iPad Pro M3 (OLED, 2024): Supposed Technical Sheet, Price & Reviews

iPad Pro M3

iPad Pro M3 (OLED, 2024): Supposed Technical Sheet, Price & Reviews

The new iPad Pro OLED with M3 chip should arrive in April 2024. We do not yet know its official technical sheet or price, but many features of the device have already leaked. Here is our opinion on the matter.  Until then, we invite you to return to the different technical characteristics of the tablets that have already leaked.

The technical sheet notably mentions the arrival of a new front-facing screen technology (OLED) and, as often, a better processor: the M3. The design will also be significantly modified. Moreover, the 2024 iPad Pros should be significantly similar to previous models. Let’s see what it is, with supporting figures.

A New OLED Screen!

To begin with, you should know that the new iPad Pros should be equipped with an OLED panel for the first time. Unlike the previous mini-LED model, which had only been available on the smallest diagonal,  the new display technology would be installed on the front of the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12-inch iPad Pro. .9 inches.

Apple would offer us better display quality thanks to OLED, also available on specific iPhone models (the most recent). Otherwise, we should be able to enjoy brighter colors, deeper blacks or even more realistic whites. This is thanks to better contrast. For comparison, note that today, the iPad Pro M2s have a front diagonal defined in 2K, a resolution that would be retained for the iPad Pro M3s. This technical characteristic makes it possible to display sharper images, offering good quality comfort to the user.

Improved Performance?

You will have perceived: as its name recommends, the iPad Ace M3 is fueled by the eponymous chip. This time, we know pretty much everything there is to know about this processor. To be sure, the motherboard is now out. This is incorporated in the engine of specific MacBook Stars and MacBook Air M3s.

Here, you must first know that the M3 chip is available in several editions, but we do not know precisely which one will equip the iPad Pro. On the other hand, most of the opinions of people who have already tested this motherboard suggest that its power gain compared to the previous generation is moderate, especially compared to the transition from M1 to M2. 

On the other hand, MacBook Airs equipped with M3 offer foolproof speed for professional use, even if the MacBook Pros are more suited to it. With the iPad Pro targeting the same audience, we can assure you that the tablets will fulfill their promise of performance without hesitation. In terms of pure technical sheet, here is what would await us with the M3 chip of the iPad Pro OLED:

  1. Eight-core CPU (for raw power)
  2. Ten-core GPU (for latency-free graphics)
  3. eight or sixteen gigabytes of RAM (to open many apps at the same time)
  4. a sixteen-core Neural Engine (to improve the speed of your apps using artificial intelligence)

Battery Life Of The iPad Pro M3

No information relating to better battery life for the iPad Pro M3 has reached us. According to the official technical sheet, the tablets will be capable of lasting up to ten hours of wireless web browsing, like the iPad Pros of 2022. Everything will depend on your settings (sound volume, energy consumption, screen brightness, etc.). If, despite everything, Apple offers a better battery, then you should know that the gain in autonomy should not exceed one hour at most.

Very High Prices

To guess the price of the new OLED iPad Pros, you have to consider several factors. First, let’s remember that although Apple tended to increase its prices during the crisis, it is about to subside. The iPhone 15 even arrived on the market more affordable than its predecessors, a rare enough occurrence for the Apple company to underline this.

On the other hand, we know that OLED panels are generally more expensive than LCD panels. Enough to compensate for a potential price drop to arrive at a price identical to the iPad Pro M2? It is a probability, just like that of a significant price increase. For comparison, note that today, the most minor iPad Pro M2 is offered at 1,069 euros compared to 1,469 euros for the 12.9-inch model. 

And it isn’t easy to imagine how the product could be more affordable than an iPhone 15 (969 euros), knowing that the display is twice as large and that this component is today the most expensive among subcontractors.

Record Design Of The iPad Pro OLED

According to some indications, all tablets combined, the iPad Pro M3s will be the thinnest ever released by Apple. Gone are the days when the iPad Air won this title. The OLED iPad Pros’ exact (potential) dimensions have already leaked. Here they are :

  1. 24.97 centimeters in length, 17.75 centimeters in width and 5.1 millimeters in thickness with the fifth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro
  2. 28.15 centimeters in length, 21.55 centimeters in width and 5 millimeters in thickness with the seventh-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Therefore, the 11-inch iPad Pro should present itself as a relatively compact tablet, and even such a qualifier is certainly reserved only for Apple’s iPad mini. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro, for its part, will be your ideal ally for nomadic teleworking.

Photo Sensors

The 2024 iPad Pros should have a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle lens with LiDAR. We assume that Apple will choose to install a forty-eight-megapixel lens on the back, but that’s just our opinion for now. Indeed, no rumor has come to support this number for the moment. Such technical characteristics allow us to capture large landscapes easily. On the other hand, if the optical zoom is only 2x as before, it may not be easy to zoom without blurring during exposure.

Connectivity And Network

The OLED iPad Pros will undoubtedly be powered by Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and 5G. These standards guarantee fast connection and data transfer speeds, on the order of those of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Our Opinion On The New iPad Pro OLED With M3 Chip

The new iPad Star OLED vows to be a result of decision for admirers of wonderful pictures. Originators, photographic artists, and even video editors will especially see the value in the gadget assuming it compares to this alleged specialized sheet. The cost, nonetheless, gambles with being extremely disconcerting, and the fairly safe power gain of the M3 chip could dishearten some.

With its new 2024 iPad Professionals, Macintosh is obviously focusing on the most useful specialists available, whether utilizing a touch screen or an Enchanted Console. Then again, the tablet isn’t focused on the overall population, who might incline toward the new 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Air, which ought to likewise show up during the long stretch of April. In principle, these tablets are to be sure more reasonable, regardless of whether somewhat less strong. We will refresh this specialized sheet when the new OLED iPad Professionals are declared, at some point in April. Did we take care of business?

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