VMworld 2022, All The News Of The Intelligent Cloud

VMworld 2021 is one of the turning points for technology, particularly for the Cloud in its various forms, where all the important announcements are. VMworld 2021 presented many innovations, from app modernization to the edge through security; here are the announcements of VMworld 2021. Under the disruptive action of the pandemic, digital transformation has undergone an unprecedented acceleration, changing the face of companies. A decisive role in this change is played by the Cloud, and in particular by the multicolored, which has now become the new normal; normality, however, is much more complex than what we were used to until a few years ago.

 Managing this complexity, therefore, became the primary challenge for many companies and was also one of the main threads of VMworld 2021, the VMware global event, in which the virtualization giant presented the strategy for the near future.” With entire industries reinventing themselves, multi-cloud is the digital business model for the next 20 years”, is the prediction CEO of VMware, who also adds: ” It is no longer about having a cloud-first, but to be Cloud smart. 

VMworld 2021 News

Today, an average company runs around 500 applications to manage its business, which are spread across different clouds. 75% of VMware customers rely on two or more public clouds, and 40% use three or more. For this reason, the strategy of Joe Baguley, CTO EMEA at VMworld 2021, is to expand the capabilities of the VMware product portfolio to the multi-cloud world to give customers the freedom to choose the services they need on the desired Cloud, always maintaining total control. This vision rests on five pillars:

  1. Modern cloud-native apps, a cloud infrastructure for running business apps.
  2. Cloud management to offer governance.
  3. Security extended to all multi-cloud operations.
  4. A digital workforce with edge solutions.

VMworld 2021: App Modernization And Kubernetes

To help spread the new digital culture centered on apps, VMware at VMworld 2021 launched the new Tanzu Community Edition. This free Kubernetes platform can be installed and configured in a few minutes on a local workstation or a cloud of your choice. And automates end-to-end application delivery. It is a complete platform for developers, IT operators, and DevOps engineers, and also suitable for beginners who can reduce the learning curve of Kubernetes according to the logic of “learning by doing.” Furthermore, the partnership signed last March with NVIDIA is also enriched in the Kubernetes area with the support of NVIDIA GPUs for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

VMworld 2021: Data Sovereignty

The topic of security at VMworld 2021 proved imperative: with the increase in cybercrime costs, the time has come to overcome the old paradigms and enable the zero trust model, warn VMware. The news announced in this area – Secure Workload Access for Zero Trust to Elastic Application Security Edge (EASE) for cloud-to-cloud security, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Carbon Black Cloud for ransomware protection and recovery, CloudHealth Secure State, API security and Kubernetes Security Posture Management, for the protection of modern apps – go right in the direction of an end-to-end Zero Trust architecture.

At the same time, there is also the issue of governance and the sovereign Cloud. All governments are making decisions on digital sovereignty, and remaining compliant with the market regulations in which they operate is a fundamental step in the restart. The new VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative moves in this direction to meet the geo-specific requirements relating to data sovereignty and jurisdictional control by forging partnerships with players such as UKCloud, OVHcloud, Telefonica, TietoEvry, Telmex, ThinkOn, AUCloud, Datacom, NxtGen, and the Italian Noodle Tim Group.

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