Want To Know How To Increase Your Sales On Instagram?


Instagram is one of several companies’ most used social networks to promote products & services, and communicate with the public. Learn how to increase your sales on Instagram!

You probably already know that the primary purpose of social networks is to connect people. Still, Instagram has managed to go much further than that, contributing to the successful journey of several entrepreneurs around the world in recent years. If you want to sell more, this network is a great tool.

Whether to increase the visibility of your products or services or to prospect new customers and expand sales opportunities in the long term, this social media is a great choice. To achieve better results more effectively on the network, it is essential to understand some techniques and apply them carefully and consistently. Want to know how to use good strategies to increase your company’s sales on Instagram? Continue reading this article with us, and enjoy!

Why Use Instagram In Your Business?

Suppose your organization does not yet invest in content for Instagram. In that case, it is worth paying attention to this point that can make all the difference in your customer base and profitability. Some of the reasons why you should make use of this social network are:

  • Instagram has a wide variety of people, brands, and connections;
  • it is a quick and practical contact channel to talk to customers;
  • a good part of the public of several organizations is present in the network;
  • it is possible to make targeted advertisements;
  • you can get more views through campaigns and hashtags;
  • The results can be measured to improve future planning.

How To Increase Your Company’s Sales On Instagram?

Now that you know the importance of being present on this social media, it’s time to understand what strategies can be used to boost your sales results. We’ve gathered the top tips to help you on this mission. Come on!

Use The Business Account

Instagram offers two types of accounts: a personal statement and a business or business account, also known as Instagram Business. To ensure more practicality in this process, it is recommended to use the business account. 

Through it, you can check more accurate reports; analyze performance metrics for each publication; obtain information about the public; select and monitor critical indicators for your company; have valuable insights based on accurate data, and develop more strategic content. If your business already has an Instagram profile, you can convert it into a business account in just a few steps.

Define Keywords And Make Use Of Hashtags

Some people don’t know, but using hashtags that align with your business can go a long way in connecting with potential customers. When used well, hashtags expand the view and reach of your posts and distribute your content to the right people. To be more successful with this strategy, it is worth using up to 10 keywords that have to do with your company’s published content & its purposes.

Offer Relevant Content To The Audience

Do you prefer to follow profiles that offer valuable content. Or do you usually follow those that only promote services & products? Although Instagram also serves as an online showcase for what brands sell. It must deliver quality content to attract more consumers.

The more you offer relevant content with valuable tips to get closer to your audience. The greater your opportunities to build authority, stand out from the competition, improve your organization’s image & expand followers’ interest in your publications.

Talk To People

One of the basic rules for getting more engagement is to engage. We recommend interacting with people more if you want more people to like, follow, and comment. So try to comment, share, like, and reply more often to expand your account’s engagement and reach.

A tip to encourage your customers & followers to do the same is to insert phrases that encourage this action in the image of your posts. Such as “Tell me if you’ve been through this too” or “Share our tips to help more people,”.

Instagram is much more than a showcase, so using it to promote your brand. And attract consumers’ attention is a great choice to increase sales and get better results for your business. We hope our tips have inspired you!

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