Influencer: Retain Customers In The Age Of Digital Communication

Influencer: Retain Customers In The Age Of Digital Communication

Influencer: Retain Customers In The Age Of Digital Communication

Influencer in the age of digital communication: The profession of fashion is to be a digital influencer. No one doubts the power of influence that great celebrities have.

Neymar made a post on his Instagram, amid the discussion about his transfer from Barcelona to PSG, holding a new model of Nike boot and with the text: My new boots. Neymar has more than 80 million followers, who idolize him for the quality of his football and the lifestyle he has. With this post, Neymar tells his followers that they need to buy these boots to become more like him.

Advertising in its traditional format, on television, radio, and newspaper, already used this concept to sell the most varied products. Much advertising has been done with artists starring in the eight o’clock soap opera, trendy singers who had just released a best-selling album, and other celebrities featured in the media. 

The objective of these two types of advertising is the same, to add to the product sold all the credibility and empathy of the actor used in the commercial. The big difference is in effectiveness. Placing an actor on a television channel selling any product will have a large media dispersion. There will be no return from people who do not identify with the actor or the product. In the case of Neymar’s post, he advertises only to people who identify with him and follow him on his Instagram, where football is discussed. The chance of having media dispersion is much lower. This significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of advertising.

The internet made possible the emergence of several influencers, much more segmented and regionalized today. Influencers are recognized, each in their area of ​​expertise, for they have an apparent position on a particular topic. As people write, record videos, or post photos, they bring with their posts whole cultural baggage, all their beliefs, experiences, and opinions. This is what makes them credible to their audiences.

Every Entrepreneur Should Ask: How Do I Make My Brand Become A Digital Influencer?

To reach this desired positioning stage, a great deal of self-knowledge on the company’s part is essential. A brand is no different if influencers convey credibility because of their beliefs, values ​​, and experiences. It is necessary to analyze the company’s culture, deals, and how the partners, employees, and stakeholders perceive it. Based on this assessment, the company must define how it wants to be seen by partners, employees, stakeholders, and the market. We often think we are “selling” our brand in one way, but the customer perceives it in another. This is the time to define the goals of your communication plan.

A brand must have positioning and style and speak to an audience that shares and supports its ideas and causes. Therefore, a deep study of the target audience is necessary. It is essential to know with whom the brand will relate, with whom it is more accessible, and with whom it is more difficult to communicate, and then draw up an action plan for each specific audience. 

The result of this work will reveal who the brand/company is. The idea is to build a persona for her. People are much more credible and have an easier time attracting followers and generating engagement than companies. Therefore, acting on social networks based on a persona is necessary. And this must be built by considering all the analyses made in the previous steps.

And What Are The Advantages Of Making My Brand A Digital Influencer?

Loyalty is a word that has disappeared from business meetings in recent years. There are many factors for this event. The great competition and the significant volume of information consumers have about companies, and their products are two of the main ones. This makes the sales effort of new development within a company consistently huge, regardless of its history and the investments in communication made in the past. 

When you make your brand an influencer, even for a segmented niche in a regional market, the communication effort for the launch of a product is much less. You already have a direct communication channel with an audience that is likely to be interested in your product and is an affinity with your brand and beliefs. You can Avant-premiere with this audience to test the acceptance of a new product. These consumers can be influenced to help promote your product. After all, the opportunities are endless.

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