Innovations 2022: You Should Not Miss These Top 5 Gadgets

Innovations 2022: You Should Not Miss These Top 5 Gadgets

Innovations 2022: You Should Not Miss These Top 5 Gadgets

Every turn of the year brings new motivation, undiscovered possibilities, and goals. We make resolutions to eat healthier, become more productive, or devote more time to our hobbies. The technology world also has big plans and promises us many exciting new products in 2022.

Top 1: Bloom

Under the buzzword “superfood,” you can find various foods online that are said to be particularly good for our body, for example, with many vitamins, enzymes, minerals, or antioxidants. Our body needs these micronutrients to stay healthy.

From 2022 you can quickly grow such a “superfood” yourself at home. We’re talking about spirulina. Microalgae is one of the most nutritious foods available, containing essential amino acids and lots of protein.

Bloom is the tool of choice for in-house breeding: The gadget consists of two containers you fill with water, a nutrient tablet, and some live spirulina. The algae culture grows within five days. Bloom automatically ensures the spirulina’s right temperature and light conditions are ready to harvest; you will be notified via the associated app.

Top 2: BP Doctor MED

Fitness trackers and new smartwatches are a great way to stay motivated to exercise. Anyone who now rolls their eyes and suspects an interchangeable fitness tracker is wrong: the BP Doctor MED fills a gap in the market because it can measure your blood pressure – a feature that hardly any other smartwatch has offered so far.

There are air cushions under the watch itself and on the bracelet, which nestle above and below the wrist to make this possible. This system works so precisely that the BP Doctor MED complies with the FDA/CE medical standard. In addition to blood pressure measurement, other health data such as sleep analysis or step counters are also available.

Top 3: Milky Plant

Don’t you have a cow? Then make your milk yourself! Admittedly, I’m talking about plant-based milk, but this gadget should be a real game-changer for many!

You fill the Milky Plant with some water and the desired vegetable ingredients, such as almonds or oatmeal, like a coffee machine. Then the production begins, and after about three minutes, you have fresh, homemade plant milk.

The advantage of this method is, on the one hand, that you can control exactly which ingredients are in the drink. On the other hand, you avoid long supply chains and packaging waste. You don’t have to worry about cleaning either; the machine does it all by itself.

Top 4: 8 Bottle

Anyone who, like me, often forgets to drink enough water in everyday life and wants to tackle this problem in the new year will find an intelligent solution with 8bottle. The bottle connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and supports apps such as Google Fit, Samsung, or Apple Health.

The bottle recognizes when and how much you drink and records the data. In addition,  8 bottles  has an LED display that shows you texts, the battery status, or your drinking progress as a percentage. You can switch between the displays by simply tapping on the LED display. A rechargeable battery was installed for the power supply, which should last up to 15 hours. To charge, place the  8 bottles on the included charging station, where it charges wirelessly.

Top 5: FOCI 2

At first glance, this gadget seems calm: A small clip on the waistband, what’s that supposed to do? This clamp has been proven to increase your productivity.

To do this, FOCI 2  analyzes breathing and concludes your cognitive state, for example, whether you are concentrated, distracted, or stressed. By recording this data in the associated app, you can analyze your concentration behavior. At the same time, the clamp will remind you through vibration as soon as you become unfocused. Small exercises in the app will also help you increase your productivity in the long term. 

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