Laptop Screen Size: Which Dimensions To Choose?

Laptop Screen Size

Laptop Screen Size: Which Dimensions To Choose?

Selecting the screen size of your future laptop PC can be challenging. Some need help finding the right compromise between transportability and ease of use. Find in this article some tips that will help you choose the most appropriate screen.

Choose A 14-Inch Laptop Screen

Compared with a 13-inch screen, the 14-inch screen gives the user more convenience. So you can use it for taking notes, processing words, or more complex tasks. 14-inch laptops are excellent for people looking to combine performance and portability. The most powerful models can integrate a Core i5 processor with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage capacity.

Bet On A 15-Inch Screen

It is certainly the most widespread screen on the market since it is the standard size of laptop PC screens. Its main advantage is that it is comfortable, whatever the use: video games, word processing, photo editing… Versatile, this type of PC can be used by students, individuals or professionals alike.

Its downside? A weight that is still beginning to be felt even if we are still within reason. If we compare the 13 and 14-inch screens, we see that we also lose compactness. If you need a numeric keypad, turn to a screen of at least 15 inches.

Buy A Laptop With A 16-Inch Screen

16-inch laptops suggest a larger screen while having the compactness of a 15-inch screen. In most cases, the screen of these models has a thin frame. Users will be able to transport them without too much difficulty. For this, they will still need a larger backpack. As far as use is concerned, these PCs bend without any problem for all users. They will give you satisfaction whether you are a gamer, an image professional or a web editor.

Acquire A Laptop With A 17-Inch Screen

This screen size is very popular with video game enthusiasts and professionals who carry out video editing or photo processing. It is the largest screen size that equips laptop PCs. This type of screen provides maximum comfort and makes watching films or series pleasant. 

In addition, it allows the user to work for several hours while avoiding eye strain. Of course, a 17-inch screen has some disadvantages. Indeed, it is not easy to transport, given its weight and bulky dimensions. If you have to take it with you, a small backpack certainly won’t do. Moreover, this type of PC is designed to stay on a desk.

For your information, know that to date, the largest screen size for laptops is 17.3 inches. To conclude, given the many laptop models available on the market, it is normal to hesitate when choosing the screen’s dimensions. To settle on the ideal choice, there are a few elements you want to consider. The most important thing is to take into account the use as well as the desired comfort.

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