Nine Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Your Company

Nine Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Your Company

Nine Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Your Company

Investing in Marketing Automation makes it possible to increase sales and revenue, decrease customer acquisition costs and improve customer retention.

See more about each of these benefits. If you want to go further, read the eBook Everything about Marketing Automation. 

Nurturing Leads That Are Not Ready

It is common to come across a situation where the customer is not at the ideal moment of purchase. They may have exhausted or stuck to their budget for the year, have other priorities, have just purchased a similar solution, or not even realize they have a problem and need to solve it.

In all these cases, they are Leads that are not ready and that will not buy now but may buy soon. The relationship is still valuable in this situation, as often what is missing is your company to educate them, providing more information to generate demand.

More Efficiency In The Funnel

We know that there is a process in every purchase, with some stages that every buyer must go through. It is as if it were a prerequisite for a location to master the basic information from the previous moment.

For example, there is no point in offering registrations for the entrance exam to those who have not yet decided on their career. In the case of Resulted Digitalis, it makes no sense to provide a platform liker Station Marketing for those who still don’t understand Digital Marketing or know the basics of the subject.

More Prepared Leads Generate Bigger Tickets

Who do you think buys more expensive wines? Someone who doesn’t understand a lot and chooses an option at the supermarket to have for dinner or who has already taken courses, read books, studied and become knowledgeable about the subject?

The more the Lead knows about the topic, the greater their tendency to recognize the problem and feel willing to invest more in the solution.

Personalized Communication For Each Persona

Automation campaigns make it possible to segment Leads by many criteria, such as job title, company, segment, time of purchase, etc.

From these segmentation possibilities, your company can personalize communication much better, making the different personas follow their paths, not in a generic way.

The result, in practice, is extremely high efficiency in the relationship, adding value at each stage and keeping Leads looking forward to the next emails.

Less Recurring Work For Marketing Automation

With automation, a big part of Lead preparation that marketing should do for sales is automated. Of course, there is a great effort in creating the “paths” that the different Leads must follow, but, when adjusted, it is not necessary to start from scratch all the time. This lessens the need for a marketing team focused on manually doing this relationship.

Sales People Receive More Prepared Leads

Conversations with the salesperson are very different when the Lead is starting to discover the topic and when he has already researched, understands the case, his needs and wants support to make the final decision. If Leads are better prepared, salespeople need to invest fewer hours making contact to make the sale.

Shorter Sales Cycle

As the system does all prep work, sellers can receive Leads already in the last stages of the buying process.

This makes the prospect spend much less time arguing with the salesperson. Thus, the sales professional’s time is more dedicated to helping the Lead choose the best solution.

More Productivity For Sales People

With all the initial steps of the sales process driven by the automation tool and pre-created content, salespeople can be much more productive.

Once the tool does the job well, they feel more comfortable focusing on those Leads that are most ready and trust that Leads that are not yet at the right time will come back to it after some time.

As there is no need to do all the initial education, they can also specialize in the final steps of the process, ensuring a higher closing rate.

More Prepared Leads Are More Successful With The Product

In the same way that we said that people with more knowledge tend to have higher tickets, they already know well what to expect and how to implement your product or service.

This makes them more successful, stay longer, and generate more recommendations. The benefits, when added together, develop an even better result!

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