The Digitization Of HR Has Become Essential In 2022


The Digitization Of HR Has Become Essential In 2022

In 2022, companies will be increasingly focused on their digital transformation. There is a genuine enthusiasm for digitalization in the field of human resources. Digitization being a priority for HRDs, one can wonder what the concrete advantages of human resources software are. In this article, WikiCréa explains the reasons why the digitization of HR is advantageous.

Digitize To Automate

Digital is essential today. Indeed, it is a powerful lever that makes it possible to automate administrative tasks. We then count 60% of the companies surveyed who say that digital tools help them with declarations and payroll management. In addition, 58% of them use digital solutions, such as HR software, for the administrative control of human resources. 

In addition, 56% of companies say they manage absences and schedules using digital technology. Thanks to the automation that has been made possible with digital, the HR sections can devote themselves to new missions and optimize their time. Thus, they can analyze the data, communicate better with their collaborators, etc.

Therefore, digitizing HR makes it possible first to automate the tasks that allow it. Many repetitive tasks need to be added. Automation thus enables the company to get rid of this time “lost” by employees. On the employee side, they, therefore, do more exciting missions, and they then have the feeling of being more critical of the company, which improves their working conditions and their motivation.

Scan To Optimize

The digitization of specific tasks makes it possible to improve its profitability by optimizing its time. If we take the example of HR software, we will first group and simplify the tasks. In addition, all the data will be centralized, allowing better HR activity monitoring. Employees will then be able to share data and communicate more easily.

In addition, human resources software is continuously accessible via a browser and thus offers the possibility of working remotely. This is a positive point because workers have become increasingly nomadic over the years. We think directly of the pandemic and the explosion of telework. Therefore, companies that have embarked on the digitization of HR were able to experience this period more serenely because work could continue from home.

The software implementation will therefore be a significant asset for management and HR managers. The data allows for analysis and a better understanding of the market. In addition, there is no longer a worry about the double entry. This results in four main benefits: A better organization that benefits both the employees and the management and makes it possible to ensure the effective follow-up of each employee of the company

a more human working environment following the implementation of simplified and limitless communication Reduced costs of using the software as automation save time and allow other tasks, such as data analysis, to be performed. Better general productivity thanks to the flawless organization and better communication between employees. Therefore, digitalization is a priority for companies, as it can improve their returns.


Securing data is an essential aspect of human resources. It is necessary to preserve the confidentiality of data, and the digitization of HR allows it. Indeed, you have the possibility to authorize and personalize the access of each collaborator to different information. Thus, for collaborator A, you can trust him to consult files A, B, and C. Collaborator B can access files A, C, and F.

It’s simple to set up, and each employee may or may not have access to company documents. For example, you can reserve access to confidential documents only for executives and managers. You can also give them the ability to search, view, and share documents.This makes it easier to secure information and transfer rights.

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