent.

Use Of Digital Managers

The recruitment, hiring and training process usually involves different levels of complexity. And demands a good part of the time of HR professionals in companies. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2024, about 80% of companies will use ‘digital managers.Enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to hire, train, and fire workers.

Metaverse Growth

The rapidly growing metaverse will define as a unified persistent digital environment where users can live, work and play. Although it looks like the internet, this virtual world aims to provide immersive experiences that will create by the people who are in it.

AI will be vital for the growth of the metaverse. Serving as a tool for users to put their creativity into practice. In addition, the environment also tends to develop AI beings that will assist in the execution of activities in the digital domain. Such as playing chess.

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