Microsoft Announces A New Windows Generation


Microsoft Announces A New Windows Generation

Windows 11 is in the starting blocks. The new version of the Microsoft operating system should be available on new PCs and as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs by the end of the year. However, an early build will be available from next week. Windows 11 should be clear and concise with a modern, user-friendly design, from the start button to the taskbar, sounds, fonts, and symbols. The Start menu in the center of the toolbar uses the cloud and Microsoft 365 to show recently used files, even if they were previously opened on an Android or iOS device.

With the new “Snap Layouts” and “Snap Groups” functions, users in Windows 11 will have even more options in the future to place several windows next to and below one another and thus make optimal use of the entire screen area. The “Desktops” feature offers the option of creating different desktops for different areas of life – for example, working, playing, or learning.

Security And Familiar Tools For Business

Windows 11 can be planned, prepared, and deployed like a Windows 10 update. Family management functions such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, cloud configuration, Windows Update for Business, and Autopilot are still available and should help upgrade to Windows 11. Like Windows 10, Windows 11 follows the central design principle of app compatibility. App Assure is a free service that helps enterprise customers troubleshoot applications with 150 users or more to run smoothly on Windows 11.

 According to Microsoft, Windows 11 has comprehensive security technologies that offer protection from the chip to the cloud. It’s a Zero Trust-enabled operating system that protects data and access across all devices. In Windows 11, Microsoft Teams is integrated directly into the taskbar. This should make it easier to get in touch with other users faster via chat, text, voice, or video. It should also be possible regardless of whether the other person uses a Windows, Android, or iOS device. Users can still connect via two-way SMS if the caller doesn’t have the Teams app installed. Team functions such as muting or screen sharing will also be accessible directly from the taskbar in the future. Other features:

  1. In the future, Windows 11 will use the latest gaming technology – including “DirectX 12 Ultimate” for immersive graphics with high frame rates simultaneously. “DirectStorage” should offer faster loading times and more detailed game worlds, and Auto HDR should ensure a broader, more vivid color spectrum.
  2. With the support of AI and Microsoft Edge, “widgets” allow faster access to information and news. This is a curated news feed directly on the desktop, which offers media such as publishing houses a new opportunity to display personalized content.
  3. The Microsoft Store is still the central contact point for apps, games, series, and films, but it comes in a new, clearer design and should therefore be easier to use. Microsoft promises a more extensive selection of apps here and wants to make searching for content via curated collections easier. Popular Microsoft and third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and Canva will soon be available through the Microsoft Store.
  4. For the first time, Android apps will also be available on Windows later this year, which can be searched for in the Microsoft Store and downloaded via the Amazon App Store.

Open Ecosystem For Developers

Microsoft is also working to open the Microsoft Store to developers and independent software vendors (ISVs). They should be able to contribute their apps, regardless of whether they were created as Win32, Progressive Web App (PWA), Universal Windows App (UWP), or in an app framework. A change to Microsoft’s revenue-sharing policy will give developers 100 percent of revenue. The possibility of a competitive revenue share of 85/15 percent remains.

Optimized Operation

The touch, pen, and voice control should also be better in Windows 11. On tablets without a keyboard, the icons in the taskbar are spaced farther apart. Windows are easy to move or resize. Windows 11 can also be operated using gestures on tablets without a keyboard. When working with a pen, users receive haptic vibrations while clicking, sketching, or writing. Voice input has also been optimized; it can automatically set punctuation marks and perform voice commands.


Windows 11 will be available later this year on new PCs and as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs. An early build of the new operating system will be released via the Windows Insider program as early as next week.

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