<strong>Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Summer</strong>

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Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Summer

As the CEO of a small, medium, or large company or as the owner of your own business, you will know how essential visibility on social media is to the success of your business. When you gain high levels of engagement on social media, it is easier to improve your business’s brand awareness and brand reputation and thereby acquire new customers and prospects.

This is even more important during summer when many businesses slow down and social engagement declines. Holidays and outdoor activities distract us, but the summer slump is a real phenomenon, and today, more than ever, it can have a big impact on business and sales. Keeping your social media active and engaging can help combat the summer lull and keep your business competitive.

Because Social Visibility Matters

It doesn’t matter if you have the best social media profiles in the world – they are worthless if no one sees them. When you use your social channels to share news, updates, product announcements, and more, it’s crucial to ensure a high level of engagement.

Unfortunately, figuring out how to produce a good engagement rate can be difficult, and many brands miss this target… Whether you’ve just started a business looking to grow your following or are running an existing brand looking to increase engagement, these tips can help you improve the visibility of your social profiles.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Summer: Post videos

 We said at the beginning it is essential to keep user involvement high during the summer season. And what better way to do it than using quality video content? Today, the video format is rapidly emerging as one of the most interesting forms of increasing followers.

Remember that in addition to creating and editing high-definition videos for the social feeds of Facebook and Instagram, today it is possible to promote your business through amateur IG and FB stories, in which you can promote your business in a simple and immediate way. 

Through stories, it will also be possible to immerse the user in the background of your business, increasing involvement and loyalty to your brand. Keep your videos and stories professional, high quality, and relevant to your followers and brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Summer: Target Your Target Audience

Outlining a target for campaigns and sponsorships is always good advice. But in summer, it becomes imperative to avoid further dispersing a precious slice of the public, already susceptible to the distractions of holidays, sun, and sea. Wherever you can narrow your audience, set parameters to ensure your posts reach the right target whenever possible.

This aspect can represent a big difference in your posts’ level of engagement and the number of shares they get. Remember that your target audience is fluid and ever-changing and can change over the years, so you’ll need to keep redefining your brand periodically.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Summer: Publish At The Right Time Of Day

Did you know that posting at the right time of day can significantly impact your social posts’ visibility? Since the “right time of day” varies depending on the reference brand and the target of followers, it is useful to analyze the insights to understand when the audience is most engaged and which are the most profitable moments of the day. Day on the various platforms you use. Remember that your ideal times can change over the months, so it’s a good idea to monitor your data to ensure you’re posting at the right time.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Summer: Vary Your Content

 Do you feel stuck in the same boring rhythms and patterns? Remember that social media is a place to allow yourself to be adventurous! Try new things and feel free to take risks (within reason). If you want to experiment with a new strategy, know that summer is the best time to break the mold and try something new.

For example, if your content is mostly commercial, start adding a few posts featuring engaging polls, memes, and questions. Consider what appeals to your audience on social media: is it the funny meme or the questions that stimulate thought? The curiosity? The information? Add some variety and see what results you get. When an idea fails, don’t give up. Try and try again!

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Summer: Partnering With Influencers

Social influencer marketing is a hot trend, and luckily it works! If you have a new product to bring to market or a new service to promote, summer could be a good time to connect with influencers or micro-influencers for a “Shout out” marketing campaign.

Remember to look for personalities who fit your brand and can promote it without trying too hard. Experienced influencers will have set terms and prices, but you can also negotiate Indeed, many are willing to accept products, gift certificates, store credits, etc.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Summer: Focus On Image

Summer is a beautiful season, and its radiance must also emerge on your social posts. Therefore, use this period to update your graphics with captivating colors and use quality photos with warm tones.

Make sure you pay attention to the details and use presets in line with the season. Especially on Instagram, this strategy will allow you to get a professional-looking feed and will help increase your circle of followers and…customers!

Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Summer: Conclusions

Managing your business’s social pages can represent real work parallel to your activities, work that will help improve your brand reputation and the involvement of social users. If you need more time, remember that our team of experts is ready to help you grow on social media and keep up with current trends.

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