What Is Branding, And How To Use This Marketing Strategy?

What Is Branding, And How To Use This Marketing Strategy?

What Is Branding, And How To Use This Marketing Strategy?

The term Branding is often misused. Mixing Branding with other Marketing or Advertising actions is quite common, and this failure is committed even by professionals in the field.

Often, confusion about what Branding is is because professionals define what the brand represents for them. When in fact, Branding is what your target audience’s perception of your brand is.

But After All, What Is Branding, And Why Is There So Much Confusion With The Term

First, Branding comes from a brand, or brand in English. Many titles and articles treat Branding as brand management or brand management in literal translation. The management of a brand involves several strategies and objectives, and it is this management that we will call Branding. That’s straightforward.

But What Strategies And Objectives Are Defined For Managing A Branding Campaign?

The main objective of a good Branding campaign is to make your target audience see your brand as the best solution for their needs. The management of this campaign is not intended to put the brand in evidence. It aims to convey where the brand wants to position itself in the market.

For your brand to project an image of trust, the company must first have this perception. The picture you want to convey will perceive from the inside out. Suppose internally, the company’s image is not an ecologically correct company. In that case, your target audience will probably not identify this characteristic in the brand, regardless of the logo, mascot, or colors used in your brand manual.

From the moment the company has a careful vision about what Branding is and what image the brand transmits internally, it is time to develop actions that make your target audience have the same perception.

Brand Positioning Through Branding Actions

The leading brands are entirely consistent in their actions. These actions consistently reinforce the essence of why the brand exists. Suppose the company has identified that it understands itself as a family and healthy company. In that case, this image must be personified in its brand manual and transmitted in all Marketing or Advertising efforts.

The image, logo, colors, fonts, and even sound, should refer to good memories of your customers’ experiences. A good Branding campaign reaches the “heart” of your target audience. The brand’s association with the best moments or best experiences makes your target audience not consider purchasing from another brand. Choosing to consume what your brand offers is no longer dependent on evaluation. We take a decision. Could it be Pepsi?

This is the function of a Branding campaign. Develop actions that reach the conscious and subconscious of your target audience. By creating a connection and understanding, your customer will no longer be evaluating the product’s price. He believes that the consumption of his brand is part of his personality.

Does Your Brand Have A Personality?

Not every brand has a personality, and those who invest in this strategy stand out from their competitors. Creating a character can also known as a Brand Persona, the personification of brand values. This strategy brings your audience closer to the brand, facilitates communication, and generates identification.

We can mention Netflix, which has a humorous, young persona will tune to the news and uses an internet language. Magazine Luiza created a character, Lu, who represents the brand and does all the communication. Both Netflix and Magazine Luiza are companies that are at their peak and are growing more and more. Do you realize how important it is for your brand to have a personality?

How You Communicate Is Also Important

We talked about Netflix and Magazine Luiza above, a strategy well linked to creating a personality; it is the definition of the brand’s Tone of Voice. The tone of voice is a strategy use to define what your language will be in the media in which your brand inserts.

It is essential to know each of the relevant media for your brand will insert accordingly. Each of them has its characteristics, and depending on your strategy; you should use a different tone of voice for each one. The voice style facilitates communication with your audience, generates identification through the language used, and can develop authority for your brand.

In Which Channels Will Your Brand Be Inserted?

When we talk about “channels,” we are talking about where your brand will be present and where it will be communicating with its audience. You need to carry out thorough research of all the media that are a possibility for your business. Analyze where your target audience is present, and choose the media that make the most sense for your business.

Your brand does not need to be present in all media; this assessment is very important for this branding strategy. After analyzing all the media and obtaining as much information as possible, you can devise more assertive communication and marketing strategies.

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