Is Cloud Storage Secure? Know The Precautions

Is Cloud Storage Secure? Know The Precautions

Is Cloud Storage Secure? Know The Precautions

#1 Make Sure The Service Is Reliable

Cloud Storage: Several cloud models can be paid or free; this makes them have very different features. It is necessary to understand the demand and needs of your company to choose the most suitable model.

#2 Learn About The Different Cloud Service Models

As we have seen, there are four different types of cloud – public, private, shared, and hybrid. Therefore, it is necessary to know how each one works, the storage capacity and if there is a charge when reaching the limit of contracted resources. 

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to the operation: confirm that it is shared with other companies or that access is exclusive. It is necessary to analyze the specifications of each one calmly to avoid surprises in the future.

#3 Learn How To Stay Safe

Adopt security measures and learn how to prevent possible attacks on your cloud service:

  • don’t choose easy passwords;
  • apply passwords to all files;
  • periodically update passwords;
  • do not share your passwords with others;
  • at the end of your operations, log out of the account;
  • never save your passwords in your web browser;
  • keep a backup of your data;
  • use original software;
  • invest in a good antivirus;
  • constantly update operating systems, browsers, and applications;
  • when possible, choose to use data encryption.

#4 Have Data Recovery Options

The cloud brings several facilities, including the convenience of accessing data from anywhere without needing physical infrastructure. However, being fully in it can be harmful in case of a crash on the system or the internet. In such cases, the data may suffer damage or malfunction. Therefore, you must have a service that guarantees this recovery of data and information on the server.

What Is Computer Security?

Computer security, also known as cybersecurity, is a way to protect servers, mobile devices, operating systems, and networks from malicious attacks. So, it consists of a series of measures that provide security not only to the equipment but also to the network, guaranteeing the integrity of the available data.

Computer security will perform through techniques and actions within the equipment, servers, or networks. It is a significant activity and ensures that valuable data is not leaked or stolen during cyber attacks. There are different types of computer security such as cyber, application, network, information, and cloud.

What Is Cloud Security? 

Before understanding cloud security, you need to know the concept of cloud storage. It consists of a service model that stores data in a virtual environment; it is possible to save data within an external system through a provider.

Data is stored on the internet and can easily access and manage. Cloud storage is secure and offers several advantages, including agility, scalability, resiliency, and access to data in real-time and from anywhere.

In addition, adopting this service model guarantees considerable cost savings, as acquiring and maintaining an own storage infrastructure is no longer necessary. The data will save in an online provider.

As it offers several advantages and convenience, this service has been much sought after. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt measures to guarantee the security of the stored data. With this comes the importance of cloud security. 

Also known as cloud computing security is a broad term use to refer to a series of measures designing to secure a computer system or network. In other words, it aims to shield the infrastructure, applications, and data also store in the cloud against potential attacks. 

Unlike traditional computer security, cloud security works to protect assets that reside with a third-party service provider. It includes security controls and process improvements that serve to strengthen systems, as well as warn of possible threats and intrusions.

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