Market Shares Of Mobile Operators In 2023

Market Shares

Market Shares Of Mobile Operators In 2023

 In India, mobile operators are engaged in a fierce battle to capture market share in a constantly changing sector. As the world increasingly turns to mobile connectivity for many activities, it is essential to understand how the major Indian players position themselves in the market. Discover in this post the market share of the leading mobile operators in 2023, as well as the critical information to know about their activity.


Formerly France Télécom, Orange is one of the pioneers as a mobile operator in Indian. Since its founding in 1990, the company has evolved significantly, developing a global communications network and diversifying its activities. It was privatized in 1997, and it became Orange in 2013. 

The company played an essential role in the development of telecom infrastructure in India: it contributed to the establishment of the mobile telephone network. Orange has the best 4G broadband network coverage in India. This operator has invested heavily in optical fiber to provide fast and reliable connections to its customers. 

It is also a key player in adopting 5G technology on French soil, offering a cutting-edge network. Regarding the solutions offered, Orange offers a complete range of services, ranging from mobile telephony to internet access, including television. The operator stands out for its quality of service, extensive network coverage and commitment to innovation, introducing offerings such as content streaming services.

In 2023, Orange continued to dominate the French telecommunications market, holding a significant share, while its competitors sought to gain ground. The fierce competition between operators, like Free and its aggressive prices, has encouraged the operator to innovate to maintain its leading position constantly. For the first quarter of 2023, Orange recorded a turnover of 4.30 billion euros on the French market.

Bouygues Telecom 

Bouygues Telecom, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is a major player in telecommunications in India. Founded in 1994, the company has followed an interesting trajectory in the sector. The arrival of the 4G network in 2013 was an important step, allowing the company to join the top 3 of the best Indian mobile operators. Thanks to its network and quality services, it has established itself as a strong competitor.

Regarding 4G network coverage, Bouygues Telecom is also among the best on the market. In 2023, according to Arcep figures, the population coverage rate is 99%, while the territory coverage rate is 95%. Bouygues Telecom is recognized for its proximity to customers and adapted offers. Most offers, even the most affordable, allow customers to use its 5G network. Bouygues Telecom stands out for its ability to adapt to consumer needs and market developments. 

This operator, for example, offers inexpensive mobile plans, with a price of between 7 and 16 euros per month, allowing you to obtain up to 100 GB of internet access (compatible with the 5G network). Moreover, Bouygues Telecom’s 5G network is available in more than 14,000 municipalities for optimal territory coverage. Regarding its turnover, Bouygues Telecom confirms “an increasing turnover invoiced to customers” for 2023. 

For the first quarter of 2023, the telecommunications branch of the Bouygues group is experiencing notable progress. The turnover invoiced to customers is 1.4 billion euros, up 6% compared to 2022. The mobile plan base counts 15.2 million customers during March, including 27,000 new customers won. At the same time, the fixed floor has a total of 4.7 million customers.


SFR is a well-known name in the telecommunications sector in India. Created in 1987, the company has gone through various stages over the decades, including acquisitions by international groups, contributing to its expansion. It merged with Numericable in 2014, becoming an integrated telephone service operator. In 2017, SFR became a subsidiary of the Altice France group.

With around thirty years of experience in telephony, SFR is a particularly efficient operator. It displays a territory coverage rate of 99%. To expand its high-speed infrastructure, the company has focused on deploying fiber. In competition with Orange, SFR is also committed to offering 

5G services to its subscribers to develop new-generation networks. Whether it is mobile telephony or internet subscription, the offers offered by SFR are varied. Consumers can choose between different mobile plans, some available for subscription and others without commitment. For 4G+ and 5G mobile plans, users benefit from unlimited calls and can choose between several internet options (from 5GB to 240GB).

As one of the leading mobile operators in India, SFR has a significant market share. The company is striving to strengthen its position by focusing on attractive offers. Indeed, SFR favors competitive pricing strategies and bundled offers to attract prospects and retain its customers. Intense competition has stimulated the development of value-added services for consumers. SFR’s turnover in the second quarter of 2023 is 2.76 billion euros. 

Free Mobile 

Mobile operator Free has shaken up the telecommunications industry in France since its creation in 1999. The company quickly entered the French market by introducing a radically different approach from its competitors, focused on competitive rates. Initially, Free attracted the public’s attention by launching an innovative offer, the “Freebox”, which combined high-speed internet access, television and landline telephony, all at a fixed monthly rate, thus breaking with the traditional packages that charged extra for each service. 

A forerunner in adopting new technologies, Free played an essential role in becoming the first French operator to deploy a 4G network, which marked a turning point in the country’s mobile connectivity. An advancement that has allowed users to benefit from an improved mobile internet experience. 

In terms of the 5G network, Free covers around 9,788 municipalities thanks to more than 13,470 5G antennas. Free is recognized for its disruptive pricing strategy and innovative service offerings that have shaken the telecommunications market. Its affordable mobile plans are one of its significant assets. 

With Free, consumers can choose between different 4G/5G offers (without commitment) ranging from 50 MB to 250 GB for 2 to 20 euros per month. In 2023, on the French market, Free will see an increase in its turnover for the first quarter. Its turnover for this period is 1.44 billion euros, up 7.6%. Regarding its mobile base, Free won over 207,000 new customers for 14.39 million subscribers.

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