SEO Of Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023: Remember About It?


SEO Of Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023: Remember About It?

Like all other sectors, the Internet is essential in real estate today. Performing a search on Google is now the first instinct of an individual wishing to obtain information or invest in real estate. The search engine is also the gateway through which most of them come into contact with a professional in the sector. In 2023, as a real estate professional, it is therefore essential that you have a website visible on the platform. In this complete file, find out how to improve the SEO of real estate sites on Google in 2023.

SEO Of Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023: The Challenges

It may seem incongruous to ask a real estate agency to take an interest in the SEO of its website. You are probably saying that this time is better spent looking for prospects or properties to offer them. However, a site well-referenced on Google is a must-have for any real estate professional for many reasons.

Google, Essential Whatever Your Field

The first reason to invest in the SEO of real estate sites on Google in 2023 is the one we briefly mentioned in the introduction. Indeed, Google is now essential in the real estate sector for two main reasons. The first and most apparent is visibility. For example, the Parisian real estate agency that appears first when searching for an “apartment in Paris” has a great head start. If its offers are attractive, it will attract a significant flow of customers from Google.

The second reason, much less known, is that Google also allows future clients to evaluate their potential real estate agents. Thanks to Google Business Profile files, an Internet user can find out your customers’ opinions directly on the search engine. A flattering profile for your company is another arrow to insert into your arsenal. Indeed, by combining interesting referencing with a profile that highlights you, you can stand out from your competitors.

Fierce And Diversified Competition

The advent of the Internet is not the only upheaval the real estate sector experienced at the start of the century. This sector, once reserved for a small number of professionals, has experienced a real explosion coupled with the emergence of new professions.

Instead of having one real estate agency in a big city, we now have several. To this, we must add numerous intermediaries. So, as a real estate professional, you must now take into account:

  1. Other real estate agents;
  2. Real estate hunters;
  3. Real estate developers;
  4. Real estate diagnosticians;
  5. Property administrators;
  6. Co-ownership associations;
  7. Real estate experts;
  8. Asset managers;
  9. Business real estate advice;
  10. Land developers;
  11. The concierge services.

Please note that some of these professions represent intermediaries you can collaborate with. However, for the most part, these are rivals that you will have to defeat to get new customers. It is, therefore, in your best interest to be better ranked than them on Google, which is the reference place for attracting prospects in 2023.

SEO Of Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023: Focus Everything On Your Natural SEO

There are several strategies to obtain good SEO for real estate sites on Google in 2023. Among these, natural referencing is one of the most popular with SEO agencies. Find out why and how to implement an excellent strategy to improve the natural referencing of your real estate site.

What Is Natural Referencing, And Why Should You Choose It For Your Real Estate Site?

Natural referencing (SEO) is a technique to position a site favorably on a search engine. It is generally opposed to sponsored referencing (SEA), which uses advertising to promote its site. Unlike SEA, which requires little work and gives instant results, SEO can seem slow. However, the effort is worth it. Done well, an SEO strategy produces impressive and lasting results. You can be satisfied with having a real estate site at the top of the recommendations over long periods.

Optimize The Architecture Of Your Real Estate Site

A well-referenced site on the Internet is not obtained; it is designed. Indeed, for your site to correspond to the criteria of the Google algorithm, it starts from its design. First of all, think about the structure of your website so that it is compatible with as many platforms as possible. 

Many Internet users research from their smartphone, not a rather than The ergonomics of your site must therefore be perfect for these two supports. Next, your site should be able to load quickly. This is an essential criterion for Internet users who are, above all, looking for a smooth experience. It will affect your bounce rate, that is, the proportion of rapid departures from your site. 

The algorithm monitors. This parameter should often be neglected to detect bad sites and directly affect SEO. Likewise, your menus must be easily accessible and the design of your page pleasant. The general appearance of your site is an essential factor in retaining Internet users and de facto affects your SEO. Finally, be sure to choose a quality host and a striking domain name that can be easily remembered.

Focus On Local SEO For Your Real Estate Site

The goal of your site is, above all, to attract as many Internet users as possible who can use your services. Likewise, the Google algorithm interprets a high conversion rate as a positive signal, which promotes the site. Therefore, you have everything to gain by targeting Internet users close to your geographic location who are likely to call on you. 

This is called local SEO. Several options are available to you to optimize your local SEO. You can create a specific page for each city where you perform services to get started. You can still earn points by personalizing each page according to the city to which it is dedicated.

The second way to optimize your local SEO is to use your Google Business Profile (yes, that one again). Indeed, specifying your sector or city of activity on your profile lets Google know which Internet users to recommend your profile as a priority. This pleases the algorithm while potentially increasing your conversion rate. So you win on all counts.

Themed Content With Relevant Keywords

Still, to optimize your natural referencing, you must produce content related to your field of activity. An Internet user who finds the solution to his problem on your site will more easily call on you to resolve it. For the SEO of real estate sites on Google in 2023, it is recommended to produce content relating to real estate. So, your content must be original and entirely focused on real estate activity. For example, you can advise on making a real estate purchase and produce guides or catalogs on different real estate markets.

Likewise, your articles must be used if you put keywords relating to the real articles. You should know that the various algorithms do not read the articles to determine which ones to highlight. Instead, they scan them for keywords based on Internet users’ searches. An article containing the right keywords will, therefore, be well-referenced.

Therefore, you must determine which keywords are most interesting for your industry. SEO tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Semrush can be used. However, you should avoid overusing these keywords. The technical term for such misuse is over optimization. Since algorithms view over optimization as an attempt to cheat, it is best to avoid it.

Integrate Internal And External Links On Your Real Estate Site

Finally, to improve the SEO of your website, you must get the algorithm to consider it as a popular site. It would help if you integrated external links (leading from your site to other sites) and internal links (leading to your site) to your articles.

Another powerful technique is backlinking. These are links to other sites leading to yours. Their existence is a powerful SEO tool, but they are challenging to obtain. However, by producing quality content, you will eventually become a reference in your field. Backlinking will then come naturally.

SEO Of Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023: Should We Use Paid SEO?

As we said earlier, paid search involves advertising campaigns to promote your website. To sponsor your website (as they say in the field) on Google, you must design your advertising campaign on Google Ads. To do this, all you have to do is go to Google Ads. You will only have to enter the parameters of your campaign (target population, start date, duration, etc.) and proceed to payment. Your campaign will then be launched.

Generally, we recommend not abusing paid references. Indeed, although it significantly increases the visibility of a website, SEA sometimes has adverse side effects. These are often noticed at the end of the campaign. After having had significant traffic during the campaign, the site suddenly lost a large part of its audience.

This loss of interest is interpreted as a drop in quality by the algorithm, which then buries the website. Most entrepreneurs then use paid SEO sparingly during critical periods. For example, it can boost sales at Christmas or during Black Friday. In the context of your real estate site, you must exercise the same caution. 

Only use SEA after you have a reasonably solid base of monthly visits. You can also use the same strategy as salespeople if you are doing a promotion, for example. However, be aware that using SEA to reference a real estate site on Google is not necessary. You can be well-referenced by focusing on paid referencing.

What Is The Place Of Social Referencing In Referencing Real Estate Sites On Google In 2023?

Social referencing or SMO (social media optimization) is the name given to the visibility of pages on social networks. The latter, or at least the most popular (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and X), are today part of the marketing strategy of any self-respecting company (real estate agencies included).

Social media is a source in its own right and deserves to be considered as such. Used well, they can also be part of your SEO strategy and increase your site’s visibility thanks to backlinking. You only need to directly integrate a link to your site in your posts or the description or comments. 

If your content is successful or viral, your link will be visible, and some Internet users will inevitably click on it. Therefore, You,r site will be more popular, increasing your natural referencing. This strategy is based on the success of your accounts on various social networks. If you opt for it, you will have to fill your multiple accounts with quality productions. The effort is colossal, but the return is worth it.

What To Remember?

All in all, for a real estate professional in 2023, having a site well-referenced on Google is more of a necessity than a luxury. You have several strings to your bow to achieve this, including paid SEO, natural SEO, and social SEO. These three methods each have their weak points and strong points. 

They can all help improve your site’s visibility on the Mountain View firm’s search engine. However, natural referencing is the method that should be favored so that your site pleases the algorithm. It’s sure to bring you a host of new customers. So, what are you waiting for to adopt it?

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