The 5 Best PDF Editors To Get The Most Out Of Your Documents


The 5 Best PDF Editors To Get The Most Out Of Your Documents

Does the Adobe Tumbler permit cost excessively? Here are the best 5 PDF document editors and their primary highlights. Having the option to make PDF records is basic to any business’ prosperity. These days, PDFs can be shared effectively on any gadget, both work area and versatile.

 Even though there are PDF perusers that permit you to simplify changes to records, it is important to depend on genuine editors to have a more extensive and complete scope of altering capabilities accessible. This article presents the main 5 PDF editors currently available: PDFelement 6, Nitro Genius 10, Foxit PhantomPDF 8, Adobe Gymnastic Performer XI, and Subtlety Power PDF 2.0.

PDFElement 6

In the lead position among the products surveyed, we track down PDFelement 6, a conservative and flexible PDF supervisor that permits you to make, convert, alter, and oversee PDFs without any problem. PDFelement separates itself from contending items with its basic altering elements and page association apparatuses.

The PDF creation capability permits obtaining records straightforwardly from a scanner or a cell phone’s photograph display. The program permits you to change over various pages of a PDF into a solitary picture, to work with sharing. With PDFelement, you can move pages starting with one PDF and then onto the next, making it simple and advantageous to orchestrate your substance.

PDFelement’s underlying OCR acknowledgment permits you to transform any filtered record into a PDF that can be seen on any gadget (the component upholds more than 20 dialects). The most recent item adaptation offers substantial assistance to rethink and smooth the work process thanks to frame acknowledgment and information extraction mechanization. 

PDFelement accompanies an extremely helpful clump handling highlight, which is important for organizations working with many PDFs and necessities to save time. Furthermore, that is not all, since PDFelement likewise succeeds in security capabilities, hinting itself as a total and remarkable item. Accessible for the modest amount of 59.95 euros, the standard PDFelement bundle is the least expensive of those introduced in the article.

How To Try To Get A PDFelement License For Free

Those who will leave a comment at the bottom of this article indicating which PDF editor they prefer and why or however which program they would like to use will be able to receive a free license of PDFelement. Wondershare, the developer of PDFelement, offers our readers 5 free licenses. Readers who post a comment and are selected will receive – in addition to a personal license of PDFelement – a set of pre-packaged templates to create their own PDFs.

Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro 10 is a very good PDF editor with basic functions that allows you to convert PDFs to various formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The user interface can be quite cumbersome, but it’s still simple enough to store and combine data thanks to the “smart” interactive lists, which can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices.

Just like PDFelement, Nitro 10 also comes with an OCR function. Regarding navigation and customization, Nitro Pro allows you to easily add annotations and bookmarks without wasting time searching for the necessary functions. On the security front, the eSignature function allows you to sign documents and forms quickly and conveniently, whatever the device in use. Despite the high cost of $140, which could turn away some potential users, Nitro is an excellent tool for PDF editing.

Foxit PhantomPDF 8

Individuals and organizations seeking tools to convert and edit PDF forms should consider purchasing Foxit PhantomPDF 8. This software allows you to work on documents in collaboration with colleagues and then proceed, if necessary, with sharing via the cloud. In addition, Phantom PDF distinguishes itself from other programs in its category by the presence of ConnectedPDF technology, which allows you to grant or revoke access to PDFs on various devices. 

The document management offered by ConnectedPDF also makes it easy to identify users who have consulted PDFs. Thanks to the support for recognizing texts written in 41 languages ​​(which can be digitized starting from physical documents, thanks to OCR), Foxit is an excellent choice for companies that usually work with content in multiple languages.

The OCR system is more difficult to manage than other PDF editors, but it is effective. After conversion, users who open PDFs can search for any text string contained in the document. At the cost of $109, PhantomPDF stands out as a very useful tool for companies looking for a versatile program for PDF editing.

Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat has been considered the best PDF editor on the market for years. With a monthly subscription rate of $14.99 for the Pro version, however, the Adobe one is also the most expensive of the programs presented in our article. Although the subscription fee is much higher than the cost of the license of an excellent and cheap product such as PDFelement, Acrobat works very well in creating and converting PDFs, thanks to the immediate and simplified interface

To modify a PDF with Adobe Acrobat XI, click on Edit Text and Images: the text contained in the document will appear outlined, and it will be sufficient to click on it to modify it freely. Adobe Acrobat also allows you to use the appropriate integrated function to apply remote digital signatures (accompanied by the Adobe Sign tool ).

Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to move paragraphs without editing limitations forcing users to export documents in Microsoft Office format, edit them and then convert them back to PDF.

Nuance Power PDF 2.0

The latest software we want to introduce you to is Nuance Power PDF 2.0 (which we reviewed in the article Edit PDFs and transform into Word documents with Nuance Power PDF 2 ). It offers much of the functionality of Adobe Acrobat in a package available at a fraction of its cost ($99). The program’s interface could be improved, but it’s still easier to use than the other editors mentioned. 

Also, with Nuance Power PDF 2.0, you can send your documents to other desktop or mobile devices via the cloud. In general, the OCR function of the program is quite accurate, but it cannot compete with the complex technologies offered by Acrobat or PDFelement. 

That said, the editing tools are complete and versatile and facilitate the management of PDF documents on multiple devices, thanks to the possibility of relying on cloud sharing. Overall, Nuance Power PDF 2.0 is a good choice for businesses and individuals who want to enjoy the same features expected in a program like Adobe Acrobat without making the wallet too light.

Comment And Win A PDFelement License

To try to get a free PDFelement software license and a set of templates to make your own PDFs, send your comment at the bottom of the following article and explain, even briefly, what you expect from a PDF document editor or what you think is the best editor out there.  The authors of the top five comments will receive a free license of PDFelement ( their email address is shared with Wondershare to follow up on the launch of the free license; by commenting on the article, you agree to this condition ).

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