Top 10 Services To Get A Virtual Number

Virtual Number

Having a virtual number provides multiple advantages for both individuals and professionals. Different services allow you to obtain it. To help you choose, find below the 10 best services to have a virtual number!


This service was first launched in 2003 before being acquired by Microsoft 8 years later. The Skype number allows you to take incoming calls from the Skype application, no matter where you are. Your colleagues, families, or friends can contact you from their smartphones or landline. 

As soon as you have a Skype number, it can work on all devices as long as the application is installed. So that your acquaintances can contact you without having to pay a large sum, you can select the country and the area code. In this way, your relatives can call you at the local rate. Note that Skype numbers are accessible in 25 countries.


Ringover is one of the most popular solutions to get a virtual number. It is mostly used by businesses, which is ideal for customer service teams. It offers many features, such as videoconferencing, and telephone reception, with the possibility of customizing messages in various languages, establishing blocklists, recording calls, access to statistics, etc.

The user can activate virtual numbers in no less than 65 countries. Moreover, you can call from any device (tablet, smartphone, or PC). The Smart formula is from 19 euros/month at the price level. But if you want to benefit from more features, opt for the Power formula, which is 39 euros/month.

Quick talk 

This service is ideal for small structures and entrepreneurs. The user receives a company number, which ensures customer call management via a very simple virtual switchboard. Quicktalk provides quite a lot of assets. The solution allows you, for example, to make unlimited calls, redirect calls to a mobile, distribute and record calls, and make personalized greeting announcements.

With Quicktalk, you can activate a virtual number in 14 countries worldwide. Want to get a number? All you have to do is go to the site and select a number for your structure. After that, all you have to do is activate it. On the price side, you have to pay 19 euros/month (for 3 users included).


Launched in 2011, Octopush is a service that allows users to manage the sending and receiving of all types of SMS. Companies use this solution to launch their marketing campaigns. Their main objective is to gain visibility. Octopush allows for drawing up a list of contacts and carrying out numerous message transfers. 

This solution suggests interesting features: the possibility of managing SMS 2.0 and voice, database rental, automatic communications (through APIs)… In addition, Octopush offers you virtual numbers in more than 33 countries. You can choose between 2 formulas, namely Low cost and Premium. The price can vary between 0.025 to 0.060 euros/SMS depending on the features and the number of messages.

Onoff Business

Launched in 2019, this solution allows structures to access telephone numbers in the cloud. They can then easily assign these numbers to their employees. Businesses benefit from easily managing their entire mobile fleet via a single interface. Everyone can use this tool: associations, companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, or even self-employed.

Onoff Business stands out with its multiple functionalities: apart from SMS and calls, it allows the sending of voice notes and multimedia files, the synchronization of contacts, the use of various devices… Convinced? Depending on your needs and budget, choose one of the following offers: Connect (9 euros/month), Advanced (25 euros/month), or Max (40 euros/month).


Zadarma is among the best services if you intend to have access to a virtual number. It is suitable not only for individuals but also structures of all sizes. It is a complete solution that is packed with features. In addition to sending/receiving an SMS, users can, for example, track calls, record calls, benefit from a free PBX cloud, or even integrate with a CRM system. 

You should know that Zadarma suggests numbers in more than a hundred countries worldwide. Opt for the Standard rate if you prefer short calls (not exceeding 120 seconds). On the other hand, if you make calls that exceed 2 minutes, the Economy rate is more appropriate.


This tool is distinguished by its ease of use. It helps you make and receive calls through a virtual number. Use it even if you are traveling abroad. You can communicate by video, messaging, or voice. Structures wishing to display an international image can choose a number from around fifty countries. One of the special features of this solution is that users can manage their numbers from the “CallPad” application. If you are tempted to use Keyyo, the starting offer is 5 euros/month/issue.

OVH Cloud

OVHcloud is a service designed for professionals. By subscribing to an offer, they can link their mobile number to their email address, switchboard telephone number, or domain name. Professionals can distribute this number to customers to communicate directly via SMS. With OVHcloud, you can dematerialize your mobile on your PC, receive your text messages via email, and reply to them via your customer area. Note that it is possible to test the solution without paying a penny. For this, you benefit from 20 free SMS.


Like OVHcloud, Allonum is a tool dedicated to professionals (SMEs, VSEs, artisans, large companies, etc.). This virtual switchboard solution allows you to take advantage of several features: an intuitive management interface, redirection to mobiles or landlines, highly accurate call statistics, personalized welcome, and cascading calls… Depending on your needs and the image you want to convey, you can opt for a free, geographic, unmarked, or premium number. Allonum suggests non-binding solutions and can boast of offering the most competitive rates.


With Selfone, companies can provide an international presence by renting a virtual number from more than 80 countries. This number allows you to receive calls no matter where you are and whatever device you use. By opting for Selfone, you benefit from professional features, including audio conferencing, automatic call routing, personalized caller ID, etc. The offer is available from 7.20 euros/month, and you must pay 35 euros/number for installation costs.

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