Top 7 Mobile Air Coolers

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Top 7 Mobile Air Coolers

Mobile air coolers have been attracting more and more people in recent years. This is thanks to easy use, minimum maintenance, a reduced carbon footprint, and low energy consumption. If, like many Indian people, you plan to treat yourself to one, you are in luck. 

In the following lines, we present our selection of the seven best mobile air coolers on the market. Versatile devices combine cooling, purification, and humidification of the air to offer optimal comfort, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Klarstein Icewind Air Freshener

At the top of our ranking, we find the Klarstein Icewind, a 5-in-1 multifunctional air cooler. It is designed to make your home a haven of freshness and purity. This is thanks to an emission of fresh air, a touch of humidification, and diffusion of negative ions. Thus eliminating any unwanted heat, polluting substances, and possible allergens.

For pleasant and personalized experiences, the device offers three ventilation levels (low, medium, and high). It also benefits from a 90° oscillation, making it possible to reach any angle of the room in which it is installed. In addition, it benefits from a compact design and a dimension of only 84.99 x 45.01 x 37.01 cm, which makes it very easy to move.

Apart from its classic features, it offers simple, intuitive controls and remote control. Added to this is a 12-hour battery life and a water level indicator. But the Klarstein Icewind stands out from its competition in its ability to save energy and provide up to 11 hours of uninterrupted operation.

GoPlus Air Freshener

In the second position, we find the GoPlus, a versatile air cooler that combines heating, ventilation, humidification, and air purification. With a compact design, this device with 2000 W of power and 38 x 28.5 x 74.5 cm in size can be installed in any room of the house without it getting in the way. In addition, it is equipped with integrated handles and swivel wheels that facilitate its movement.

Performance-wise, the GoPlus keeps its promises with exceptional cooling and heating effects and a negative ion function that eliminates any impurities in the ambient air. Add to that personalized comfort thanks to multi-angle oscillation, three wind speeds (low, medium, strong), and three modes (normal, natural, sleep). 

Not to mention the 8-hour timer that allows you to set the use time and its large 7-liter tank. In addition to its advanced performance, the device also seduces thanks to significant details such as its LCD screen and remote control, allowing easy handling without having to move.

EWT Multipro Air Freshener

In last place on the podium, we found the EWT Multipro. This revolutionary machine combines the functions of a fan, an air cooler, an air purifier, a humidifier, a heater, and an aroma diffuser. In short, a multifunction device that offers comprehensive support for your indoor climate at any time of the year.

This device allows you to enjoy total freshness during the hot season’s thanks to the ionizer, which filters more than 99% of the particles from the ambient air. It takes advantage of its three levels of ventilation and its H2²O filter, which ensure a feeling of softness. And as if that were not enough, it incorporates a 5.5-liter water tank with an integrated ice container for optimal performance.

When the mercury drops, the EWT Multipro becomes a heater. This register offers two different levels of heat for a constantly pleasant atmosphere. A dust filter is added, which is particularly effective in removing particles from the air. And for an even more subtle atmosphere, it acts as an aroma diffuser thanks to the drops of essential oil present on its foam filter.

A perfect example of convenience, this 33 x 25 x 70 cm unit is equipped with 360° swivel castors that make it easy to move. In addition, it benefits from remote control and a timer function which further simplifies its use.

Sonbion Air Freshener

Taking 4th  place in this top, the SONBION Air Cooler is a 4-in-1 device designed to deliver the ultimate cooking experience. At the cutting edge of technology, it single-handedly combines the functions of a humidifier, cooling fan, and air purifier in its 24 x 26 x 56 cm case.

It uses an economical water cycle process and an ice container combined with a filter that absorbs dust, pet hair, and pollen. In addition, it benefits from a large 5-liter tank that allows it to operate for very long periods without risk of interruption or malfunction. Finally, to guarantee high comfort, it offers three optional strong wind speeds, a fan speed of up to 5.5 m/s with only 50 dB emitted.

Aigostar Olaf Air Freshener

Taking the penultimate spot in this list, the Taurus R850 is an innovative evaporative air conditioner that offers an eco-friendly, versatile, and economical cooling solution. Offering the choice between ventilation and air conditioning functions, it promises an ideal indoor climate thanks to its three modes (normal, breeze, and night) and adjustable speeds.

Added is a generous 7-liter reservoir, including two ice cube containers for a more enjoyable cooling experience. Focusing on comfort and user-friendliness, it has a timer with automatic shut-off of up to 7 hours, a remote control, and an intuitive control panel. 

And although it impresses with its compact design 60 x 20 x 20 cm in size and its freewheeling wheels, it offers even more convenience thanks to a very low noise level of 65 Db. Finally, the device is equipped with a dust filter to ensure better durability. It also features technology that emits a signal when the tank is dry and instantly switches it to fan mode.

Taurus R850 Air Freshener

In fifth place in this ranking, we find the Aigostar Olaf, a modern 23 x 26.5 x 57 cm air cooler that guarantees exceptional thermal performance. Leveraging a honeycomb construction provides more extensive evaporation for rapid temperature drop in any situation. Capacities optimized by its two integrated ice blocks and its 65° oscillation.

You can create a personalized environment with three modes (normal, natural, and sleep) and three speeds. An adjustable front grille angle is added to direct the airflow (up to 6m/s) to your preference. Finally, for optimal use, the Aigostar has a timer with automatic and programmable shutdown up to 12 hours in advance. A simple manipulation that you can perform from the remote control.

Black+Decker BX7E Air Freshener

Coming in last place in this ranking, but not least, the Black + Decker BX7E combines the advantages of a fan and a humidifier. Cooling, humidifying, and purifying the air, this equipment offers you a complete comfort experience. This is largely thanks to its generous 7-liter water tank, which does double duty.

Adjustable to 3 levels (normal, breeze, and night), this device lets you enjoy a personalized environment. In addition, it features a high-performance oscillation system that maintains a pleasant and homogeneous atmosphere regardless of the size of the space.

Besides its space-saving size of ‎26 x 30 x 76 cm, the Black+Decker BX7E promises a high degree of convenience thanks to its remote control. It has an integrated handle, and four swivel wheels make it easy to move.

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