The Best Tools For Detecting Content Created By Artificial Intelligence

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The Best Tools For Detecting Content Created By Artificial Intelligence

Creating content for websites is an essential element for brands today. But to produce videos, images and texts, you need a lot of time. Time is precisely what brands lack, even though they must regularly create content. Artificial intelligence is a more or less exciting alternative. Many companies have already turned to AI because, for them, it would be less expensive overall.

But at the same time, it is surprising that some pioneers of modern AI are warning users against tools like ChatGPT. Do you prefer to have content on your sites created entirely by humans? We suggest using the following tools to detect content created by artificial intelligence, especially if you outsource specific tasks.

GPTZero: A Simple And Fast Artificial Intelligence Detection System

The GPTZero tool is currently on the rise among companies, especially those who wish to refrain from plagiarizing content on their websites. It is a tool that displays its operation. Its interface is intuitive, simple to use and closely resembles the Google search engine home page. You can enter or paste text in the dedicated box. GPTZero’s “perplexity” system will then tell you if an AI created your content. Overall, it is an effective and transparent tool. You will know precisely why GPTZero considers the content to be made by a robot and not by a human.

Writer: A Tool That Detects ChatGPT Or Any Other Artificial Intelligence

The Writer presents itself as a platform that supports writers. This tool helps them write quality texts thanks to numerous tone recommendations, grammatical suggestions and a plagiarism checker. But, with the expansion of AI, Writer has integrated into its system a tool that can detect textual content created by artificial intelligence. In this area, Writer is currently one of the best in the market

Users can copy and paste the text into a box on the platform. They can also directly add a URL to go faster. After that, they need to click on the “Analyze text” button so the program will conduct the analysis. The platform will indicate the percentage of the content generated by artificial intelligence, if there is any, of course.

Kazan SEO

This tool is one of the first SEO services to integrate a content detection tool created by artificial intelligence. Kazan SEO is a good option if you are looking for a tool that will boost your SEO and help you detect AI-written texts. It is free software that offers its users a large number of features. Kazan SEO allows you to group keywords, optimize content, extract texts, and even generate AI articles. AI content detection with this tool is free. Users can know the overall percentage of text created by artificial intelligence in a paragraph. There are also other software or platforms that are more or less effective for detecting texts created by artificial intelligence  :

  1. Corrector App
  2. Sapling
  3. Copyleaks
  4. Crossplay

Some tools may be faster and more efficient than others.

Software Solutions To Detect Images Generated By Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Google announced that its image search engine, Google Images, will integrate new features that detect AI images. But for now, other independent tools allow this to be done. It must be said that at this time, this software is not yet very efficient. However, the companies that launched it are continually working to improve it. The GAN detector is the first tool we offer. This software, developed by Mayachitra Inc., still needs to convince users. 

However, this tool, which is based on machine learning, will improve with practice. Other famous companies have also been working for several years on specific projects related to artificial intelligence. Intel and Microsoft are two technology giants whose engineers are working to recognize deep fakes. These projects are bearing fruit, as some AI-generated image detection tools could see the light of day very soon.

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