Top 10 Apps To Monitor A Teen’s Cell Phone


Top 10 Apps To Monitor A Teen’s Cell Phone

The Internet is an almost limitless world for our children to discover. Keeping them under control at all times is a big dilemma. Some parents prefer physical control methods, while others prefer digital monitoring tools. Today, using parental control software or apps, you can monitor every webpage, login time, allowed contacts, and many more options you can configure. 

An ideal tool to secretly keep your child’s Smartphone or tablet under control. Using these apps will have a permanently connected secret agent at your disposal. Does your child have a tablet or mobile phone that runs Android? He spends hours every day on this device? 

Are you sure of the sites he visits, the content he watches, and the people he talks to?  For their safety and peace of mind, it’s time to learn how to implement parental control apps on these devices, allowing you to monitor your children’s online activity without sacrificing their enjoyment. We invite you to discover our top 10 essential parental control software.


Do you wish you had an undetectable phone spy app? mSpy will make a good choice for many reasons. It offers powerful, relevant, and exclusive features. It is a spy application that acts invisibly and visualizes activities remotely. Moreover, this application allows calls and your child’s call log. On the compatibility side, this application is compatible with iOS and Android. To go further, know that mSpy has new features: the camera and the live screen. So the monitoring is more detailed and more advanced.


Reliable and relevant, FamiSafe instills good digital habits in your children. This application allows parents to teach their children to manage the use time of technological devices. FamiSafe also allows you to geolocate children during their outings to keep them safe. It is also an application to protect children from online dangers such as sexual predators, cyberbullying, and harassment.  In short, it is a reliable, complete, and easy-to-use application. It is beneficial for both parents and their children or teenagers.


With Qustodio, you can protect your children online by monitoring whether their activities are dangerous. The control option is very wide with Qustodio. Parents can filter sites that they consider dangerous for their children. They can also set a usage limit to balance screen time and daily life. Qustodio is a great app to teach kids how to use technology healthily and beneficially. 

This application does not only secure Internet browsing. It also allows you to monitor telephone use by consulting contacts and exchanges (calls, messages). In addition to simple monitoring, you can block calls to certain contacts you consider undesirable. The application allows at the same time to geolocate the children so as not to lose their positions.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is ideal for teaching your teen good habits to apply when using digital devices. Parents can accompany their children in learning, games, and internet browsing. Google Family Link lets you choose and control which apps are right for your kids. This app also allows parents to control their children’s screen time.

 It is possible to lock the device remotely when the parents think it is time to move on: to get some fresh air, do their homework, etc. In addition, Google Family Link allows locating children when they are outside. So parents don’t worry about losing them or seeing them in inappropriate places (bars, casinos, night clubs or other dangerous places).

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Are you looking for easy-to-configure parental control software? Kaspersky Safe Kids is a good option. This software secures all of your children’s online activities. It also helps to monitor their behavior.  It is also a good tool for instilling self-control in the child. This is because the software allows blocking access to inappropriate content for their ages, limiting the time of use and locating with a GPS.

 In addition to a simple location, this software allows you to establish a secure area where your children can evolve. If they come out, you will automatically receive an alert. Kaspersky Safe Kids software is compatible with almost all operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Its configuration and use are very simple and accessible to all.

Screen Time

Screen Time is an all-in-one parental monitoring platform, so it’s got everything you need to secure your kids’ screen time. First, parents can set a daily usage time limit to avoid overuse. In addition, the platform allows you to define blocked periods to reduce distractions during homework or sleep times.

You can instantly pause all tech devices whenever it’s time for dinner or family time. Then, Screen Time lets parents select the apps they want for their kids. Finally, the platform provides access to children’s web history. This makes it possible to judge whether they are navigating safely. Screen Time offers a geofencing tool, geo-fencing, web filtering, and basic features.


Family Time is a useful app for monitoring children’s cell phone activities. It allows you to do a lot of actions like:

  1. Filter web content.
  2. Block applications that may corrupt children.
  3. Check call logs and text messages.

Family Time also helps manage screen time and locate children. Family Time offers its users a free trial. But to benefit from all its features, it is advisable to choose a package. The subscription varies between $1.15 to $2.25. With Family Time, parents stay informed of all their children’s activities thanks to the various reports and alerts.


KidLogger is a free application for parents to know what their children are doing on their phones and a computer. The software is compatible with Android, the most popular operating system. By installing it, the parents obtain all the information relating to the activities of the PC, the Smartphone, or the tablet of the teenagers.

KidLogger has an undeniable performance and several relevant features for free software. First, it allows web history monitoring, regardless of the browser used: Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, or Chrome. Then, KidLogger allows you to check chats and message logs, regardless of the application: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, or Kik. During a Skype


Family Keeper helps parents protect their children from online dangers. It delivers real-time information to keep parents informed of children’s online activities. By using FamilyKeeper, parents can authorize using the Internet and social networks as long as they can supervise all their activities. The goal is not to spy but to protect against web thugs who prey on children.

If ever a problem arises, parents instantly receive an alert. This allows them to react and intervene in real-time. In short, there is no question of depriving your children of the benefits of the web; the whole thing is to take measures to protect

Norton Family Parental Control

With Norton Family, children can surf online safely under the supervision of their parents. Parents can see all terms searched by children. Then, they can know the watched videos. This allows them to judge whether or not the content is suitable for the age of their children. Recently, Norton Family introduced the new School Mode feature. 

The latter facilitates the monitoring of homeschooling. In addition to simple monitoring, Norton Family allows the location of your children’s Android and iOS devices. In addition, you can access the history of the places they have visited in the last 30 days. The user is entitled to a 30-day evaluation without any commission fees. Just create an account and set up Norton Family.

Criteria For Choosing A Parental Control Application

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a parental control app. Among the most important are compatibility with your devices, ease of use, features offered, and price.

  1. Compatibility: Make sure your parental control app is compatible with your devices. Many parental control apps are only compatible with Android or iOS devices, while others are compatible with a wider range of devices.
  2. Ease of use: The parental control app should be easy to use, so you can configure parental control settings as needed. Many parental control apps offer an intuitive interface and clear instructions, which makes them easy to use.
  3. Features: Parental control apps typically offer a variety of features, such as the ability to block access to certain content, limit screen time, and track your children’s online activity. Choose a parental control app that offers the features you need.
  4. Price: Parental control apps can be free or paid. Free parental control apps usually offer a limited range of features, while paid apps offer a wider range. Choose a parental control app based on your needs and budget.

In conclusion, there are many criteria to consider when choosing a parental control application. Among the most important are compatibility with your devices, ease of use, features offered, and price. Take the time to consider these different criteria to choose the parental control application that will best suit your family.

How To Install A Parental Control Application?

Once you’ve chosen the parental control app that best suits your family, you must install it on the devices you want to control. Most parental control apps are available on major download platforms like Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can usually find the parental control app by searching for its name or browsing the different categories of these platforms. Once you find the app, follow the installation instructions provided by the developer.

When the parental control app is installed, you must configure the parental control settings as required. Most parental control apps offer a variety of features, such as blocking access to certain content, limiting screen time, and tracking your children’s online activity. Take the time to configure the settings according to your needs to ensure your children will not be exposed to inappropriate content.

To Conclude

These programs and dozens of similar ones exist today to help you monitor your children’s Internet activity. However, they should keep the accompaniment and your presence to educate your child on the risks related to irresponsible use of the Internet and social networks.

Our role as parents is to teach them how to use the tools offered by the Internet today properly. We must not limit ourselves solely to using these control software and applications as “controllers.” Our children have a right to respect their privacy, even if that is precisely why we must teach them to respect it, to apply it, and to have it respected by others.

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