<strong>Types Of Newsletters For Each Target Market</strong>


Types Of Newsletters For Each Target Market

For a good email marketing strategy, it is good to consider the objectives and the reference target, choosing between different types of newsletters to be sent. A newsletter is a type of digital publication that is sent via email with a certain frequency: it can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It is part of email marketing and is considered an effective strategy to connect with customers and help them remember a specific brand.

The Importance Of The Target Audience In Email Marketing

Properly optimizing the messages sent via email helps save time and effort, especially if the number of conversions increases. One of the main aspects to consider in optimizing messages is the reference target or target market, i.e., the “target market.” 

The two wordings refer to that group of consumers or individuals who have a better chance of buying a product or contracting a specific service. The target market is a basic concept that should be well known to those involved in emailing services, and that should always be noticed.

Different Types Of Newsletters

To create a good newsletter, there are several criteria to consider; for example, you need to know the different types of newsletters depending on the reference market. The most common types of newsletters are presented below.

Newsletter Information Bulletin (Traditional)

The information bulletin newsletter is the simplest type of newsletter that can be found and is also, for this reason, considered the most “traditional. “Often used by businesses, it contains content such as industry news, blog articles, surveys, studies, infographics, or related resources.

Its main purpose, therefore, is not to sell but to give information.  However, it should be considered that it can lead to an increase in web page traffic; therefore, even if indirectly, it can be useful for increasing the number of conversions.

It is also a good option for all those who have launched a new product or website: communicating this news through newsletters will be able to reach a greater number of users. For the newsletter or information bulletin to work, it is important to be honest, and precise about what you want to communicate.

Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are the most basic emails, the ones you send as confirmation of an order that has been placed. It may also include welcoming you for completing a registration or answering questions associated with products or services. The objective of this type of newsletter is to increase the connection with the user, improve brand affinity, and, at the same time, increase customer interest.

For the newsletter to work, the user must recognize the origin of the message because this way, he will open it quickly. For example, you might need help accessing your account. With the newsletter, you can receive a message with clear words relating to recovery as its subject and clear instructions for recovering your access credentials to the site in question.

Another key element for this type of newsletter is the sending speed. This characteristic implies that the newsletters are an immediate response to be programmed, automated, and sent once the user has performed a certain action.

Promotional Newsletters

Promotional newsletters are used as an alert, so subscribers are informed about promotions, offers, events, contests, or any other activity you intend to share. Having the main objective of obtaining conversions, it is aimed at a specific, well-segmented type of target.

For it to work, it is very important to have an attractive design and to send the right number of emails; if they are sent in bulk, they could be identified as SPAM, both by the user and the mail server. To work, they should have the following elements:

  1. a captivating title indicating the offer being proposed;
  2. image of the products or services being promoted;
  3. Clear and well-placed CTA within the content;
  4. short and very clear text;
  5. social media buttons ;
  6. a landing page to direct users to the newsletter, which is optimized for each user;
  7. propose personalized offers to each user, thanks to precise segmentation.

Loyalty And Seasonal Campaigns

Messages sent for loyalty or seasonal campaigns seek to strengthen brand presence. They are usually used when a special holiday is approaching, such as Black Friday or Mother’s Day. This newsletter only works if the content is personalized and targeted to the needs of each user: it is important to know the behavior and profile of each user to increase its effectiveness.

Newsletter To Know The Opinion

Newsletters designed to get users’ opinions, on the other hand, are messages that contain a survey that users will have to fill out to express what they think. The answers help define new email strategies, which will also require good user segmentation. Considering how many different types of newsletters exist, it is even more important to structure the email marketing activity strategically, considering the objectives and the reference target.

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