What Is Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Technology?

What Is Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Technology?

What Is Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Microsoft artificial intelligence technology is present in several valuable tools and applications intended for use:

  • Staff
  • Professional

Like the best AI, Microsoft AI attempted to create a symbiosis with one or more people performing tasks in a group.  The machine will do routine and repeatable work so humans can focus on daily tasks more productively and efficiently.

Microsoft’s AI technology lets you leverage data wherever it resides, whether it’s: 

  • business data from your business applications, 
  • sensor data generated by IoT devices 
  • productivity data from Office 365.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence uses various technologies to create intelligent systems that can perceive, reason, and assist humans.  Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to create computing experiences that include human capabilities. 

AI can enable organizations to create intelligent, fast, and valuable digital experiences for end-users by including them. Artificial intelligence enables organizations to redefine themselves by transforming business processes, industries, and customer experience.

The Advantages Of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

Increase in income:

Microsoft AI technology provides data exploration and analysis breadth and depth to get to know your customers. Thanks to the artificial intelligence tool, you can significantly improve the customer experience, personalize your products and services and anticipate purchase intentions, building customer loyalty.

Cost Reduction:

The power of Microsoft artificial intelligence technology enables optimal operational performance, such as predictive maintenance, optimization of route and inventory management, real-time management of activities, significantly reducing operating costs.

Risk Limitation:

Microsoft artificial intelligence will help you identify and analyze potential fraud risks and help you put in place reliable cybersecurity procedures guaranteeing a comprehensive risk management policy.

Why Azure For AI?

Expand your terms: Access frameworks, tools, and features for developers and data scientists of any skill level.

Deploy critical AI solutions: Use the same proven AI services that power AI functionality.

Apply AI responsibly: Get tools, services, and guidelines to help you use AI responsibly while maintaining data privacy, transparency, and trust.

How Does Microsoft Use AI In Its Office Products?

For example, Microsoft’s Office products — Word, PowerPoint, and Excel — have undergone massive transitions over the past few years, including the move to its subscription-based Office 365 model.  But the company has also regularly updated its core software offerings to make them smarter. For example, Office 365 subscribers can use what Microsoft has called “ink scanning” to convert handwritten words in PowerPoint to text and allow users to draw their shapes and turn them into objects. 

The service also allows users to sketch an entire slide with text boxes and drawings and then convert it into a professional-looking drop using AI. The company’s AI also allows Office 365 subscribers to edit their Word documents with handwritten text, just as they would if they marked up a physical page with edits.  Users can insert words into sentences, create page and line breaks, and join separate words with stylus-based gestures.

Microsoft AI technology introduced a slew of new AI services for Office 365 in late 2017, including Acronyms for Word and Time to Go for Outlook.  The AI-powered Acronyms feature helps Word users understand the shortcut companies create by looking up previous definitions in emails and other documents and applying them to the document you’re currently working on. The Windows maker has used its AI virtual assistant, Cortana, to make its Outlook email app more useful. Artificial intelligence technology Microsoft believes Cortana is one of the biggest keys to advancing AI.

The Importance Of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

In conclusion, the goal of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technology is that the technology adapts to the user. To help them and magnify their skills and productivity. Gone are the days when the user experience felt channeled into how the app was designed to work. AI is becoming a personal assistant. In every way, limiting distractions allows you to focus on the key processes innate in getting things done. This is where your focus is most needed. Microsoft artificial intelligence products save you time and make you more productive.

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