The 10 Best-Refurbished Sites For High-Tech

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The 10 Best-Refurbished Sites For High-Tech

Refurbished products have been beginning to invade the market for almost ten years, especially High-Tech products. These are, in fact, products that have already been used or not. These are equipment returned by customers or from an exhibition model. So these products or show models go through many tests and are refurbished. 

They are then sold with incredible discounts of up to 70%, with the mandatory mention of “reconditioned products” to offer buyers the possibility of buying up-to-date products cheaper. What are the most reliable sites for obtaining refurbished products in a high-tech context?

Back Market

Back Market is simply a website that sells a wide range of refurbished products with the slogan “Products that have everything new, except the price.” In one sentence, this type of product illustrates all the advantages because the High-Tech devices provided have been the subject of several checks and restorations by experts.

The site is distinguished by the existence of a transparent classification system considering the cosmetic aspect and the technical state of each device. What constitutes a visual guarantee with all the details the customer wishes to know before purchasing? At Back Market, the priority is to satisfy customers on the quality and durability of the products offered for sale as when you buy new products.


Certideal specializes in selling refurbished Apple devices, namely iPhones and Macbooks, although it sells a few other high-tech products. Even more incredible, at Certideal, the warranty for purchased iPhones is up to 2 years, and the prices are attractive. Other devices have a 1-year warranty, and all come with a 30 days change of mind.

Certideal then allows secure purchases based on stability and discounted prices of up to 70%, capable of competing with the most interesting on the refurbished market. Of course, an operational blog is on the site to collect the opinions of customers who are, in principle, satisfied with their purchases.


High performance at low cost is what “Recommerce” offers its customers. They specialize in selling Smartphones as a priority but also provide tablets, consoles, computers, or watches, all refurbished and sold at affordable prices while the devices are in excellent condition. Refurbished High-Tech products have many advantages in managing money and protecting the environment. You still have to be careful about the sites where you purchase to avoid problems.

Afb Shop

Afbshop stands out for its part mainly with “Personal Computer” laptops. Electronic devices all have new products both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Of course, you will find other interesting devices, such as tablets or Smartphones with 50 control units, with great reliability assurance. In addition, Afbshop offers the biggest computer brands like Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP, and many more.

You will find computers tested and checked by expert technicians before being sold at affordable prices, with the mentioned refurbished. The products, however, remain at the top of the quality. Finally, at Afbshop, they have the reputation of selling professional range computers, which are robust and easier to repair.


Rebuy offers a wide range of Refurbished High-Tech products at greatly reduced prices thanks to the exceptional discount on almost all products. The right of withdrawal is 21 days after receipt, while the warranty extends to more than 3 years, which is rare on high-tech devices but which offers some assurance to customers. With decades of experience in the electronics market, Rebuy is one of the most visited resale sites on the Net. They specialize mainly in digital cameras, a jewel of technology everyone is eager to have.


“As good as new,” which means as good or excellent as new products, they place themselves among the experts in refurbished products. Very respectful of the environment, AsGoodAsNew, since 2008, reconditions electronic devices to offer top products to customers. Products that are as close as possible to new products.

In addition, there are products from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Canon, Microsoft, and GoPro. The devices are therefore sold in impeccable condition in their original packaging at low prices with the mention reconditioned so as not to mislead the buyer. You then join the cause to protect nature and yourself from large unnecessary expenses.


Vente Du Diable is a site that highlights refurbished High-Tech products. Unlike second-hand products, the devices supplied are indistinguishable from new devices because they have been taken care of by experts, cleaned, and repaired to function like new products. At VDD, you buy reliable products with new and compatible accessories at discount prices of up to 70%.


For its part, Smart stands out in the sale of refurbished Smartphones. It offers a wide range of qualified and reliable mobile phones at competitive prices. You will find almost all brands and products are certified. No more hassle with new phones with batteries that are no longer useful. You then buy cheaper products while contributing to the protection of the environment.


As part of a refurbished product, Amazon offers a predefined five-step service to reassure customers about its high-tech products:

  1. They receive devices returned by customers at their premises.
  2. They test and recondition each device and certify them.
  3. Once refurbished, they put the devices on sale again, which will be covered by a 1-year warranty in addition to the legal warranty.

Amazon refurbished devices are all certified and in perfect condition in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Regarding prices, Amazon also offers special discounts, especially on high-tech devices.


At Rakuten, you will find all high-tech devices ranging from phones and tablets to computers and printers. They offer incredible services because, in addition to the two-year warranty on all products, they allow 30 days of retractability from the reception of the device with the necessary refunds. The plus point is that all deliveries are free at Rakuten. Their refurbished products are reliable and come closest to new products, and the accessories related to these products are compatible and new. Up-to-date, super-quality devices with all the advantages are sold at affordable prices.

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