Remote Team Management Tool Tips For Your Business

Remote Team Management Tool Tips For Your Business

Remote Team Management Tool Tips For Your Business

Technology is an excellent ally of remote team management. That’s because all activities are done by computer. Today, several tools can help with communication, project management, internal and client meetings, and collecting team feedback confidentially.

Find out which are the main ones that can help in this work:

Task And Project Organizer

When everyone is in the office, it’s easy to turn to the coworker next to them and ask how a task or project is progressing. 

In the home office, this is not possible. Therefore, betting on online tools that organize tasks and projects is the best way for the manager to monitor everything employees do. 

Generally, these organization systems follow the Kanban method of production flow and focus tasks on the following steps:  

  1. To do;
  2. initiated;
  3. Concluded.

With it, it is possible to organize team tasks and have a better view of what is being done, enter deadlines, monitor productivity, assign tasks and even create a large project. 

Cloud Sharing

Another critical point of remote team management is that the company will need to keep precisely all documents in the cloud so that employees can easily access them. 

Papers should be replaced by digital documents stored in the cloud to facilitate the sharing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, among others, that need to be used by the entire team.

Google apps are a great solution as they are automatically allocated to the cloud and can be easily shared among the team.

Check Point

Many companies give up controlling the workday at the home office. But this is the most efficient way to manage employee journeys. 

With the time record, the company can know if the hours are correctly fulfilled, if the employees are working more or fewer hours than their working hours, and even have greater control of overtime and time bank control.

In the home office, it is widespread for employees to go beyond the limit of their journeys without realizing it. Therefore, timekeeping helps to manage teams efficiently at a distance. Employees can make this appointment using their cell phone, using the electronic timesheet record. 

Condotel is an essential piece of software that does this job. It records employees’ hours and allows the manager to track them in real-time in the system or through the time management application. Employees can also consult a model of their timesheets and monitor their records online.

Online Communication

As mentioned throughout the text, efficient communication is essential in managing teams at a distance, and, nowadays, there are several tools for this purpose. 

Instant chats allow the creation of channels for teams and sharing of documents, among many other functions that will facilitate and avoid using email for simple and everyday matters. 

It can even be a virtual channel for employees to clear up doubts with their leaders and managers. In addition to these platforms, your company also needs to find one for meetings and video calls so that everyone can speak by voice and image in addition to written form.

Create Routines

This is also one of the main tips for those looking for success in managing remote teams. A standard communication, monitoring, and support routine give teams more autonomy in the home office. 

The employee knows that on a particular day of the week, he will have to attend a meeting to talk about all his tasks, and, in this way, the leader will not need to be probing or waiting for the employee to bring the information. This will already be pre-arranged to be presented on a given day. 

But above all, this routine must make sense for everyone on your team and your business. This means that even if it works for the leader, it must also work for the leader. 

For this, the manager must test and see the best routine, be it daily meetings, weekly reports, or conversations in the morning. Anyway, can that engage and connect the team?  

Strengthen Communication

Good internal communication is what will keep your team connected. In the home office, it becomes more difficult due to the geographic barrier that will need to be broken between the manager and his team. 

The company needs to explore different forms of communication and keep the channel always open to employees. E-mails alone will not be enough in the home office; adding other tools to the routines is necessary so that communication takes place in the most efficient and noise-free way.

Bet On Feedback 

In the home office, the company must maintain the practice of feedback as part of the remote team management process.

To monitor and find out how employees are feeling during this period, how they are doing their jobs, and what difficulties they have encountered, among other valuable indicators for your company. 

It is essential that they can give an opinion to the manager, and the manager can also give an idea to the person being led. This is the best way to track everything that is going perfectly fine.

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