Social Media, What Trends For 2023?

Social Media

Social Media, What Trends For 2023?

An essential topic at the start of the year, upcoming trends stand like beacons on the path of your marketing strategy. So, what’s new on the networks in 2023? How can we continue to shake up the web in the coming months? The Social Ads team of the JVWEB agency looked into the subject to find you the latest news and the essentials to explore. 

One thing is sure: 2023 risks being another excellent year on the social side. With 4.26 billion users in 2021, the different platforms could have up to 6 billion registered users in 2027. Only one question now: how to capture this growing audience?

TikTok Ever More Popular

If 2022 was a good year for the social network TikTok, 2023 should continue in the same vein, with the number of advertisers rising. Exceptionally well placed in augmented and virtual reality, the platform should benefit from the weaknesses of its competitors. Furthermore, TikTok is also positively evolving its service offering, thus attracting more and more advertisers looking for visibility. 

Thus, in 2023, the platform should benefit from advertising budgets historically allocated to its competitors. The Wall Street Journal estimates, for example, the shortfall for Meta at $10 billion for the benefit of TikTok. Users also follow this trend since the number of registered users continues to grow and is expected to exceed 800 million in 2023.

Even Shorter Vertical Videos

Faced with Chinese competition, many platforms now favor short formats, which users appreciate. Thus, in 2023, Reels, YouTube Shorts, or Twitter videos will likely gain ground and establish themselves in our social feeds. Easy to produce, quick to view, inexpensive, and with significant organic reach, videos of less than 15 seconds are essential for social content as they appeal to users.

In all cases, remember that the space allocated on a platform is relatively volatile and multiply publications to extend your visibility on different platforms. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, in 2023, stand out and offer content adapted to each audience.

A Varied Content Strategy

This year, it will be more than ever to offer each audience targeted content. I finished the post we broadcast on all platforms; now it is time to diversify your content. In 2023, we carefully select the networks on which to communicate according to the strength of their audience, and we condition our content strategy accordingly. This approach requires more investment in time and a creative budget but should offer a very advantageous ROI in return.

To find the most appropriate lever, we are quick to conduct a few tests upstream to assess the reach of the platform and the power of the community. On the professional side, LinkedIn is holding the lead for the moment, while in BtoC, the battle rages between TikTok and Instagram. Not to be underestimated are parallel networks, less potent in quantity but which bring together loyal and engaged communities with excellent conversion rates. For 2023, eyes are turning to Snapchat and its VR ambitions.

Marketing Will Go Viral, Or It Won’t

There is nothing new except that the trend is likely to be confirmed. BtoB or BtoC, customers are accustomed to online purchasing and favor the most direct interactions possible. Brands will need to strengthen their conversational approach further, and for this, social networks remain excellent levers. Through viral marketing, your users leave with a memory, a memorable interaction, which weighs heavily on brand awareness. 

More than ever, engagement measurements will be scrutinized: likes, shares, and comments will make it possible to measure the engagement garnered by the brand after a viral action. Added to this is social shopping, which is also expected to grow. In 2023, it is more than ever time to install your live sales streams from the platforms if needed.

Ever More Engaged Communities

Faced with eliminating advertising cookies, brands must find a way to actively nurture relationships with their customers, both in life and on social media. Although the approach is familiar, it should be strengthened in 2023. At the heart of this mechanism are the company’s employees who become, particularly on the networks, true ambassadors of the brand. 

Committed, sincere vectors of the brand’s values, employees are essential connectors for establishing a link with customers. An excellent idea: isolate the main stages of the customer experience and ask a volunteer employee to share the different aspects after being trained by your community manager. Also, consider rewarding the most loyal for their commitment

In 2023, we will also continue to mix organic and sponsored on the different levers to broaden the reach of our audience and convince new profiles. Here, too, new developments should be brief in coming: more immersive formats, more engaged community, live shopping, and true stories; in 2023, social remains a powerful marketing engine. Need solid support to adjust your Social Ads strategy? Contact the Social Ads department of the JVWEB agency, and our certified consultants will put their expertise at the service of your business objectives.

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