Tools To Create Mobile Apps On Android Without Coding

Mobile Application On Android

Nowadays, it is possible to create a mobile application even if you do not have programming knowledge. Are you interested? In this article, 6 tools will help you create a mobile app on Android without coding! Application creation was a domain reserved only for developers for a long time. That time is over because, with no-code tools, anyone can achieve this little feat.


It is a no-code tool to create mobile applications and websites easily. Glide can be used by individuals and professionals (VSEs, SMEs and other actors in the Tertiary sector). It transforms data from Google Sheets into a mobile application. 

  1.  Its simplicity and ease of use
  2. It authorizes the creation of an application of up to 500 lines
  3. It suggests many features (data synchronization, drag and drop, Progressive Web App…)
  4. Various free templates to get started easily
  5. The user benefits from extensive tutorials and documentation

To use this tool, you must create an account on the Glide website. Once this is done, you can immediately create the application. Then you can share the app via a URL link quickly. Go for the free version if you want to try the basic features. But to benefit from the advanced features, you must subscribe to a subscription.


Created in 2012, Bubble helps you easily design a mobile application on Android. Its handling does not require any programming knowledge. The specificity of this very popular tool is that it is mainly based on drag-and-drop functionality. Individuals and developers can use it whether they are beginners or experienced. What are the benefits of Bubble? Here they are :

  1. Quick and easy handling
  2. Multiple features (modular workflows, machine translation, plugins, database integration, etc.)
  3. The user has significant resources (tutorials, articles, forums, etc.) and can count on a very active community.
  4. The tool saves you a lot of time (drag and drop templates), so your productivity increases.
  5. Ability to quickly test the created app before deployment
  6. The Bubble is perfectly adapted to collaborative work.

Subscribe to take advantage of the advanced features offered by the tool.


Adalo is very useful for small structures and individuals without specific programming skills who want to create a mobile app. It is a complete tool insofar as it allows the integration of notifications and database management. Why use Adalo? The advantages that this solution offers are far from negligible:

  1. Intuitiveness and ease of use
  2. Possibility to customize the application thanks to a marketplace of plugins
  3. Users can directly publish the app in Play Store and App Store. This is one of the great advantages of this tool!
  4. You can access the created application from a browser
  5. You benefit from time savings thanks to predefined templates

The free offer lets you publish your application only on the web, not on Google Play Store or App Store. You must subscribe to a subscription (45 euros/month) to publish on these 2 application distribution platforms.

Bravo Studio

10 minutes is the time you will need to design a mobile app using Bravo Studio. From a Figma model, this no-code tool can create an application. Using drag-and-drop technology, this solution allows you to design apps without going through coding. Among its many advantages, we can highlight the following:

  1. Utilization facility
  2. The ability to add or remove functionality from your app
  3. For the design, you are entitled to many customization options.
  4. You can easily publish your application on the 2 most popular platforms (Google Play Store and App Store)
  5. As soon as the application is published, the tool will be able to inform you whether it is efficient or not, thanks to the presence of integrated analysis tools. You will be able to see reports concerning, for example, retention rates or download data.

You should know that the Bravo Studio subscription is 19 euros/month, which is very affordable compared to other solutions.


  1. Based on the Flutter framework, this tool allows you to create a mobile app from A to Z. As such, it provides valuable help for developers, whether experienced or not. Not being obliged to code, they will be able to focus more on the design as well as the functionality of the app. This solution stands out for its multiple functionalities (support for Flutter widgets, code generator, visual design interface, etc.). One of this tool’s great advantages lies in its performance level. Thanks to Flutter technology, the application created is just as good as an application designed by coding. Aside from that, FlutterFlow has some other highlights:
  2. This is a powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful interfaces quickly
  3. At any time, developers can perform a test to observe how the application behaves on different media
  4. This solution makes collaboration easier through code management tools
  5. Developers have the option to directly publish the app on Google Play Store and App Store

You can have a first try with the free version. The standard offer is also at 27.34 euros/month, while the Pro and Teams versions are available at 63.79 euros/month.


This development tool does not require programming skills. Currently, thousands of users are already using it. It includes various functionalities (use of predefined models, collaboration tools, import and export of data, etc.). Why opt for this solution? First, its compatibility with Google Sheets and several data sources is one of its strengths. Then you can use native features such as managing notifications or taking photos. Other advantages of AppSheet:

  1. It is easy to use
  2. you can customize your application considering your needs
  3. It allows users to collaborate in real-time
  4. It is affordable for small structures (SMEs, VSEs) who want to automate their process.

You can add new features to your application (push notifications, GPS maps, email alerts, etc.) Here are the rates proposed for this solution: the standard offer is accessible at 1 euro/month per user; the “professional” offer is suggested at 5 euros/month, and the “Business” offer is at 10 euros/month.

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