Payroll Software: Solutions For Managing Salaries In The Company

Payroll Software

Payroll Software: Solutions For Managing Salaries In The Company

From small shops to multinationals, businesses can only use a payslip processing program. The benefits are clear and range from time savings to a reduction in potential errors. Here is an overview of the platforms available in India. Payroll processing software helps you simplify and streamline payroll management. They guarantee precise and efficient processing, reducing workload and the possibility of error, ensuring compliance with current legislation, and supporting the entire payroll process.

Payroll Software In India

Payroll processing software has several key features, including accurate salary calculations (so that all employees receive the correct amount), automatic updates for regulatory changes, data storage, controlled access, severance pay calculation, net-gross calculation, data security, compliance with privacy legislation, and reporting.

Companies that use these solutions first and foremost have advantages in terms of saving time and reducing errors. Then followed, but no less critical, are regulatory compliance with constantly evolving tax and social security regulations, remote access, which offers work flexibility to the administration, and consultation via mobile app, which allows employees to access your information quickly. Below is a non-exhaustive list of payroll software available in India.

Zucchetti HR Payroll Software

Zucchetti offers a range of payroll programs available both in license mode (which can be managed on the local server or supported by the Zucchetti Data Center) and in Software as a Service mode. This Software features numerous automatic calculations, functional breadth, automatic updating services of the CCNL (commerce, agriculture, crafts, managers, entertainment, construction, etc.) and the contribution tables, both ordinary and contractual funds, integrated telematic management of obligations ( building fund, Scau, F24, Uniemens, etc.). 

Furthermore, it allows you to analyze all data and processes with a series of immediate and timely Analytics reports; in particular, it will enable you to know the cost of personnel in the company immediately in a given period. In addition to the Payroll software, Zucchetti has also developed the Antici Payroll software, which simplifies the worker’s request for a salary advance from the company; the personnel budget software which allows you to carry out the preventive and final calculation of the various components of personnel costs; the Crew Payroll software specific for the management and processing of maritime personnel’s wages; and GPE software that supports Personnel Administration in the process of managing redundancy plans and pension forecasts.

TeamSystem Payroll And Payslip Processing Software

Among the TeamSystem HR tools is the payroll module. It is suitable for different business sizes and contracts, offering features such as payslip processing, attendance tracking, illness and injury management, and much more. This module stands out for the automatic updating of over 200 National Collective Labor Agreements, without requiring manual intervention; intuitive communication with external bodies, both incoming and outgoing, such as INPS, INAIL, and the Revenue Agency through an integrated console; native integration with all the main tax declarations, including Uniemens, F24, Self-assessment, Single Certification (CU), Model 770, etc.

ADP Payroll Software

Not only Software but also people. ADP offers a wide range of payroll software, from essential payroll software to a complete suite of payroll and HR management solutions. Regardless of the resolution, ADP provides its trained payroll experts, ready to answer any questions. These professionals support companies throughout the entire software implementation process, including collecting employee data and creating a structure that fits the company’s pay cycles. 

Once the payroll service has been configured and the transition to the new system has subsequently taken place, ensuring that everything works optimally, they take care of the payroll processing by sending reports to be authorized before each pay cycle. Employees, in turn, can access their pay slips at any time, thanks to the self-service.

Expert Up Lavoro And eBridge Lavoro

These are Buffetti software for payroll processing. Both, thanks to an intuitive interface and automatisms that reduce timesheets and pay slip management times, are easily usable even by less experienced users. Their key features include:

  1. Customizable pre-loaded tables.
  2. National Collective Agreements already had.
  3. Integrated payroll management.
  4. Automatic monthly processing.
  5. Centralized monthly dashboard.
  6. Data logging.
  7. Annual complaint management.

Finson Payroll For Windows

Developed specifically to integrate with the Windows system, Finson is a management software dedicated to employee payroll processing, designed to help businesses save costs and maintain total control over payroll management. It offers features that cover the entire employee life cycle, including management of the Attendance Register, calculation of payslips, generation of the Single Certification, payroll simulations, and cost analysis. This Software automates processes, reduces the risk of errors, and simplifies personnel tax obligations, offering a powerful tool for businesses.


It is the solution developed by the Turin software house “Sistemi,” specifically for personnel administration. Employment consultants, associations, and, of course, companies can use JOB/Payroll. It allows you to process payroll quickly; among its features are the acquisition of attendance from any recording system, setting each employee’s calendar with personal time, automatic processing of multiple payslips in the month in the event of defined variations, automated management of all contractual, social security and tax aspects; the possibility of managing an agreed net amount; all through a clear and intuitive interface.

Online Payroll

The online payroll processing software developed by Siweb is an advanced payroll management solution accessible via the Internet. It stands out for its ease of use and automatic updating of contract tables. It offers automation of mandatory tax obligations and handles a wide range of sectors. The Software ensures data security and allows controlled third-party access. It also gives employees a portal to view and print documents. Overall, it is a complete and flexible payroll solution, ideal for professionals and businesses.


With over 20,000 workers managed, this Software developed by Iubar offers multi-contractual management and includes more than 180 pre-loaded CCNLs, which are updated periodically. You can also insert new employment contracts or customize existing ones. The worker, thanks to the Iubar HR app, can receive pay slips directly on his smartphone (with proof of delivery for the employer), view the hours worked and overtime, request holidays and permits, and document all expenses incurred. The Software includes verticalizations for the management of specific sectors such as PA, Agriculture, and Construction and is provided free of charge to manage payroll for up to 15 workers.


This is the payroll program developed by Ice Solutions – Gruppo Centro Paghe. The Software, equipped with a new user-friendly web interface, is updated daily with over 1000 work contracts, is also managed at a regional level, and allows access from any device without the need for installation. Web Payroll offers advanced features such as multi-user access from different locations, print and data sharing, provider fund management, and employee cost analysis. Its main strength is its total integration with other Payroll Center solutions, simplifying payroll management in complex business environments.

Payroll Software Inaz

It is a Cloud software for managing payroll and personnel administration, suitable for both SMEs and large multinational companies. This flexible program integrates perfectly into the company information system and handles all administrative obligations, including F24, Uniemens, pension and welfare funds, declarations of withholding agents 730 and 770, and PosAgri. The platform facilitates data export and reporting with native, user-friendly tools, making payroll management simple and efficient, regardless of company size.

Strike Payroll

It is a solution for managing payroll and personnel-related obligations. Its functions include multi-contract management with over 150 preloaded National Collective Agreements, automated calculation of wages and severance pay, analysis of contributions and benefits, periodic obligations, historicized archives, management of adjustments, reports, schedule, and fund management. It also offers optional modules to manage specific responsibilities: F24 Management, 770 Management, Single Certification, document, and INPS SR41 Model.

Valore24 Cloud Payroll

It is the Cloud-based Software for managing payroll and personnel administration created by Valore24, the 24 ORE Group’s software line that supports professionals in carrying out their activities. Ideal for companies, employment consultants, and professionals, the payroll program offers pre-loaded and updated contractual tables for social security and tax data, automation of mandatory obligations, data historicization, net-gross calculation to determine the gross starting amount from the desired net pay slip, high level of automation, data security and controlled access for external parties and employees. Its main advantages include:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Access from any device and modularity.
  3. Making it a complete and flexible solution to simplify payroll management.

Payroll Software Integrated Into HCM Platforms

And then, of course, there is a whole range of solutions for payroll management present within HCM platforms. Let’s see some of them.

Oracle Payroll

It is a highly configurable and fully integrated solution into Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management that simplifies the workforce payment process. Its efficiency and flexibility make it suitable for different sizes of companies and types of workers around the world. Oracle Payroll’s essential functions include:

  1. Managing compliance amidst regulatory complexity.
  2. Reducing risks associated with global, national, and local tax laws and regulations.
  3. Ensuring compliance with union requirements and contractual agreements.

Highlights include the ability to make payments at any time, giving employees financial flexibility to access accrued wages when needed. Additionally, the solution supports retroactive compensation, automatically calculating pre-tax HR changes for individuals or groups of employees. Finally, Oracle Payroll leverages the power of the Fusion Cloud HCM suite, allowing you to quickly obtain consolidated information to process your payroll cycle efficiently, including unified time and absences, benefits, compensation, and more.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

It is a cloud-based system that simplifies global payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely payments to employees. Automate and accelerate payment processing, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining payroll management. Key features include integrated HR, payroll, talent, and analytics management. The solution aims to improve employee confidence through efficient payroll administration, reduce costs by harmonizing processes on a unified payroll management platform (localized for over 48 countries), and improve user experience with simple techniques and consistency in the management of human resources, payroll, time, and benefits.

Workday Global Payroll

It is an integrated solution designed to manage payroll, staff, and attendance in an agile way, adapting to evolving worker expectations and new regulations. This unified system synchronizes HR, payroll, and attendance, providing flexibility to address policy changes and enabling personalized payments. 

Among its key features, we find the flexibility to change by adapting to new payroll management needs, including the ability to pay workers when they prefer, Decision insights that help you identify and resolve issues before they occur with the general ledger that can be consulted before payroll is completed to make informed decisions; continuous control by constantly recalculating wages in response to events that affect them and giving the possibility to make changes at any time

Ongoing regulatory compliance through a dashboard that allows you to monitor tax updates and provide best practices from the customer community; global management and local processing, i.e., for companies with employees in other countries the system can be easily integrated with the methods of different suppliers around the world.

Factorial Automated Payroll Software

The automated payroll management solution within Factorial all-in-one HR software supports efficient and secure payroll management, facilitating business decision-making. It allows you to save time in preparation, definition of supplements, and verification before sending them to the employment consultant. 

Administrators can manage the entire process, allowing employees to access their payslips and contracts quickly. Information is centralized, simplifying communication and making payroll accessible at any time. Additionally, Factorial provides detailed insights without the need to download reports, offering a complete view of compensation data, contract types, working hours, and other vital details.

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