The Benefits Of B2B Influencer Marketing

The Benefits Of B2B Influencer Marketing

The Benefits Of B2B Influencer Marketing

For your Influencer Marketing actions to achieve the desired success, it is essential to choose the right influencer. Because, even if they have great ideas, they will only have a chance to succeed if they have invested in appropriate partnerships.

For this, it is necessary to create a B2B persona and better understand the pains and desires of the public and the main thing: what is the source of information used to answer such questions. After that, look for companies that fit this profile and research which sites they visit, which social networks decision-makers use, and who they interact with on LinkedIn. You’ll better understand what type of content they consume and what your team needs to create to get attention. As well as, you will find out which influencers indicate to reach them more easily. After choosing which influencers are interesting to your audience, create a directly targeted campaign.

Another important aspect that will take into account is whether the purpose and attributes of the brand coincide with that of the chosen influencer.

Another Aspects

  • Differentiated point of view: The influencer can pass a unique point of view about your brand, product, or service to your target audience. Unlike traditional advertisements, these people create honest reviews, describing strengths and weaknesses to the target audience, generating a high level of trust between companies and improving the organization’s image in the industry.
  • Visibility: Some of these influencers naturally attract many followers or are already respects in the corporate environment, thus allowing a company to reach a large number of people and become visible to many corporate consumers quickly.
  • Network of contacts: Digital influencers can have a vast network of contacts in certain markets since a specific audience widely knows them, so it is natural that their vast network of contacts gradually integrates the company’s network, meaning great opportunities in the medium and long term.
  • Authentic credibility: When Influence Marketing includes in the company’s strategies, some aspects related to customer pain and perception of the product or service become more visible under the critical eye of influencers. Therefore, his opinion about your brand serves as a way to visualize issues that will resolve, improvements will achieve, and further expand the brand’s credibility in the market.

According to the Influence 2.0 survey, 49% of B2B brands are still experimenting with influencer strategies, while only 4% have already integrated Influence Marketing. In the B2C market, 55% of brands have ongoing or integrated programs.

This shows great potential for Business-to-Business brands to develop an influence marketing strategy focused on segment opinion makers, which humanizes relationships.


Digital influencers will see as a reference, including in the purchase decision in the B2B segment. Not including them in your Digital Marketing strategies can put the company at risk of losing ground to the competition! There is much room for consistent strategies and actions involving influencers in B2B marketing.

In Summary

While B2C communicates with the masses, B2B dialogues with much more specific audiences through partnerships with people who are references in their media and have a more representative communication for the brand.

B2B Influencer Marketing is available from companies to other companies, niches, or specific segments. And when used correctly, this marketing strategy acts as an important catalyst for the company’s message, adding value and authority to the brand and solidifying its position in the market.

Several brands are unaware of the benefits of Influencer Marketing. Therefore, they still question whether or not it is worth hiring digital influencers and if they exert so much influence on their followers. It is no wonder that digital influencers are gaining more and more space when it comes to carrying out strategies for companies worldwide.

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