Top 20 Tools For Community Managers In 2023

Community Managers

Social networks are essential to a company that wishes to evolve its reputation. However, creating quality content is a time-consuming task. This is where the job of Community Manager comes into play. Indeed, with their knowledge of digital skills, and tools, the CM is the conductor of the social media content of a company. 

What Is The Job Of A Community Manager? What Is His Role?

The  Community Manager is a major player in online communication campaigns. Indeed,  it defines objectives and targets, chooses digital communication platforms, and creates editorial lines and content publication calendars. Its main objective is to increase the company’s activity through digital tools such as social networks.  A list of Community Manager tools not to be overlooked! 


Social media management tool. It comes as a dashboard that permits you to have a worldwide perspective on every one of the internet-based exercises of interpersonal organizations and to design distributions on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. The paid form allows a few groups to deal with countless informal organizations. Simultaneously, the free form permits a client to oversee 3 profiles.


In the same spirit as Hootsuite presented above,  Agorapulse allows managing all social networks on a single platform and program content. Its little extra is the chance to deal with the remarks and communications in various informal communities by concentrating them on Agorapulse.

4K Video Downloader

This device permits the download of recordings from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tiktok, and so on. It offers the ideal video quality simply and quickly. 4K Video Downloader is free.


Messaging is a monotonous errand in a correspondence crusade. Mailchimp makes it simple to send advancements or pamphlet messages. It will give admittance to affect examinations and permit the first mail-making. A fundamental rendition is free; the cost develops per the ideal functionalities and the number of endorsers.


For the realization of attractive content, image research is important. Pixabay offers thousands of royalty-free images and photos for free. 


Because of interpersonal organizations, gifs have gotten back in the saddle and are especially famous on Twitter. Because of Giphy, the production of gifs is rearranged and extremely effective. This device likewise has a huge information base of existing gifs.

Can Go

Creating original visual content is essential in the business of CM  to feed the social networks of the people with whom he collaborates. Canva is a tool that does not require you to have a great knowledge of graphic design. It is easy to use and very effective when time is short. The free version offers fewer possibilities than the paid version but is still complete. 


Mention is ideal for measuring e-reputation. It will make it possible to monitor social networks concerning information about the company and be aware of what Internet users say about it through searches or alerts. Mention offers a free version, which is much less efficient than the paid version. 

Facebook Business Manager

It is a  tool that centralizes all marketing activities relating to its Facebook business account. He will help organize and manage the page by sharing access with team members. Facebook Business Manager is free and easy to learn. 


Iconosquare is for Instagram account management. It will manage several Instagram accounts simultaneously, moderate comments, analyze the results obtained, and determine precise statistics. This tool is particularly renowned for the aesthetics of its interface. Iconosquare is available by subscription only.

Facebook Ads 

As its name suggests, Facebook Ads is a  tool for managing advertising content made on Facebook. It is essential for CMs and will offer them the possibility of managing non-media promotional campaigns and boosting certain content published on Facebook. This tool is directly integrated into Facebook. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics accurately measures online traffic from websites and social networks to improve the weak points and generate more traffic. Google Analytics offers a paid version which is little known, but the free version is more than enough and very complete. 

Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a tool for managing the Twitter social network. It will facilitate the management by several members of a team of this social network and will allow the identification in the scrolling lists, profiles, and hashtags. Tweet Deck is free.

Google Trends

Essential tool for the Community Manager. Google Trends is used to find topics people are talking about and trending. It is also useful for keyword tracking.


Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator that allows the user to carry out a daily watch on the competition or a specific subject. It will centralize all available content to facilitate the search for information. 


WordPress will allow you to create and manage a website, a blog, or an application for free.


Contests are an important part of communication campaigns on Instagram. Woobox is a  tool for selecting winners by setting up the contest’s participation terms. It also allows you to manage sweepstakes on Facebook. However, the free version is limited to 100 contest participants. 


The popularity of an Instagram page is important. Combin will allow you to promote your Instagram profiles and get real likes and comments through natural account promotion. This tool is free. However, the statistics part is chargeable. 


Hashtags are integral to content’s popularity on social networks, particularly on Instagram. Hashtagify lets you search for the most popular hashtags on Instagram to boost posts.


Trello is a collaborative tool that is used when carrying out projects. It will make it possible to assign missions and tasks to employees, share documents, establish a schedule, etc. He is a real asset in the success of a project. A free version gives access to basic functionalities, and a paid version offers a complete service.  This non-exhaustive list of several tools that Community Managers can use aims to improve the latter’s efficiency and offer more adapted and efficient services to improve a company’s profitability.

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