Relationship Between Influencers And Marketing

Relationship Between Influencers And Marketing

Relationship Between Influencers And Marketing

Influencers and Marketing: People who like a particular band become a fan, now known as just a follower, so this person initially consumes the items of the musical band, citing an example, those who liked the famous Rolling Stones band bought their famous black t-shirt with a big red mouth, with the tongue out.

So the bands’ brands began to gain value, nowadays a famous artist’s brand is worth much more than the sum of the artist’s music sales; the original brand associated with products is a vast market, which allows the artist to keep making money, even without releasing any new music.

It doesn’t need to have a musical band to influence the consumer; any famous can launch sales processes of their brand.

Who Can Be An Influencer? Who Decides Are The Influenced

Anyone who is a fan knows it is a purely emotional process; following an artist, a band, or a writer is a purely irrational process; the person becomes a fan for their reasons; it is not up to debate here what are the emotional processes that trigger this influence of some in others.

What is up to us to assess is that, yes, there is this relationship between our species; millions of consumers adopt entirely unknown people who influence them wherever they go, including buying advertised products, repeating phrases, memorizing song lyrics, and in modern times enjoy your posts on social media and across the internet.

For those who don’t know, the interaction with content on any social network generates dividends, which influences through a post, and with possible advertisements associated with their interaction on the internet, social networks promote an exceptional service to those who influence a lot, never forgetting a good pay.

Who wants to delight the consumer should have the possibility of helping an influencer to influence their strategic marketing line. If one or more influencers can drive your product is a way of optimizing marketing investments. I’m sure that all the manufacturers of black t-shirts with red mouths have all benefited from the influence of the band mentioned in the previous paragraph, unfortunately. of the band’s managers.

It is not always possible to charge the due royalties from everyone who uses a particular brand, which is why influencers gain projection; it is not possible to copy a person in their complexity, at least not yet.

Influencers Of The Future Will Be Synthetic

The influence of one person over the other is related to several factors, both in intensity, type of message propagated, gender, age, and the like, and for small businesses to maintain an influencer marketing service is unfeasible, that’s when the influencer’s solution synthetic gains strength, if today, for example, a person searches on the internet, how much it costs to transport a vehicle from one state to another, he seeks opinions from others about the service, so the customer is open to influence.

Today, I don’t know if you know this, dear reader. Still, there is a trade of buying and selling positive comments, so those thousands of opinions associated with a product can be bought for a modest price, so this is a kind of synthetic influence. You are already applying to you.

It is assumed that if the product has a positive or negative comment, the chance of it being a legitimate offer increases a lot, so it is information that should be part of the strategy of anyone who wants to increase their sales. Want to sell more? Establish a routine for collecting comments from your customers, and if you don’t have any, buy now from specialized suppliers, there are many on the internet.

Marketing: It’s The Art Of Influence

In all economic sectors, the influence of acquaintances and strangers shapes the market; an example of a common influence is, for example, finding out where is the safest neighborhood to live. No one provides a study of public safety data in a particular region to know this, she asks people who live in the neighborhood, real estate is well aware of this. They provide data on the neighborhood’s safety in their real estate sales initiatives…

So marketing has always tried to influence people’s buying decisions; marketing has also been adopted to influence ingrained cultural behaviors, such as social movements, political proposals, reduction of prejudice, and many other purposes. We should see an increase in green marketing for the next few years, changing consumer behavior.

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