Metaverse: What Is It, And What Is Its Importance?

Metaverse: What Is It, And What Is Its Importance?

Metaverse: What Is It, And What Is Its Importance?

Metaverse: It is a virtual universe that encompasses elements of games, cryptocurrencies, social media, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The idea is to make users create avatars to interact with each other and with brands.

The work, inspired by cyberpunk books, tells the story of a pizza delivery boy who is a samurai prince in the metaverse and needs to protect a villain’s virtual (and the real) universe.

The metaverse is a 3D virtual reality that can promote an intense immersion of users and provoke the sensation of being in a kind of parallel reality. Instead of just looking at the screens, we will be “inside” the internet in a collective space.

Many question whether this technology does not contribute to distorting people’s understanding of reality and whether society is ready for it. Despite the questions, many experts consider it the future of the internet. Can you think of the possibilities that the metaverse can provide?

Epic Games, for example, uses the game Fortnight to expand its investments in the metaverse. To give you an idea, the game has already been the stage for concerts by singers, parties and even a film festival.

In addition to the gaming universe, retail companies have benefited from metaverse elements. For example, American furniture store IKEA has already created virtual reality projects to provide customers with an interactive immersion to improve the shopping experience.

  • increased social interaction on the internet;
  • improvement of the study and remote work experience;
  • innovation and savings in product launches;
  • progress in the relationship between companies and consumers;
  • favoring the emergence of new forms of consumption, including in retail;
  • creation and enhancement of business in the area of ​​entertainment and games.

What Is The Future Of The Metaverse?

As we have seen, the metaverse is an old concept and, at a certain level, is already present in some sectors of society. However, there is great expectation that the technology will be improved and applied in more areas in the coming years.

After all, in addition to Facebook, large companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Epic Games are making significant investments in this.

Marc Whitten, vice president of Unity, also projected that “the metaverse will be the biggest revolution in computing platforms the world has ever seen, bigger than the mobile revolution, bigger than the web revolution.”

The plans are grandiose, and the metaverse is undoubtedly part of a digital transformation. Still, it is essential to remember that for it to take off and be widely used worldwide, it will be necessary to create a universal structure of technological resources, such as virtual reality glasses. And smart bracelets.

For companies, it is also necessary to think about the need for graphics technology, programming tools, and qualified professionals. Therefore, in addition to all the discussions about the impacts of the metaverse on mental and social health, there are other challenges ahead.

How Do You Apply The Metaverse In Companies?

It is still impossible to know how the metaverse will develop in the coming years and how it will impact large, medium, and small companies. If the metaverse is the future of the internet, it is part of the technological innovations that your business cannot lose sight of.

To understand how the metaverse can be applied in the market, it is interesting to think that you created an avatar in a virtual reality environment. He can, for example, go into a store, try on clothes, buy perfumes, and watch movies and shows. All purchases will be paid with cryptocurrencies.

As we have mentioned throughout the text, although it is still evolving, we already have some examples of a metaverse in various sectors. Here are some practical examples of how companies are applying this type of technology:

  • construction companies offer virtual reality tours ;
  • the virtual fitting room allows consumers to try on clothes on the internet ;
  • brands sell clothing for digital avatars ;
  • Walmart uses Virtual Reality to evaluate and promote employees.

The metaverse is a vast universe of technological possibilities and business strategies. It is possible to encompass a series of resources, such as artificial intelligence, omnichannel service, and Big Data, to enrich the experience of customers and the results of companies.

Once you know the metaverse better, imagining ways to leverage this technology to develop sales opportunities, better interact with your audience, and create an unforgettable consumer experience becomes more accessible.

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