What Is Digital Service, And What Are Its Main Advantages?

What Is Digital Service, And What Are Its Main Advantages?

What Is Digital Service, And What Are Its Main Advantages?

Digital service is not an alternative; it is a must nowadays. Digital transformation has impacted the market for a long time. But the COVID-19 pandemic has come as a wake-up call.

The main question to reflect on is: where does your customer look for you? Is he still willing to leave the house and go door to door to research services and products? Understand!

What Is A Digital Service?

Digital service is an improvement in communication with the customer, in which the main tool is the internet. There are other tools. However, this one is considered the main one.

Today, there is talk of a new normal. The customer prioritizes their searches, interactions and purchases through virtual means. Thus, the business needs intelligent service mechanisms through this channel to survive.

What Are The Main API Solutions For Digital Service?

Several API solutions are extremely useful for companies to implement or improve their digital fulfillment services. See from now on some of the main ones.


The Duo API solution has multi-gateway management that accelerates growth in a distributed and heterogeneous environment, making development fast, secure and efficient. Among the main advantages of this technology, we highlight:

  • design and governance for the API lifecycle;
  • runtime gateway between client applications and back-end systems;
  • externalizing APIs to developers and partners through customizable portals; among others


APIs are also critical for CX and UX development. Providing a customized and on-demand experience is a strategy that generates high value for customers.


The use of APIs for business development is also perfect for implementing and accelerating the use of artificial intelligence through tools such as chatbots and machine learning.

What Are The Main Advantages?

There are several advantages to implementing a fully digital service. From now on, we’ll see how you can benefit from this business priority. Follow up!

Increase In Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction is one of the crucial points for customers. Many people abandon a purchase because of poor digital service. Today, this means finding organized, practical, fast and efficient virtual channels. The phone lost some space for other media like:

In conclusion, what customers want today are quick responses on WhatsApp, relevant information on websites and blogs, and responsive smartphone access, among other possibilities, to generate highly good interactivity.

Reduction Of Operating Costs

Physical infrastructure costs certainly impact a significant percentage of the corporate budget. A face-to-face service has not only an employee but also a room, furniture, and air conditioning, among other high costs for the business.

In a digital service, all this infrastructure is transferred to the virtual environment, providing more quality, speed and availability. A good example of a significant cost reduction is comparing the allocation of an attendant to work on the weekend and a chatbot available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Do you still have doubts that the latter would be cheaper?

Sales Growth

Let’s continue with the previous example. How about a shopping desire at 1:45 am from Saturday to Sunday? Would it be easier to keep a 24/7 employee or a robot to serve this customer?

Even more than that. Through a digital service, it is possible to sell through any online channel. Marketplaces, websites, chatbots, e-commerce, and live commerces, to name a few. It can be sold in quantity and quality.

Why Has Digital Service Become A Trend?

If you still don’t know the concept of a digital journey, this is the main answer to that question. The customer now follows an especially virtual path to the purchase decision. In this scenario, data is essential to understand your steps and promote a good experience until the purchase.

It means that if the manager does not have the best mechanisms and good development of tools to provide the best service to the user through virtual channels, he will lose a good portion of sales.

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