Promising Businesses 2022: Discover The Trending Businesses

Promising Businesses 2022: Discover The Trending Businesses

Promising Businesses 2022: Discover The Trending Businesses

Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to own your own businesses and achieve professional fulfillment. Given recent events, starting a business can be a big challenge.

Still, there are several promising business opportunities in the most diverse sectors of the economy, from services to online companies. 

Check out below which are the most profitable businesses to undertake in 2022. Also, see ideas for companies that require a cheap initial investment and more tips on how to start a business.

Promising Businesses To Undertake In 2022

Inflation, high-interest rates, elections, and the variants of the coronavirus impacted the market and created a very challenging scenario for those who plan to undertake in 2022. However, these difficulties also contributed to the emergence of numerous promising businesses, especially those not afraid to take risks. With that in mind, we’ve listed below some of the best sectors to undertake.


Despite economic instability and high-interest rates, agribusiness continues to grow in the country. The forecast is that the sector will have a 20% increase in exports alone compared to 2020.

However, it is worth investing in agricultural technology for those who want to start their own business and undertake in this area. This is because the mass adoption of technological innovations has changed the routine of farms and animal husbandry. 


The health area also showed advances due to the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation measures. An example of this entrepreneurship in business was the regulation of telemedicine in 2020. With it, health professionals were able to provide their services remotely. 

With this change in patient care, startups have emerged that offer support for specialized offices and clinics to perform their services online. Therefore, it enters the list of profitable businesses for those who want to undertake in the health area.


The adoption and purchase of pets increased during the pandemic as we searched for products and services for this segment. With the heating of the sector, it has become an excellent option to undertake in 2022.

Therefore, for those opening their first business and who want to know what to undertake in 2022, the pet sector offers excellent possibilities for companies that provide pet grooming, housing, and training services.


The Covid-19 pandemic has directly impacted the food market. However, despite the restrictions caused by the sanitary measures, the sector managed to react positively and offers good opportunities for those who want to undertake in 2022. Thus, the food sector is among the alternatives that will sell the most in 2022. 

Among the startups that have been gaining strength in this market in the last two years, those focused on delivery-only service and working with producing healthy and organic food stand out.


The service sector also enters the category of profitable businesses, especially for those who want to undertake but do not want to have significant expenses initially.

It is possible to explore this niche at home, making deliveries through digital platforms and offering good services in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing certainly one of the fastest growing branches in 2022;
  • Facilitation for groups;
  • Training;
  • Production of content for websites;
  • Private lessons;
  • Beauty and wellness services.


Despite the high investment, franchises offer an excellent financial return to entrepreneurs who prefer an already formatted business model. In addition, the sector recorded significant results in the last months of 2021.

To choose the best franchise, new entrepreneurs must consider not only the initial investment but also the area that has the most affinity and those with the most significant growth, such as:

  • House and construction;
  • Health, beauty, and well-being;
  • Food;
  • Fashion.


The social isolation measures adopted to control the advance of the coronavirus affected the behavior of consumers, who became adept at online shopping. This change was reflected in the growth of the e-commerce market in 2021, indeed the fastest growing branch in 2021.

In this scenario, so-called drop shipping gains prominence and becomes a profitable business. Through them, entrepreneurs do not need to invest in inventories to open e-commerce, as they act as intermediaries between suppliers and consumers.

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