What Is Digital Marketing: The Opportunities You Might Be Missing

what is Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing: The Opportunities You Might Be Missing

What is Digital Marketing: Harnessing the best the world has to offer requires vision. It takes courage and, above all, an open mind to face the challenges. Every opportunity is worth gold for anyone in the business or entrepreneurship world.

A missed chance can be a decisive factor in whether or not you succeed. You know it. I don’t believe there is anyone who likes to feel outdated of not having noticed an opportunity in front of my eyes. The feeling that remains is always the same: it could have been, but it wasn’t. When this is the fault of our inability to seize a chance, even worse. While I’m writing and thinking about the subject of this text, I found a great example to illustrate the importance of taking advantage of opportunities. It happened to me, and I’ll tell you now.

Enough Of The Story

You may be wondering: what does all this have to do with the opportunities generated by Digital Marketing for Results? It’s all about. Mainly with the part of not being afraid to take risks and having an open mind to accept the NEW. Come with me?

What Is Digital Marketing: That Generates Business Opportunities

It’s not for nothing, but if you still haven’t invested in what is Digital Marketing, your back is on the future. One hundred ten million people access the internet every day to consume entertainment and buy. If your business doesn’t have a solid digital presence, it’s more than evident that you’re missing out on opportunities. Disagrees?

According to Digital Research, 64% of smartphone and tablet owners use their mobile devices to shop online. These purchases are made through social networks, email marketing, and websites adapted to the most diverse types of screens, among other ways. In other words, an entire structure dedicated to online engagement and commerce.

Whether you agree with this information, I believe you would like to know a little more about the changes generated with an excellent digital marketing result. Check out:

Increase Lead Acquisition

What is Digital Marketing – Results is an excellent ally for acquiring leads (if you don’t know what a leader is, click here and learn with us). How? Simple: attracting potential customers to your website and helping you get data such as their name, phone number, and email through conversion landing pages.

Come up with a reasonable offer, create a specific page to promote it, invest in paid media (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, for example), and watch the magic happen. You can also create unique content as a bargaining chip for lead data. Creating an eBook and allowing it to be downloaded by filling out a form is also an excellent way to capture leads.

Increase Brand Awareness

To achieve success, your brand needs to be known. Let’s go straight to practice: blog content production (focusing on Google search – SEO), social media updates, and investment in paid media (ads on Google or Facebook/Instagram) are the primary means that digital marketing results for a brand to be publicized and found by potential customers.

Having a blog with a good amount of educational content and up-to-date social networks is the first step for your brand to know and, above all, for the investment in digital to have the expecting return. Start right now.

Invest Less In Advertising And Profit More

It is possible to invest less in advertising and increase the return on investment. Digital marketing for results is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing (advertising in newspapers, insertion of commercials on TV and radio, billboards, among others).

In addition, it is much easier to optimize investments in digital marketing. If a campaign is not giving the expected result, it’s simple. It can stop so that a new one will create. In traditional marketing, the change in strategy is much more rigid and fixing: once it will air, it will hardly be possible to realign a publicity campaign without losing a lot of money and work time.

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