Marketing Automation: Examples Of Campaigns To Follow!

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Examples Of Campaigns To Follow!

Digital marketing includes strategies to advance your image, item, or administration. Promoting computerization is one of the procedures used to serve advanced advertising. The guideline is basic to mechanize the errands qualified as tedious, such as sending letters. The primary benefits of advertising computerization in messaging:

  1. Time-saving
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Increase in conversion rate
  4. Better loyalty
  5. More effective lead nurturing

We give you 10 examples of automated emails to set up to offer relevant content adapted to your target.

10 Cases In Which To Send Automated Emails

Following A Contact Request

For this example, it is important to have on its website a section allowing potential customers to give their contact details so that they can receive information and you can contact them. It could not be easier! You can, therefore, automatically send him an invitation to make an appointment to be able to answer his questions. If he refuses, you can transfer the contact to your newsletter list.

Subscription To The Newsletter

At the point when a potential client buys into your bulletin, he shows an extremely special interest in your organization. Without a doubt, he realizes that he will get a specific number of messages by demonstrating that the brand draws in the possibility. In this way, it is fundamental to customize the sending of the pamphlet so it feels advantageous and remarkable. The programmed email will permit you to thank every client who has recently bought into the pamphlet, plan the sending of the bulletin, and adjust as per the attractions of the clients.

Order Confirmation

It is basic to send an email following a client’s structure since he wants to have the outline of the request and the strategies for sending and follow-up on the item. This will console him. The computerization of this kind of email is crucial for saving time and having the option to get back to the transporter’s site so the client can watch out for his request.

Cart Abandonment

Many individuals fill shopping baskets on sites. Tragically, they are deserted here and there. An email should advise him that things are holding up in his container to excite the client’s advantage in the site once more. This will frequently set off the change to buy. The transformation rate will then be gotten to the next level.

Date Email 

To bring even more personalization,  a birthday email with special attention, such as a coupon or a gift, can be sent to customers. It is extremely pleasing! Likewise, for other holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, or according to the seasons. This creates a unique and personal relationship between the customer and the brand.

Up-selling Or Cross-Selling Email 

To encourage your customers to buy complementary products to the product they have just purchased or to upgrade, an automated email is a good idea so that the customer has the information quickly and precisely. This will increase the value of customers’ carts.

Follow-Up Email

Recovery is important. It may be set up following an activity, on an email, from clients. If one perspective, among a few in an email, spoke to the possibility so much that he tapped on it but did nothing more, a subsequent email about this item or administration is significant. This will permit you to give more data to the client and make a deal.

The Satisfaction Survey

Customer feedback on their experiences with the brand is a source of improvement for companies. Therefore, why set up a satisfaction questionnaire and send it automatically after each purchase? Whether the action occurs digitally or physically, an email address is easily recoverable to send automatic emails to these customers. And there are always areas for improvement.

Invite And Give Information About An Event

To invite customers to an event, the automatic email can help you select the event’s target. For example, depending on age, if you are a cosmetics brand aimed at women over 50 and want to invite this target exclusively, automation is very practical; likewise, if you want to reward the most loyal customers, etc.

Email Following Specific Behavior

This type of email is based on trigger marketing and aims to send an email to the prospect following an action on his part on the site, such as a click on a specific page. For example, on a stay booking site, an email can be sent a few days after the visit concerning a particular page on which the customer has browsed. 

As you have understood, the most important thing is to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. All this will allow you to optimize your communication and be present in the minds of your consumers. However, it should not be abused, as the feeling of oppression and harassment may appear in the client.

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