<strong>More And More Consumers Are Using Discount Codes</strong>

Discount Codes

More And More Consumers Are Using Discount Codes

Discount codes or digital coupons, made available by eCommerce sites and specialized platforms such as BravoSconto, offer various advantages to consumers. Discount codes are now a valid marketing strategy for any company that entices customers to buy from online stores. The advantages for consumers are obvious: they save money and at the same time get a pleasant shopping experience.

Where Are The Best Discount Codes?

There are many ways to get discount codes. The online stores send them to their customers regularly, but to get them, you need to be subscribed to the mailing list; registrations are free and allow you to obtain exclusive advantages over non-loyal customers. Not only. Some platforms specialized in providing discount codes for free, thanks to their partnership with various eCommerce.

 An example of this is BravoSconto, an Italian company that has achieved great success in just a few years in the sector. This is because, in addition to regularly publishing coupons from thousands of online stores, it offers users useful information about the stores themselves.

In addition to saving immediately, the user gets a pleasant, fun, and safe shopping experience. He becomes an aware consumer because he manages to direct his choices based on the brands’ peculiarities, taking advantage of different ways of saving.

What Are Discount Codes, And What Are They For?

Various names know discount codes: coupons, vouchers, coupons, or digital codes. Today we talk about digital codes, but the first ones created were paper ones. The idea worked and caught on. The shapes and characteristics of coupons have changed over the decades and have adapted to the needs of consumers.

 As early as the early 1900s, companies began to identify the potential target of consumers who could have exploited the codes. In the late 90s, with the advent of the Internet, paper coupons became digital, taking the form of strings made up of numbers and characters, which are then processed by the eCommerce page; once the codes have been recognized, the foreseen discount percentages are applied.

Coupons can offer different kinds of benefits to their users. They offer not only percentage discounts (for example, a 10% discount on the total of an online order) but also discounts in Euros (for example, €5, €10 and so on), or the sending of free products, or, again, discounts on shipments with the express courier, extensions of the days for returns, discounts on the purchase of certain items for short periods.

This proves to be advantageous for the consumer, who gets an immediate discount on the purchase, but also for the shopkeeper, who can thus retain old and new users and entice them to buy in his store.

How To Use Discount Codes

Coupons or discount codes are used during the purchase phases within an eCommerce. After obtaining the alphanumeric string, go to the related online store and go shopping normally, i.e., by placing the desired products in the virtual shopping cart. 

Of course, if the coupon has “rules” to be redeemed, these must be respected; for example, it may be necessary to add a specific product to the cart or reach a certain amount of expenditure to obtain a discount on the total.

The coupon must be entered in a dedicated space. Usually, this space is found right in the detail of the cart, below the product list, below the provisional total, or, again, in the check-out screens when the data for shipping and payment methods are requested.

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