<strong>The Best Wireless Headphones In 2023</strong>

The Best Wireless Headphones

The Best Wireless Headphones In 2023

Since the appearance of the first AirPods, the market for wireless earphones has grown by leaps and bounds. Whether brands specializing in audio or large manufacturers of mobile devices, everyone wanted to copy Apple by marketing their products. And that craze is set to last throughout 2023. 

With so many models available, deciding which one to choose can take time. Thus, we have selected the best wireless headphones for you. For this, we compared different characteristics such as their design, audio quality, and, of course, their value for money. So, without further ado, here is our comparison of the best wireless headphones of 2023!

TOP 8 Best Wireless Headphones (2023)

Sony WF-1000XM4: Always A Safe Bet!

Sony was a pioneer in the manufacture of true wireless headphones. The WF-1000XM4 model offers a fourth, more compact version of its winning recipe. Let’s say it from the outset; these headphones are a pure success! The audio component is compelling, with excellent spatialization, active noise reduction (RBA), and high-definition sound quality. 

Also, the emphasis is on bass and mids to the detriment of treble. It may appeal to some users, but what do you want? The trend is toward the predominance of bass… That said, the Sony app offers many advanced functions allowing you to adjust the sound reproduction to your liking. The autonomy of the headphones is also excellent since they can last without recharging for more than 8 hours (according to Sony, at least…). 

As for the case, its internal battery allows two full recharges. So you have room! As for the negatives, note that these headphones are still quite bulky, even if they are more compact than their predecessors. They can therefore be quite challenging to wear if you have small ears. IPX4 certified, they are splash proof but remain relatively unergonomic when it comes to wearing them while playing sports. Although their purchase price is relatively high, their price remains correct for wireless headphones of this quality. Kudos to Sony!

Apple AirPods Pro 2: The Best Wireless Headphones Of The Moment!

With the AirPods Pro 2, Apple hit very hard! Released in France in September 2022, these headphones follow the AirPods Pro, which was already excellent. Their design, still as elegant and minimalist, remains in line with Apple products. In terms of their performance, they are also aligned with the standing of the Apple brand. 

Let’s even say these are the best wireless headphones on the market! Indeed, their audio quality is impeccable, whatever the use. Moreover, they stand out from the first generation by their anti-perspiration coating, which makes them excellent companions for athletes. Apple also says the active noise reduction system is twice as good as the previous model. 

Anyway, the amplification, as well as the spatialization, are at the top! This is due, among other things, to the presence of the H2 chip (an Apple exclusive that makes people jealous…). These devices have many precious features, such as earpiece volume control or speaker built into the case. Unfortunately, many of these options won’t be usable from Android smartphones, but that’s hardly surprising. 

Autonomy, often lacking at Apple, is excellent here since it amounts to 6 hours. In addition, the complete recharging of the case takes place in 2 hours; it can be done through a MagSafe charger. Even if it means being “wireless,” you might as well be all the way! For a few tens of euros more than the Sony WF-1000 XM4, the AirPods Pro two guarantee you the best sound quality and comfort of use. If you have an iPhone and the price is not a determining criterion, this is probably the best option.

Huawei Freebuds Pro 2: An Excellent Alternative To Sony

Resulting from a partnership between the Huawei and Devialet brands, the Frebuds Pro 2 are very convincing true wireless headphones. They are relatively high-end and an exciting alternative to Sony headphones. Indeed, they have many advantages, starting with a reasonably attractive price. 

They include touch options and an intelligent and efficient noise reduction system. Ease of use and high-resolution audio quality is guaranteed. IP54 certified they are protected against dust and splashes. They are, therefore, very versatile. Despite everything, their autonomy leaves a little to be desired, significantly when the RBA is activated; the headphones hardly support more than 4 hours of use. 

It should also be noted that the treble sounds are sometimes random in their retransmission, but this problem is familiar to many other models. Otherwise, these headphones remain very pleasant to wear, and their sound reproduction is homogeneous in the midrange and low-frequency ranges. The application associated with their use is compatible with all mobile devices, which is very significant!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2: A Much More Convincing Second Version

If the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro did not have the necessary qualities to appear in this ranking, this is different from this second iteration. Indeed, the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 has the makings of the best wireless headphones, and that’s thanks to a few improvements. The main ones concern their design quality, active noise reduction system, and sound reproduction. If you’re a fan of the Android ecosystem, its headphones are for you; they are perfectly integrated (Samsung obliges)!

In addition, they will also be a delight for bass lovers. These are present to the detriment of clear and high-pitched sounds, which some users don’t like… The “hands-free kit” component is also excellent, but less than that of the first version of the Buds Pro. The earbuds have complete touch control, like the AirPods, but the voice detection system works hit-or-miss in noisy environments.

Problems regarding the instability of the Bluetooth connection are sometimes reported. However, it still seems quite temporary. Note also the presence of the “Transparency” mode, which allows you to wear the headphones without having the impression of wearing them… at least, that’s Samsung’s promise. Anyway, the comfort of use and the compactness of these wireless devices are excellent. If Samsung still has a long way to go before getting close to the best, it is getting closer!

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds II: The Comeback Of The Former  Leader

Considered one of the best brands in the field of audio, Bose had missed the turn of headphones and other wireless headphones, giving way to the big players in mobile technologies. With the Quiet Comfort Earbuds 2, the brand intends to rectify the situation. At first glance, this is a winning bet, given that these wireless headphones have something to seduce. 

Comfort and fit in the ear are excellent, as are the insulation and sound quality. In addition, their fast charging (one hour for the earphones and 3 hours for the case) completes an already excellent autonomy of 6 hours. The limp, meanwhile, stores two total charges. On these headphones, hands-free kit options are present.  Touch controls allow you to take a call, change audio tracks, pause playback, lower or raise the volume, and more. 

On the other hand, in terms of multipoint (simultaneous connection on several devices) and fast pairing, we’ll come back… It’s a shame when you know that their active noise reduction system is one of the best there is. . Too bad that these shadows come to blacken the picture. Otherwise, these Bose headphones have everything to be perfect!

Nothing Ear: A Revolution?

The announcement of the release of Nothing Ear caused a lot of noise and generated some expectations among consumers. So, even though these earphones are perfect (especially for a first product), those who had set the bar of their expectations a little too high were not won over… However, Nothing Ear has solid arguments to highlight, starting with its transparent design, which could be more atypical. This will appeal to the most “geek” and those nostalgic for the digital of the 2000s.

Despite this somewhat cheap appearance, their design remains solid. The headphones are IPX4 certified and are, therefore, sweat resistant. Before they were released, the promise was that these headphones would be so light it felt like you were wearing nothing. The least we can  say that this promise is kept!

In terms of performance, the sound reproduction is very balanced; all frequencies are transmitted well, despite some latency. Also, the noise reduction system is one of the best out there compared to other devices of the same price. The spatialization is also very good, but the isolation remains perfectible, especially concerning medium and high sounds. These headphones have quick pairing and a Bluetooth 5.2 connection but do not include multipoint technology. Damage!

Their autonomy leaves something to be desired, given that they last up to 5 hours when the RBA is running. On the other hand, the box only takes 1h30 to recharge fully and is compatible with wireless charging. If, until recently, their quality-price ratio defied all competition, the recent increase in their price comes to qualify this assertion. That said, these headphones are still very accessible, and that’s good!

Realme Buds Air 3: Excellent Quality, Low Price!

Realme is well known for offering excellent quality devices at a very affordable price. The Buds Pro 3 wireless headphones are no exception. Below the €100 mark, few competitors hold up. The finishes are not perfect at this price, but they remain correct. Their design is exemplary minimalism, and their portability is excellent; the headphones fit well in the ear.

This upgraded Buds Air 2 adds multipoint Bluetooth to its selling points. The headphones also include active noise reduction technology that makes coffee, but nothing more. The sound reproduction, without being exceptional either, is excellent, with a predominance of bass. If these headphones have a battery life of about 5 hours, the charging box allows you to push it up to more than 20 hours of use. This is a perfect point that places these wireless headphones among the best of this year, 2023, compared to their purchase price. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro: The Perfect Wireless Headphones For Android

We’ve known it for some time now: Google is attacking hardware. We saw it with the arrival of Chromebooks, then Google Pixels, and now the #1 search engine has its wireless headphones. But what are they worth? Are they as good as smartphones “designed by Google from the heart to the screen”? The answer is simple: YES!

Indeed, the Pixel Buds Pro does not have to be ashamed of the competition. First of all, they stand out in the shape of their case, which is very pleasant to hold, but also in terms of their two-tone design. It seems that Google wants to create its own visual identity for its devices, and this novelty is a pleasure! The audio component is also very satisfactory, with flawless sound quality and perfect reproduction of low frequencies. Very comfortable, these headphones hold well in the ear opening, and their light weight does not create any discomfort. 

Other positives include multi-touch technology, ergonomic touch controls, and a perfect 7-hour battery life, despite having RBA enabled. The only downside is that active noise reduction does not break three duck legs… It is much less convincing compared to other models of the same price. Despite this shortcoming, the Buds Pro is on top. If you already have a Google Pixel, this is an opportunity to complete your range!

How To Choose Wireless Headphones: Buying Guide

There are many models of wireless headphones, each with its specificities, advantages, and disadvantages. The following buying guide will help you define the model that meets your needs. Here are the parameters to consider before purchasing:

  1. The connection: Wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth, NFC, or Wi-Fi. Make sure the model you choose is compatible with your primary device. Usually, this will be the case, even if you have an Android smartphone and want to pair a pair of AirPods with it. The features, including the voice assistant, will be limited. Added to this are other connectivity options such as multipoint, fast pairing, or the signal transmission mode from the smartphone (sniffing or forwarding).
  2. Battery life: battery life is a criterion of choice if you are a big consumer of audio content. If this leaves something to be desired, ensure that the box has several refills in reserve and a fast recharging mode to compensate for this lack of autonomy.
  3. Comfort: Nothing is more frustrating than headphones that don’t fit well in the ear opening. These must be light, discreet, and ergonomic for maximum ease of use, but they also have several tips for in-ear models. A pair of headphones that stays in the ear correctly is also essential for athletes who have to move.
  4. Sound quality: this characteristic is assessed on several criteria. Already, on the balanced retransmission of sounds over the entire spectrum of audible frequencies (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz). But also on sound spatialization (the 3D effect, if you prefer) and active noise cancellation creating a more immersive sound experience. The isolation of the headphones from outside sounds is also critical. You can choose a pair of headphones with a predominance of bass; moreover, it has become a standard for audio devices. However, this predominance must remain moderate if you want the audio rendering to be balanced and balanced. If you can adjust these settings using an equalizer from a dedicated app, that’s ideal.
  5. Resistance to water and sweat: this criterion is essential for athletes. Indeed, if you plan to use your headphones in total physical activity, they must resist perspiration. A good protection index is always a plus in a spontaneous downpour!
  6. Additional features: Some features, such as voice control, a hands-free kit, and connection with voice assistants (Siri and Google Assistant in particular), can make a difference. Think about it!
  7. Design and aesthetics: this is probably the least essential criterion, but it still deserves to be mentioned. Indeed, some appreciate minimalist designs and clean lines, while others prefer colorful models or more original compositions such as Nothing Ear (1). Anyway, I never choose the aesthetics of a model over the quality of its manufacturing materials or its sound quality.


We hope that this comparison of the best wireless headphones of 2023 will be helpful to you in your search. Some old headphone models, such as the AirPods 2 or the Jabra Elite 3, could also have been included in this ranking, but we have chosen to focus on novelty. Also, the market for wireless audio solutions will inevitably see the emergence of new, even more, efficient devices in the coming months. But don’t worry, and we’ll keep you informed! Do you know of any other recent true wireless headphones that deserve to be featured in this article? If so, mention them in the comments!

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