The Ranking Of The Best Smartphones For Photography In 2023


The Ranking Of The Best Smartphones For Photography In 2023

Barely started, the year 2023 is already rich in the smartphone department. Among the models that have made a remarkable entry into the market in recent months, we can cite the new Galaxy S23 from Samsung, the HONOR Magic5 Pro, which has not gone unnoticed either, or the Find X6 series recently unveiled by OPPO.  But what are they worth in terms of photography? To find out, we turn to DXOMARK. 

The specialized site regularly updates its famous ranking of the 10 best photophones of the moment and has just crowned a new king… Each new smartphone is entitled to it, particularly the flagships of the biggest brands: to guide you as well as possible in your choices, the specialized media dissect the technical sheets, offer comparisons and embark on tests as soon as a new device appears on the market. 

And there is a site that has become particularly expert in the matter: DXOMARK, an Indian company evaluating the quality of smartphones, but also cameras and lenses, as well as wireless speakers, for more than 15 years. A true reference now, DXOMARK serves as a point of reference for buyers. 

Aware that many of them make their choice of smartphone based on photo performance, the site offers a ranking of the 10 best photophones, taking into account essential criteria in its rating: the quality of the shots, the zoom capabilities, the bokeh effect of portraits (artistic blur in the background), video capabilities, as well as the quality seen on the screen just before taking a photo.

This ranking, DXOMARK, updates regularly according to new releases in the smartphone department. We invite you to discover the Top 10 of the best photophones of the moment, and you may be surprised.

The Top 10 Of The Best Photophones According To DXOMARK

  1. OPPO Find X6 Pro (153 points)
  2. Honor Magic5 Pro (152 points)
  3. Huawei Mate 50 Pro (149)
  4. Google Pixel 7 Pro (147)
  5. Honor Magic 4 Ultimate (147)
  6. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (146)
  7. Apple iPhone 14 Pro (146)
  8. Huawei P50 Pro (143)
  9. Apple iPhone 13 Pro (141)
  10. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (141)

OPPO Takes The Top Step Of The Podium

Despite some similarities with the 2022 ranking, there are notable changes. The Huawei Mate 50 Pro, number 1 a few months ago, is now relegated to third place. The reason? The entry into the market of two new shock competitors at the start of 2023. First, HONOR’s new flagship, the Magic 5 Pro, was presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February. 

This new high-end smartphone then directly imposed itself at the top of the ranking of the best photophones of DXOMARK, obtaining a score of 152 points. But he did not keep his throne for long, surpassed by a small point by the, unveiled last March in China. While we are still waiting to know if this new flagship will be marketed internationally, it is, therefore, the one that currently proudly wears the crown of the best photophone on the market according to DXOMARK, also doing better than the Google Pixel 7 Pro (147 points ) or the iPhone 14 Pro Max (146 points). 

It should be noted that, although it has lost its place in the Top 5, the brand with the bitten apple continues despite everything to dominate the ranking, with at least four iPhone models which appear in the Top 10. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro logically obtained the same score, 146 points, thus positioning themselves 6th and 7th. 

And while the Huawei P50 Pro slips into 8th place, with 143 points, it is closely followed by two other Apple smartphones: the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, still tied with 141 points. As a reminder, the only difference between the iPhone’s Pro and Pro Max models is the screen size (6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively); it is logical that they obtain the same scores, indeed offering the same photographic performance.

What About Samsung’s New Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Although not listed above, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which hit shelves a few weeks ago, has technically managed to make it into DXOMARK ‘s Top 10 Best Camera Phones as well … If we only find it in 13th position on paper, by removing the tied places in the ranking, it finally arrives 8th, tied with the Google Pixel 7 and the Vivo X90 Pro +, at 140 points.

 According to the specialized site, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is, therefore, one of the good students; even with its 200 Mpx wide-angle main sensors, some would have hoped for a better position in this DXOMARK ranking of the best photo phones… Especially since the photo field will have been a strong selling point put forward by Samsung during the presentation of its new flagships.

But remember that it is already doing much better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is currently in 20th position with 135 points. In its test, DXOMARK lists the positive points of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  1. Qualitative and constant photos in all situations
  2. That is a very good definition in terms of detail
  3. A powerful and efficient zoom

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