Top 6 Innovative Products From CES 2024


Top 6 Innovative Products From CES 2024

As usual, the largest technology companies in the world gather in Las Vegas during CES or Consumer Technology Association to present their latest innovations. For this 2024 season, many products have been highlighted to the general public. Between futuristic screens, transparent televisions rev, evolutionary robots or even connected glasses, find the six most impressive products and technologies that have captured all the attention in this article.

Music Frame: Samsung’s Incredible Audio Photo Frame

During CES 2024, Samsung succeeded in exhibiting the latest innovation: the Music Frame. It is a Bluetooth speaker inspired by the ultra-flat screen television “The Frame” but similar to a photo frame. With a rather original design, it can integrate quickly and become one with your interior space to broadcast your favorite music playlist in style. To enhance your user experience, it allows you to display your photos, drawings, illustrations, and even virtual disk decks.

The strong point of this little high-tech gem is its ability to reproduce 360° sound. With six integrated speakers with a maximum power of 120 W, it offers an immersive audio experience, regardless of where you install it. One more accessory to your bucket list, the Samsung Music Frame is versatile and can be used as a standalone wireless speaker or paired with a TV and a Samsung soundbar via Q-Symphony.

Transparent MicroLED: Samsung’s Transparent TV

In second place is another feat from Samsung, which continues to amaze more than one with its consistently cutting-edge and revolutionary technological products. During CES 2024, the Korean brand presented its transparent televisions with free-standing screens, approximately 2 centimeters thick at the experience stand. 

This MicroLED screen model is more impressive and futuristic than a home smart TV and could soon appear in homes. Although streaming visual content on a transparent screen is fantastic, facts have proven that this high-tech product has everything. Thanks to an assembly of infinite tiles, the images broadcast resemble holograms floating in the air, with vibrant shapes and colors, a kind of augmented reality that guarantees an immersive and realistic experience.

LG TV Signature Oled T: A True Masterpiece

Besides the Korean brand, LG also presented its Oled T television, which is equipped with a transparent screen with contrast, distinguishing the brand’s Oled panels. With a spatial, aesthetic and refined design, this television will bring a touch of elegance to your interior while offering a breathtaking visual experience. His plus? This is because you can choose between two display modes: a black screen to enjoy the same experience as classic TVs or the even more revolutionary and innovative transparent display.

Samsung’s Screen Prototypes Of The Future

Still at the top of the best products at CES 2024, Samsung once again demonstrates its exceptional know-how in screen design with five revolutionary screen prototypes:

  1. The Flex Liple is a folding smartphone, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 model, but without an external screen. Offering a new way to interact with smartphones, the Flex Liple is distinguished by its internal screen, which extends over the edge of the device, allowing you to have an overview of notifications, the time or even the local temperature.
  2. The Flex In & Out is a revolutionary screen capable of folding inwards for a compact phone format and outwards to transform the screen into a larger tablet. With this design, Samsung wants to constantly highlight its desire to innovate on the hinge of foldable smartphones.
  1. The Flex Hybrid: this screen concept takes the form of a folding smartphone but is also extendable. In addition to opening and closing the device, you can enlarge the screen size by rolling it down.
  2. The Oled Earbuds Case is no longer a smartphone but a wireless earbud charging case equipped with an Oled screen. Small animations, small animations and other info, and mastery level, will be displayed on this screen.
  3. Samsung also presented car screens in the new 2024 electric Mini: a central circular Oled touch screen that is intuitive and easy to use.

Samsung Ballie: Samsung’s Domestic Robot

The Korean brand unveiled another of its inventions during CES 2024: “Ballie”, a multifunction personal assistant robot for the home interconnected with the entire Samsung ecosystem. This device is dedicated to domestic tasks in the form of a small plastic ball. It is equipped with a video projector and LiDAR sensors, allowing it to move autonomously and accomplish many tasks. Like the majority of products exhibited during the event, this one is boosted with AI.

LG Alpha-able Concept Car: The Future Of Luxury Mobility

Last but not least on our list, the LG Alpha-able Concept Car is a future electric car embodying the brand’s vision of future mobility. A real revolution aims to be transformable, explorable and relaxed. Indeed, with modular seats, its interior can be transformed according to your needs. 

Sometimes, a restaurant, an office or even a cinema is on wheels, thanks to rollable OLED screens displaying personalized content for optimal relaxation while traveling. Equipped with a large panoramic windshield, the LG Alpha-able Concept car offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Added to this is its transparent opening roof, which allows you to benefit from natural light and fresh air.

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