Internet Of Things Trends For The Enterprise Market

Internet Of Things Trends For The Enterprise Market

Internet Of Things Trends For The Enterprise Market

Internet of Things Trends: In a recent survey by the consultancy CI&T, participants stated that the three leading technologies that would impact business growth would be the Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things.

These three segments have been growing steadily around the world, generating a virtuous cycle of new investments in improvements, lower prices and more and better customer options. 

In particular, the IoT proves to be an exciting element among these three. The vast variety of applications, ranging from the home environment through the corporate and reaching the industry, applied to the improved processing and security features and new functionalities, have put the IoT in the spotlight. For this reason, it is interesting to analyze the most awaited trends of this technology within the corporate scenario and how they can help companies perform their business better.

More Synergy Between AI And IoT

IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be more than 40 billion connected IoT devices worldwide. These devices already have much more advanced processing and data collection capabilities, strengthening the edge computing trend, which is growing worldwide. With better and more reliable hardware, the next generations of IoT devices will be able to capture and analyze data more efficiently, without the need for constant Server or Cloud access to general information.

These new devices are supported by Artificial Intelligence technologies, which can offer crucial intelligence for real-time decision-making for field operations, retail, production lines and many others. This should reduce errors, increase productivity and generate much more information relevant to the management of the business, making it more efficient and effective.

Voice Activation

Another direct consequence of strengthening the hardware of IoT devices is that the use of voice activation is expected to become popular in the coming years. While the technology has been around for some time, even in consumer-facing devices, it has only recently become reliable enough to be applicable on a professional level. Combined with augmented reality and AI capabilities, voice-activated devices are expected to become particularly useful for field teams, who need to maximize their mobility and efficiency.

Enhanced Security

IoT devices are increasingly prone to malicious actions by individuals who exploit them to access networks and servers or even to use them for crypto mining or digital extortion. Given this, manufacturers are already preparing to bring safer equipment, which is more difficult to exploit and capable of recognizing and reporting abnormal behavior. With new security features built into the IoT, the entire environment is safer and more resilient against criminals.

Another exciting aspect of security is the use of blockchain for transactions directly made in the IoT. As this public registry is highly secure, it becomes attractive to use the new resources of the Internet of Things to record operations in it, streamlining processes and bringing more options for action to companies.

There are many other applications for the IoT that are expected to grow in the coming years; what is discussed here is just a tiny part of what this technology can do for the corporate market. The focus on automation, gaining business intelligence and improving the agility of operations and decision-making foster the development of more intelligent, more powerful and reliable devices, which will help shape the IoT landscape over the next few years.

Keeping systems secure and up-to-date is a complex task that demands time and expertise, which is hardly achieved by an in-house IT team and cannot be accomplished entirely by security programs. This helps bring a high degree of security to your company, which knows precisely what it has hired and is getting. Additionally, this performance format tends to be more attractive from a cost point of view than internalizing this service at the same performance level offered.

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