Understand The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Companies

Understand The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Companies

Artificial Intelligence in companies: Digital transformation has forever changed the way companies work. Currently, they have to deal with a large volume of information generated by customers, suppliers, and employees.

This condition has driven the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), as it offers software that allows more effective actions and responses in business routines. Due to its practicality, this resource has become increasingly common within companies including because it can be applied in different ways and other activities. Therefore, staying on top of this trend is essential to understand how it can favor your performance.

What Are The Most Common Uses Of Artificial Intelligence?

The adoption of artificial intelligence is already a reality in many companies, being stimulated by tools that optimize and coordinate work steps. You can facilitate the collection and analysis of data from them to streamline communication with your target audience. Check out which are the primary examples applied in organizations.


There is no point in having mechanisms that generate data if the company does not know how to collect and analyze this information to transform it into strategies that help the business grow. The company can optimize data analysis and predict customer behavior in the most varied scenarios with artificial intelligence.

These predictions allow you to access accurate information that points out potential situations and their respective results. Thus, there is more basis for making decisions and directing the path that the enterprise should follow.


Have you ever thought if you could provide 24/7 customer service, ensuring that they answer your questions even outside office hours? This is perfectly feasible with implementing a chatbot, a tool that naturally talks to users through a previously programmed language.

Also known as a virtual assistant, the feature recognizes the information and produces responses that mimic human behavior. Generally, the chatbot is integrated with other systems and databases to perform simple routines, freeing the service team to focus on more complex issues.

Sales And Marketing

Once the company collects and better studies the data related to its services, it can develop more efficient sales and marketing strategies. It starts with defining your customers’ profiles, making it possible to create a personalized service that offers products that meet the specific needs of your audience.


As well as adding practicality to the execution of daily activities, technology makes room for malicious people to find loopholes to invade your systems. In this sense, AI is also a powerful ally, as it can combine with security mechanisms to block fraud, cyberattacks, and data leakage.

What Are The Impacts Of This Technology On Companies And Customers?

If used correctly, technology that mimics human behavior benefits your processes. Improving the experience of all figures that interact with the business. Understand how artificial intelligence impacts companies and their consumers.

Promotes Interaction Between Teams

In addition to the possibilities present so far, the technological resource will integrate into collective work software, which allows for interaction between employees from all areas. This is because artificial intelligence connects data and makes it easier to share information.

In this way, there is less chance of communication noises that could interfere with the execution of activities. Not to mention that managers can also follow the workflow, identifying what each professional is doing within a project.

Automate Customer Service

According to a study by Neo Assist, 87% of consumers surveyed stopped doing new business with a company because of poor customer service. Taking this into account, it is essential to have practices and tools that improve the relationship between the brand and the customer.

With the help of chatbots, the company is available to the public every day of the week. Regardless of the time of day. The robot has several functions, such as guiding the user through the purchase process, answering questions, solving problems. And, if unable to solve them, redirecting the person to the service team.

Thus, you guarantee customer satisfaction. This factor encourages you to make new purchases in the future and become a promoter of the business. As a person satisfied with a service tends to recommend it to family and close friends.

Stimulates Innovation

Innovating has become a mandatory requirement for brands that want to stand out in their field of activity. Artificial intelligence will see as an essential option for creating plans and outlining innovative strategies. Its application allows the enterprise to follow and react to situations and create real-time opportunities.

Facilitates Data Processing

Manually processing data is a highly labor-intensive and error-prone activity. Through the development of intelligent algorithms based on Big Data. The company’s systems can study the collected information without making mistakes and create valuable insights.

It is worth mentioning that this trend also considerably reduces operational fatigue. That the information will analyze how tasks should automate, especially repetitive ones. This is time and effort savings for your team of collaborators.

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