Top 5 Bone Conduction Headphones

Would you like to purchase bone-conduction earphones? Bone conduction innovation utilizes vibrations to convey sound to the bones of the skull, not the eardrums. Your ears stay free: in this way, you are not separated from the remainder of the world. This sort of protective cap is extremely common sense for sports. You can pay attention to your number one tunes while staying mindful of your environmental factors. With such countless models available, how would you see them as the right one? To assist you with looking, here are our 5 most ideal bone conduction earphones that anyone could hope to find today.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

OpenRun Master is the freshest and most premium bone conduction headset from the Shokz brand. Its titanium development makes it especially strong, even in case of a fall. It is covered with delicate and charming to-the-contact silicone. Lightweight, it weighs simply 29 g to be happy with wearing, in any event, during exercises.

The Shockz Open Run Master successfully opposes sweat, sprinkles and raindrops because of its IP55 certificate. The sound quality conveyed is incredible and point-by-point, with great bass. Concerning this, it can arrive at 10 hours, addressing a decent exhibition contrasted with the models. This headset is likewise reasonable for quick charging. With 5 minutes of charging, you can use it for 90 minutes; it just requires 1 hour for a full charge. It accompanies an attractive charging link, however, without a mains unit.

The Shockz Open Run Master has Bluetooth 5.1 innovation and advantages from multipoint. So you can interface it with two Bluetooth gadgets simultaneously. It is furnished with an especially viable twofold mouthpiece with sound decrease, which permits you to put in and get calls, even in a noisy climate. For control, the power and volume buttons are enormous and simple to reach and press.

Philips TAA7607

The Phillips TAA7607 is a fantastic partner for running, cycling or strolling. Light and agreeable, you will barely feel it. Its ergonomic plan allows it to remain set up during serious exercises. This headset is IP66 confirmed. It opposes residue and downpours. Assuming you run around evening time, the Drove light strip on the rear of the jewelry guarantees permeability in obscurity. 

These LEDs can be controlled using the Philips Earphones application or the on/off button on the necklace. With a battery duration of 9 hours, the Phillips TAA7607 shows great perseverance and re-energizes rapidly. 15 minutes is enough for an hour of purpose, and you will be completely energized in only 2 hours. 

On the great side, it communicates better-quality sound. Its blend of bone innovation and artificial intelligence mic lets your voice be heard plainly during calls. It likewise kills foundation clamor, no matter what the climate. Press the button on the jewelry to switch between the artificial intelligence mic and the bone conduction mic.

Creative Outlier Free Pro

The Imaginative Anomaly Free Master is intended to accompany you throughout your everyday games exercises, whether running, powerlifting, cycling or swimming. This head protector is completely waterproof, as indicated by the IPX8 standard, and is impervious to all circumstances. It consolidates 8 GB of memory, permitting you to pay attention to your #1 playlist without requiring your telephone or the web. 

Likewise, it has the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 innovation for smooth sound streaming. The multipoint network is likewise present to at the same time associate it with two Bluetooth gadgets. The Inventive Exception Free Expert plan is extraordinarily made following the regular bend of your ear. It remains safely set up all through your exercises. 

It is produced using a lightweight composite of shape memory silicone and titanium. It has an underlying mouthpiece to settle on a decision whenever with the press of a button. Highlighting a dependable battery, these remote headphones offer 10 hours of battery duration per charge. When released, you can control them with the attractive USB-A link given. A full charge requires 2 hours.

Shokz OpenMove

The OpenMove is the section-level bone conduction headset from the maker Shokz. It comes at a sensible cost on the off chance that your spending plan is restricted. Made of polycarbonate rather than elastic-covered titanium, it’s less adaptable, bringing about an abnormal fit. Like the others, this model is great for sports and open-air exercises. 

Its IP55 rating implies its perspiration and sprinkle-safe. Its weight of 29 g makes it exceptionally light and scarcely observable. The Shokz openMove offers three EQ modes: standard, vocal supporter, and earplug mode. So you get the most ideal sound quality, whatever the circumstance. 

It has a twofold commotion decreasing the receiver to settle on decisions serenely. Like the wide range of various models, its control buttons (volume, on/off, and so forth) are on the sanctuaries. Concerning the battery, OpenMove offers 6 hours of independence for a fast charge of 2 hours. It is furnished with Bluetooth 5.1 and upholds a multipoint network.

Sanoto DG08

The Sanoto DG08 allows you to chain long game meetings with an independence of 8 hours. After your preparation, it completely re-energizes at 1h30. This cap is great for a wide range of outside exercises. It guarantees you an incredible development opportunity and keeps you alert to your environmental factors for added well-being. 

Highlighting IPX7 confirmation, it is sweat and water-safe, making it the ideal buddy in every weather pattern. Nonetheless, these earphones are not appropriate for swimming. Very light and viable, the Sanoto DG08 weighs just 29 g. Its ergonomic plan adjusts impeccably to your head, regardless of whether you wear glasses or a cap. 

It tends to be changed freely and consistently remains set up, regardless of what you move. The sound quality offered is excellent. Because of the inherent Bluetooth 5.0, you can rapidly interface it to your cell phone, smartwatch, PC or tablet. This headset might be matched with two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time. The sound passes starting with one gadget and then onto the next, depending on which one emanates the sound.

Understand How Bone-Conduction Headphones Work

Before purchasing a bone conduction headset, it is important to understand how it works. Unlike traditional headphones, which use speakers to send sound into the ear via air, bone conduction headphones use vibrations to deliver sound directly to the auditory nerve. This process allows you to benefit from good sound quality while leaving your ears free to listen to what is happening around you. It is an ideal solution for people who practice outdoor activities such as cycling, running or hiking.

The Benefits Of Bone Conduction Headphones For Optimal Listening

Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and that includes the headphone industry as well. Among the various innovations in this field, bone-conduction headphones have attracted increasing consumer interest. In this article, we will discuss the main advantages of this innovative technology.

Preservation Of Hearing Health

One of the major advantages of bone-conduction headphones is that they preserve hearing health by limiting the risks associated with prolonged listening at high volumes. Indeed, traditional headphones can damage our hearing in the long term by constantly exposing our eardrums to high sound levels.

Bone-conduction headphones transmit the sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. This helps maintain a safe listening volume for our ears and reduces the risk of hearing damage or noise-induced hearing loss.

Maintain Awareness Of The External Environment

Bone conduction headsets are also popular for their ability to maintain our awareness of the external environment. Indeed, unlike conventional headphones, which often block out surrounding noise, these headphones leave the ear canals completely free. This feature is particularly useful for athletes and active people who want to enjoy their music while remaining aware of their surroundings. By keeping your ears clear, it is thus possible to perceive ambient noise, such as cars, bicycles or passers-by, which guarantees better safety during your outdoor activities.

Compatibility With Hearing Aids

Bone conduction headphones are also very useful for people with hearing problems or who wear hearing aids. Indeed, since they do not need to be inserted into the ears and bypass the external auditory canal, they are perfectly compatible with hearing aids. This technology allows people with hearing loss to enjoy their favorite activities without removing their hearing aids. In addition, some models are specially designed to be used with cochlear implants, thus offering a solution adapted to the needs of deaf people.

The Comfort Of Use And Lightness

Finally, another significant advantage of bone-conduction headphones is their comfort. With their unique design that keeps the ears clear, these headphones feel lightweight and avoid irritation or discomfort often caused by in-ear headphones.

The Essential Criteria For Choosing Your Bone Conduction Headphones

Audio Quality

The audio quality is the first criterion to consider when buying a bone conduction headset. Although this type of headphones cannot compete with in-ear headphones regarding sound quality, ensuring that the reproduced sound is clear and precise is still important. A model equipped with powerful transducers is recommended to obtain a good sound. In addition, some models have technologies that improve the reproduction of low frequencies, which can be a plus depending on your musical tastes.


Comfort is also an essential criterion when choosing a bone-conduction headset. These headphones sit on the temples and not in the ear, so they must be comfortable to wear and not cause discomfort or pain during prolonged use. Check, in particular, the presence of soft and padded pads in the contact areas and the possibility of easily adjusting the helmet size to adapt it perfectly to your morphology.


Battery life is an important aspect to consider when buying bone-conduction headphones. Sufficient autonomy will prevent you from constantly recharging the headphones and will ensure a serene use during your activities. Most bone-conduction headphones offer between 6 and 8 hours of battery life, which is usually enough for most users. Nevertheless, some models can reach up to 12 hours if you need more autonomy.

Resistance To Water And Sweat

If you plan to use your bone-conduction headphones for sports or when going outdoors, it is recommended that you choose a model that is resistant to water and perspiration. This will ensure better durability and comfortable use, even in wet conditions. Opt for an  IPX5 or higher certification helmet to ensure effective protection against water and perspiration.

Additional Features

Some bone conduction headsets have additional features that may be interesting depending on your needs. For example, there are models equipped with a  built-in microphone allowing you to make phone calls without taking out your phone. Others offer the possibility of controlling the volume, audio tracks or taking calls directly from the headset using dedicated buttons. Finally, some headsets are compatible with dedicated applications offering advanced customization options such as audio equalization or monitoring of sports activities.

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