Watch TV for Free: Top 10 Sites and Apps

TV for Free

Watch TV for Free: Top 10 Sites and Apps

Although some packages giving access to your TV platforms are paid and expensive, be aware that there are other ways to watch them for free. You must go through certain sites or use certain applications to do this. Discover below the top 10 sites and apps that allow you to take full advantage of your TV.

Molotov TV

Molotov TV gives access to more than 80 channels, including TNT. In addition to watching TV, know that you can record your favorite programs with Molotov TV. In addition, it has the “Replay” feature allowing you to review your favorite content several times. 

The advantage of Molotov TV is that TV is available on all devices available to the user (tablet, Smartphone, PC, etc.). Then, Molotov TV has an interface that is easy to use and intuitive. The little extra is that you can use the “rewind” function even if it’s a show in progress.


Attached to the TF1 group, MYTF1 is the website allowing Internet users to watch the group’s programs in streaming, free of charge. The site allows you to follow several popular programs, including Star Academy, Dancing with the Stars, etc. It also provides access to the latest and most viewed movies. 

Sports fans can also rely on MYTF1 to follow various sports broadcasts. The site allows Internet users to enjoy the most watched French channels, such as TF1, TMC, TFX, and LCI. Fans of the series are served with the TF1 Series and Films channel. As for the functionalities, the site allows you to watch live and take advantage of the advantages of “Replay”.


6play is M6’s VOD or video-on-demand platform. As a result, the site provides access to all the programs of the main channels of the M6 ​​group. In addition, it gives Internet users access to exclusive programs. 6play hosts the best series of the moment, especially the most viewed, like The Equalizer or Humans.

It also gives access to the best and most entertaining TV shows like “L’amour vu du pré”, France’s incredible talent, etc. With the Christmas party fast approaching, now you will undoubtedly find very good Christmas films there.

Indian. tv

Indian. TV is rich in programs and events dedicated to the public. It provides access to the cinema, live shows, documentaries, sports, and all the programs that fascinate viewers. Being a public television, it is committed to providing independent, reliable information but impeccable quality.

Apart from the content that is accessible live on the channels and in Indian .The TV platform has exclusive content such as Oko (for children aged 3-12) and Lumni (educational offer for 4-8-year-olds). These are accessible through thematic offers on the digital platforms of France. Tv exclusive content is free to access.

Orange TV

Orange TV is an application for watching live and replay TV. With this application, the Internet user can enjoy an enriched experience of VOD or video on demand. Thus, the user can play all the videos purchased or rented from any screen (tablet, computer, Smartphone, etc.). 

The Orange TV app lets you keep your favorite content on the move or at home. All live or replay channels are easily accessible via 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Then, one of its features allows you to access the video pass. Those who do not wish to miss their favorite programs can create alerts.


All the best TV features are combined on SFR TV to give you a unique experience. To begin with, SFR TV is accessible from any screen you have at your disposal (Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). Additionally, the user can record up to 300 hours of video. 

SFR TV also allows direct control while having replay functionality. The SFR TV application provides access to programs, including your favorite series and films, sports, and entertainment. You can access many well-known channels such as SYFY, CNN, téva, Netflix, Prime Vidéo, etc.


TV OQEE by Free allows you to watch live TV programs. In addition, it allows you to control the programs in question by pausing or rewinding. So you have access to over 500 live TV channels. What better way to take full advantage of series, sports, music and news? With TV OQEE by Free, the user has the opportunity to record in the cloud to be able to view content at the desired time. All your favorite programs are accessible from any screen, whether in your living room or on the move.

Play TV

Play TV offers the best television service on the Internet by giving access to several popular channels (M6, Arte, TMC, TF1, etc.). Thus, Internet users can watch live television just as it is possible to return to the TV programs of the day before. Remember that you can have a preview of the TV programs the next day. Everything is there to please you: sport, series, cinema, etc. With Christmas approaching, check out the best-related movies on Play TV.

TV Mucho

TV Mucho offers access to 120 live television channels. The most popular and watched channels, including TF1, BFM, BBC News, Arte, etc., are available. The advantage of TV Mucho is that it allows you to enjoy the best programs abroad. These programs are watchable on any device. By becoming a member, know that you can access all your programs and all the channels of your choice because they are broadcast by satellite.

Zattoo TV

Zattoo TV allows you to enjoy more than 250 streaming channels. These remain accessible from any device (Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). Thanks to Full HD, you can enjoy exceptional image quality. With the replay feature, you can watch content several times 7 days after it is broadcast, especially since Zattoo TV allows you to record exciting shows or series. You have a storage space that can contain up to approximately 2000 recordings. Now that you know where you can find your TV programs, you can also visit the daily tv site to find recaps and keep up to date with news from the small screen.

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