Learn How To Charge Via WhatsApp With Payment Links


Learn How To Charge Via WhatsApp With Payment Links

WhatsApp: Technology has been advancing and bringing a series of novelties, especially in the consumer market. A new era has begun with new tools, systems, software, and programs that allow the automation of previously manual processes.

Among all the steps that are part of commercial management, one area began to gain prominence with the emergence of new options: customer collection.  Being a very delicate and decisive part of customer satisfaction and a possible return and loyalty, the collection will do subtly, contributing to a good experience for the payer, who is already investing money in the purchasing product.

Nobody likes to pay bills and be in debt. Therefore, using strategies that make this process more dynamic, fast, and practical is a factor that reduces consumer concerns and headaches.

With the arrival of online payments, aiming at the growing use of the internet by the market and the expansion of digital marketing, companies must be aware and observe the attractive and effective options that this new modality has brought to the business world.

Among the new modalities, we can highlight the payment link. However, they do not act alone. With the importance of social networks and the frequency with which people use them, why not link payments to apps to make it even easier to complete the payment?

And that’s what we’re going to show you today, specifically how to use WhatsApp payment links and make billing easier for your business.

What Are Payment Links?

The payment link has arrived and has already conquered the market due to the facilities and practicality in carrying out the collection. As a space that houses all the data referring to a particular outstanding debt, it is a meeting place for everything the consumer needs to pay his bill.

With data that allows checking the sender and, mainly, the recipient of the amount charges, the amount will pay, the due date, and other security information, the payment link allows greater control of data and the transaction.

With the advancement of technology, it was not difficult to see that using a payment link was a perfect solution to offer customers more convenience, security, and agility. But, more than using it, the best thing is to be able to send it via social networks, such as WhatsApp, directly in the conversation with your customer. 

Payment Link And WhatsApp

As we have seen, the payment link is one of the novelties thru online payment. It’s a direct way to carry out such an important step: billing.

Even with powerful options on the market, already inserted and used, such as debit and credit cards, slips, and booklets, the payment link counts as complete automation, making the procedure 100% online and without the customer’s displacement.

Advantages Of Using The Payment Link Via WhatsApp

To use WhatsApp as a source of sharing for the payment link, it is essential to show your customers why this route is attractive and enhance both sides’ results.

Working on the internal issue is the first point will manage by companies to highlight the advantages. The graphic and visual parts count a lot now, especially the content, already being the initial attraction that shows the benefits.

Placing only plastered information, without the face of the product or the company, in addition to being aesthetically disproportionate, generates distrust and lack of credibility on the part of the customer about the company; after all, it can make it difficult to perceive the seriousness of the billing method used.

Therefore, worrying about the form of internal presentation of the payment link should be the first action. The customer immediately perceives an advantage: the synthesis of content, layout, and design without leaving anything will desire in the necessary data and security.

Other Aspects

At the same time, understanding that it is a factor that drives and moves digital sales, using WhatsApp itself, makes many advantages stand out and show the importance of offering this tool, such as:

  • Practicality: the possibility for any company to adhere to the payment link and be able to send via WhatsApp, as it has no access and adherence restrictions;
  • Speed: shopping speed is increasingly a consumer need, and using WhatsApp in this process undoubtedly makes everything faster;
  • Security: no risk of intrusions and strange access because, when opening the payment link, the customer is directed to the page indicated directly;
  • Expenses: the payment link via WhatsApp significantly reduces costs; after all, there is no need to invest in physical means, and with several stages of implementation;
  • Fees: excludes constant fees as in the rental of card machines, being calculated by the company and the number of sales made;
  • Installment: The payment link allows the purchase to be made in installments and takes advantage of WhatsApp to organize this management.

These are just some of the benefits that the payment link can bring to your company, improving collection management and control and your customer with more convenience and without losing confidence in your business.

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